How To Find PF Number & UAN Using PAN Card Online

You can easily find your PF number or UAN number using your PAN card on the UAN member portal website. But to use this facility, your PAN should be linked to your PF account either by you (or) your employer.

Not only with PAN number, but you can also find your forgotten UAN or PF details by using Aadhar as well, here you will know about how to get your UAN using your PAN and so that you can know your PF number as well.

By using the below process, you will first find your UAN and by using that UAN you can know your PF number.

How to Find PF Number & UAN Using PAN Card

Step 1: Go to the UAN Member Portal website and click on know your UAN status.

how to know PF number using PAN

Step 2: Now enter your mobile number (any mobile number of yours) and type the captcha showing on the screen and click on the Request OTP button.

how to find UAN using PAN

Step 3: Now enter the OTP received to your mobile number, and again type the captcha and click on validate OTP.

Step 4: After successful OTP validation, a new page will open, here enter your name & date of birth as per your PF records. Now select the PAN option, and enter your PAN number and type the captcha and click on show my UAN.

Finding UAN using PAN number

Step 5: If your details are correct then your UAN will be shown on the screen, now note down your UAN. By using this UAN you can know your PF number.

How to know PF details using PAN card

Step 6: To know your PF number you should log in to the UAN portal, for that your need to set a password. To set a password click on forgot password option on UAN portal website.

forgot password UAN

Step 7: Now enter your UAN and captcha and click on submit.

Step 8: Now click on Yes, if you have your PF registered mobile number with you, otherwise click on No, to enter a new mobile number. If you click on NO then you have to enter your name, DOB and Aadhar. (Here I clicked on “NO” to show you the further steps).

new password in UAN portal

Step 9: After entering your name, DOB, and selecting the gender click on verify.

know your UAN using PAN

Step 10: Now type the captcha, enter the Aadhar number and tick the check box and click on verify button again.

how to find PF details using PAN,

Step 11: After successful verification of your Aadhar enter your Aadhar registered mobile number and click on get OTP.

PF portal password change,

Step 12: Now type the captcha and enter the OTP received to your Aadhar registered mobile number and click on verify.

Step 13: Now you can find an option to set a new password for UAN member portal.

UAN member portal password change,

Step 14: After setting up the password again come to the UAN member portal and log in with your UAN and password.

Step 15: Now on the UAN portal home page go to the view option in the menu bar and click on service history.

service history on UAN member portal,

Step 16: Now under on service history page you can find all your PF account numbers linked with your UAN.

how to find PF number using PAN

So the above is the step-by-step process to find your UAN using PAN number, the process may look a little longer but it is easy.


Can I know my PF balance using my PAN number?

No, you cannot know your PF balance using your PAN details.

How to know whether my PAN is linked to my PF account or not?

If your PAN is not linked to your PF account then you will not get UAN while using the know your UAN option, instead, you will get an error. That is the signal that your PAN is not linked to your PF account.

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6 thoughts on “How To Find PF Number & UAN Using PAN Card Online”

  1. Dear Sir
    I don’t know my EPF member ID and my old company has also shut down. I do not have any old salary slips too. My UAN was not generated at that time, how can I know my EPF ID with my PAN and Phone number?

  2. Dear Sir,

    I am trying to generate uan of an employee, his DOB in adhar is incomplete i.e on year is mentioned. after correction of date of birth, I am still having problem to generate his uan.
    please suggest.. asap…

  3. Dear Sir,
    One of the employee whose Earlier employer belongs to other state, now he wants to withdraw pf, but he doesn’t have UAN number neither mobile number which was registered earlier.

    By What means we can get UAN number now.??
    1) for pf withdrawal pf forms must be sent to previous establishment (Mumbai) or we can process from Gujarat?
    2) what if he transfer the funds to current UAN?

    according to you which option is best and hassle free?

    Thanking You

    • Hi Imran,
      Without mobile number, it is not possible to get UAN number. It is better to contact his previous employer, only they can able to provide his UAN number.
      1. For PF withdrawal he needs to submit PF forms to his previous employer.
      2. For PF transfer he doesn’t need to submit PF form 13 to the previous employer. You can process in your state.


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