EPF UAN Password Change Without Registered Mobile Number OTP

EPF members who have lost their mobile numbers or whose mobile number became deactivated now easily reset their UAN password online at UAN member portal. Here you can find step by step procedure on how to reset UAN password online without a registered mobile number. But before that, you have to know in order to change UAN password your KYC like Aadhar or PAN must be linked with your UAN.

What is required

Changing UAN Password Without Registered Mobile Number in Online

Step 1:- Go to UAN member portal and click on forgot password option.

UAN forgot password

Step 2:- Now enter your UAN number and captcha appearing on the screen and click on submit.

reset UAN password


Step 3:- Now it asks¬† ” Do you wish to send OTP on the above mobile number? ” Now select No because we don’t have UAN registered mobile number with us.

How to Change UAN Password Without Registered Mobile Number

Step 4:- Now enter your name, gender and date of birth as per EPFO records and click on verify.

changing UAN password

Step 5:- Now you have to select Aadhar or PAN, after selecting enter Aadhar number or PAN number and click on verify.

How to reset EPF password without registered mobile number

Step 6:- Now enter your new mobile number to which you want to receive the OTP. After entering new mobile number click on get OTP.

Forgot UAN Password

Step 7:-  Now enter the OTP received to your new mobile number and click on verify.

Changing UAN password without registered mobile number

Step 8:- Now you can find an option to enter a new password in UAN member portal. After entering the new password you can login to UAN portal.

How to Change UAN Password Without Registered Mobile Number

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Why Linking UAN with Mobile Number is Important

  • For UAN activation at UAN portal linking your mobile number with UAN is mandatory. Once your UAN is activated then you can avail various online services at UAN member portal.
  • By linking your UAN with mobile you can change your UAN password whenever you need it.
  • You can get monthly PF contribution details to your mobile number.
  • You can avail the services of Umang mobile app by linking your mobile number with your UAN number.
  • The most important thing is if you forgot your UAN then you can get back your forgotten UAN only when your KYC and mobile number is linked with your UAN.

How to Register Mobile Number in EPF Account for First Time

Whenever your employer generates your UAN number then they have an option to register your mobile number in their employer EPF portal.

EPF UAN Mobile Registration

If they don’ t register also you can register your UAN number at UAN member portal while activating your UAN number.

Activating UAN Number

How to activate UAN number

  • To activate your UAN number you need to go to the UAN member portal. In the home page of UAN portal, there is an option called activate UAN.
  • Now on the new page, you need to enter your UAN number. If you don’t know your UAN then enter your EPF member ID.
  • Now enter your name, date of birth, mobile number and captcha and click on get authorization pin.
  • Now an OTP will be sent to your mobile number, now enter that OTP and click on agree and now click on validate OTP and activate UAN.

Related Questions

Wha to Do If OTP not Received to New Mobile Number

Some times, it may be delayed to receive OTP to your new mobile number. Then try again definitely you will receive OTP in your new mobile number. Still, if you don’t receive your OTP then try after some time.

How many Times Can We Change Our Mobile Number in UAN Portal

There is no limit, you can change your mobile number as many times as you want. But it is always advisable to link your KYC like Aadhar and PAN, so that you don’t need to worry even if you lost your old mobile number.

My PAN or Aadhar is Not Linked to UAN, How Can I Reset UAN password

In this case, you need to raise a grievance at PF portal, EPFO officials from your regional PF office will try to assist you in resetting your forgotten password.

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  1. I think this EPF website itself is poorly developed. Why wouldn’t it allow Employees to change their Mobile numbers? Of course, there should be some authentication, but no at the cost of having to do a vigorous, lengthy online process.

  2. I am Just following this process. Click forgot password, then since I no longer have my old mobile number, I am selection Send OTP as ‘No’. Then filling name, DOB, Aadhar details and submit, It asks Aadhar number again, I submit twice and it still asks for Aadhar number again.


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