How to Get More Calls from Naukri During Notice Period (in 2024)

In general, when an employee is on notice period he/she will get more interview calls from Naukri recruiters, compared to the other candidates. But if you are not getting enough interview calls the main reason is your profile does not match the job requirements that you are applying for.

Every time, you apply for a job on Naukri, ensure you have relevant skills (Keywords) related to that job in your profile. Otherwise, your resume will not reach the right companies and even though they see your resume they won’t call you.

To solve this problem, identify the top 7 to 10 skills related to your job in the industry in which you want to work, and include them in your resume and skills section & profile summary of the Naukri profile.

3 Tips To Get More Calls from Naukri During Notice Period in 2024

1. Identify the top 7 to 10 skills related to your job and industry and include them in your resume and Naukri profile.

The easiest way to identify the skills is to search for the job descriptions to which you want to apply, go to Chat GPT/Gemini, copy all the job descriptions, and ask the Chat GPT to identify the top 10 skills related to the job.

Here is the prompt:

List the top 10 skills required for the position of [Job title] in [Industry] from the give job descriptions.

[Now paste the all the job decriptions you copied from job portals (Naukri or others)

2. Keep updating your profile regularly, mostly at 10 am and in the afternoon at 1 Am, so that based on recent activity your profile is visible to more recruiters.

You don’t need to add new details every day, just click on the edit option for the skill section and profile section, and again click on save.

3. Make sure you have selected the option “serving notice period” and enter your last working date on Naukri so that employers who are looking for candidates under the notice period will see your profile. And call you for the interview.

why i am not getting interview calls from naukri in notice period

These are the 3 most important tips to get more calls from Naukri during your notice period. 


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