How To Claim Gratuity After Resignation

Have you completed 5  years of service in your organization and are you in a plan to leave your organization then you can claim your gratuity amount. Here you can know complete details on how to claim gratuity after resignation. Claiming gratuity amount is a simple process and it doesn’t involve any external organizations, your employer is responsible for paying gratuity to you after resignation or retirement.

Every employee who works for 5 years or more than 5 years in an organization then he will get a gratuity amount. Gratuity helps the employees whenever they leave their organizations and it is one of the best retirement benefits for the employees. As per gratuity act 1972, every employer who employs 10 or more than 10 employees should need to pay gratuity to their employees.

How To Claim Gratuity After Resignation

Employees can claim their gratuity amount by using a form called gratuity claim form I.

On gratuity form I write all the required information such as the full name of the claimant, address of the claimant, the department in which you worked, employee id number, date of appointment, the cause of termination, total service period, last drawn salary. After filling the form sign the gratuity claim form.

how to fill gratuity form I and gratuity form I sample

Here is a sample of gratuity claim form I which will help you on how to fill gratuity claim form I.

After filling gratuity form I submit a bank passbook copy or canceled cheque along with it. Once you submit all the required details and documents then within 15-30 days you employer will credit your gratuity amount into your bank account.

How to Check Gratuity Claim Status

Like EPF it is not possible to check your gratuity status, because gratuity amount is not paid by the external organizations, it will be paid your employer. So if you want to know the status of your gratuity claim then contact your HR department or financial department they can only tell you the exact status of your gratuity amount.

FAQs on Gratuity Withdrawal

How much time will it take to get a Gratuity amount?

It depends on your employer, in general employees will credit the gratuity amount of employees into their bank account in 15-30 days from the date of claim.

How much gratuity I will get?

You can calculate your gratuity amount by using the formula (basic salary / 26) x 15 x No of Years of Service

Can I claim gratuity below 5 years of service?

Under section 4 of payment of gratuity act 1972, continuous service of 5 years is not necessary when the termination of the employment is due to the death or disablement of the employee.

What are the required documents to claim gratuity amount?

To claim gratuity amount employee should submit gratuity claim form I, aadhar card copy, bank passbook or canceled cheque.

Who will receive gratuity in case of the death of the employee?

In case of the death of the employee, gratuity will be paid to the nominees of the employee, if no nominees are registered then the legal heirs of the employee will get gratuity amount. If legal heirs are minors then the gratuity will be paid to the controlling authority who is taking care of the minor heirs.

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    I have worked in a college for 17 years and 8 months.I have resigned on 1st May 207. we are given gross salary which is not having anything like basic. My Gross salary at the time of resignation is Rs 23,150/- . What is my gratuity amount to be claimed.

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