How To File EPF Nil Returns | EPF Nil Challan Filling

Are your organization has no EPF members to make contributions for a particular month and do you want to know how to file EPF nil returns, then here the complete guide on how to file EPF nil returns. In general, every employer needs to make EPF payments by 15th of every month and the process involves generation of ECR text file and uploading it into unified PF portal and finally PF challan entry i.e filling PF challan account details like A/C No.1, A/C No.2, A/C No.10 & A/C No.21

But when you file EPF nil returns then there is no need to prepare any ECR text file, you can directly start with Challan filling. Here is the process of EPF nil returns filing:

How To File EPF Nil Returns

In order to file EPF nil returns login to Employer EPF portal with user id and password. Now go to payments option in the primary menubar and select Payment (Direct Challan).

How to file EPF nil returns

Now Click On Challan Entry.

How To File EPF Nil Returns

Now enter the wage month and select challan type as administrative and inspection charges challan. Now you have to enter Account no 2 and Account number 22. After entering A/C No.2 and A/C No.22 click on Next.

  • Account no.2 EPF admin charges 75 Rs
  • Account no.22 EDLI Admin Charges 25 Rs

Now verify and finalize the challan, After finalization, your EPF nil challan will generate and make the payment. If you find anything wrong then click on edit and make the changes.

EPF Nil Challan

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How Much EPF Admin Charges for Nil Return

The EPF admin charges (a/c no.2) 75 Rs is for Non-functional establishment i.e which doesn’t have any contributory member for that particular month.  In remaining cases, the minimum EPF administration charge is 500 Rs.

The EDLI admin charges (a/c no 22) for the Non-functional establishment which doesn’t have any contributory member is 25 Rs. In remaining cases, there is no need to pay EDLI admin charges.

Do share your opinions and doubts on how to file EPF nil returns.

48 thoughts on “How To File EPF Nil Returns | EPF Nil Challan Filling”

  1. Dear Sir,

    I need to transfer PF from my previous organization to current organization. In previous organization I went to onsite that why there was no payment to pf from my employer and my transfer request rejected with below reason,
    Your Claim [ Claim Id – PYKRP210150058773 ] has been rejected due to : 1) WAGES NOT REMITTED BY EMPLOYER FOR THE MONTH OF OCT/16 TO JULY/18,SUBMIT NCP WITH CLARIFICATION

    My question is how to get this issue resolved

  2. Sir,
    Our firm is now not in a position to pay EPFO.
    But if I want to deposit myself 1000/- in the PF account
    Then what will be the charges of EPF admin charges and what will be the EDLI admin charges.
    Please intimate me.
    Soumendu Mukherjee

  3. Sir,
    My company is closed due to no work, and not paying salaries to my employees.
    But in unified portal there are active members, so do i need to file ECR and need to pay Rs. 500 as administration charges or only direct challan and Rs. 100 as administration charges ?

  4. First we had 7 employees who left last month eg Dec 2019. Now I have file nil return for that 7 employees so what will be the nil return filing amount. for Jan 2020

    • In this case you need to submit direct challan by using payment option in EPFO employer option. Then select month of wages and select challan type Administrative/Inspection charges.
      1. A/c No. 2 fill 75 rupees.
      2. A/c No. 22 fill 25 rupees.
      and submit the details. ahead process are same.

  5. Hello sir,
    My query is if in organization if 20 employees and all employees basic salary is greater than 15000 pf is not applicable .
    But pf number is enrolled what is further procedure need to do for filling nill return.
    Ig nill return not filed and notice come from pf Department what procedure for that notice replay
    Name vihar padshala

  6. Dear Sir,

    Please clarifiy one of my doubt in case if salary delayed or in any of the month salary not disbursed for the month of lets say for Jul what is the contribution amount in A/C2 -2 & A/C -22 for that Jul Month


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