How to Register Mobile Number in Canara Bank

Registering a mobile number with the Canara bank account makes you get all the important information and updates regarding your financial transactions with the bank. If your mobile number is linked to the Canara bank account then you will get messages to your mobile number whenever you log in to your Canara internet banking portal, it will safeguard your from fraudulent activities.

Registering your mobile number will also make you get SMSs when you use your debit card or credit card and KYC notifications from the bank etc.

How to register mobile number in Canara Bank

Till now only offline facility is available to register mobile numbers in Canara bank, there is no online process to register your mobile number.

To register your mobile number in Canara bank, visit your Canara bank branch and ask them for mobile number registration, then they will give you a mobile number registration form. Now write your mobile number on that form and sign it and submit it to the bank

After submitting this form your mobile number will be registered with your bank account number within 1 or 2 hours.

FAQs in Registering Mobile Number in Canara Bank

Can I register my mobile number online?

No, there is no online facility to register your mobile number in Canara bank. You have to visit your Canara bank branch directly to register your mobile number.

How much time will it take to register a mobile number?

It will take 1 or 2 hours to register your mobile number.

Can I change my mobile number?

Yes, you can change your mobile number at any time you want, for that you need to submit a request letter to your bank.

Can we send the request letter to register the mobile number through courier?

In general, the bank staff will not accept request letters to register mobile number, they will register your mobile number only in your physical presence in the bank.

Still, if you have any questions regarding registering mobile number in Canara bank then call to Canara bank customer care number 18004250018

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