How To Get A Job In HR Without Experience

Starting a career in HR field is a dream for every Human Resource graduate, but in reality, there were so many fresh HR graduates are struggling to get a kick start in HR field. In many cases, it is taking more than 1 or 2 years to get an entry-level job in human resources. Have you ever thought what is the main reason for not getting a job in HR field after completion of post graduation in HR? Here you can know the reasons and what to do & how to get a job in HR without experience.

I agree that there is no huge number of jobs in HR when compared to marketing and finance, even though the jobs are present in HR field, but most of them are related to HR recruitment.

When you compare HR generalist and HR recruitment jobs, it is somewhat easy to get a job as HR recruiter, if a person has good communication skills then he or she can easily get a job as HR recruiter. But what about HR generalist, along with communication skills it needs a lot of knowledge on labour laws, system work, people handling skills etc.

How To Get A Job In HR Without Experience

As a fresh MBA HR graduate you may have lots of theoretical knowledge, but when you appear for an interview the interviewer may not ask for theoretical knowledge, because there is a lot of difference in between theoretical knowledge and practical work experience.

Majority of the HR managers prefers experienced candidates over the fresh graduates, because if they hire expired candidates then it makes their work easier and they don’t need much training when compared to fresh Human Resource graduates.

Here are the required skills to get an entry-level job in HR field.

You Must Know About PF, ESI, Minimum Wages, PT & LWF

The first and important thing is you should aware of all the latest labour laws, you don’t need to know about all the labour laws but you need to know about provident fund rates, ESIC rates, minimum wages of the state in which you are trying to get the job, professional tax rates of the state and labour welfare fund.

Also gain theoretical knowledge on performance appraisal, bonus act, gratuity payment etc, which makes you more confident in the interview.

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Computer Skills (MS Excel & Word)

Second important thing is you must have good computer skills, especially you must know MS excel and MS word very well. Because most of the HR job is associated with MS office. Learn important Excel formulas and shortcuts which makes your work easier.

Learn How To Prepare A Salary Statment

Learn how to make a salary statement before doing the job, most of the MBA HR Freshers don’t know how to make a salary statement until they get a job. So if you know about that you may have upper hand over other candidates who appear for the same interview.

In the process of learning salary statement preparation, you will know about various components of salary like what is basic salary, what is gross, what is DA, what is HRA, what is net salary, deductions, earnings etc. If you know about all these things then you can answer the interviewer question easily.

There are so many youtube tutorials on how to prepare a salary statement and it doesn’t take more than 1 hour to learn how to prepare salary statement.

Start Observing Pay Slips

Another best method to know about salary components is by observing pay slips, start observing pay slips of your parents, relatives or friends. So that you can know what kind of earnings they are getting and what kind of deductions their employers deducting etc.

Follow Blogs Related To Human Resource

Blogs are the best source of information to get latest updates on your field, there are so many Human Resource related blogs are available on the internet. I personally prefer here you can find all the useful information required for an HR.

Improve Communication Skills

The next thing is communication skills. To become HR generalist you must have good oral and written communication skills. Because in your job you need to write so many emails and you need to talk with higher officials, so improve your communication skills.

And try to improve your typing speed because a good typing speed of at least 40 words per minutes makes your work easy.

The above all are best ways to gain practical knowledge before getting the job, so still, if you have any queries on how to get a job in HR without experience then ask those queries in below comments section.

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