How to Request for Change in Offer Letter | Sample Email Formats

Sometimes you have to negotiate the details in your offer letter, which may be related to the salary or job position etc. There is nothing wrong with negotiation even after receiving or accepting the offer letter.

If you are not satisfied with the details on your offer letter or if you find any discrepancies in the offer letter compared to the actual negotiations held in the interview, then you can request for a change in the offer letter, and leave the final decision to the employer.

How to Request for Change in Offer Letter

  1. Decide which part you want to change in the offer letter.
  2. Inform the reason why you would like to make the change.
  3. Mention what you are expecting exactly.
  4. Be open to further discussions.
  5. Leave the final decision to the employer.

Sample Request for Change in Offer Letter.

Format 1 (to Change Salary)

Sub: Request to verify salary in offer letter.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I want to thank you for the offer letter. This is to inform you that while observing my offer letter, I have noticed a difference in the actual salary mentioned in the interview vs the salary in the offer letter.

Actually, I was informed to get an annual CTC  of _______(actual amount) during the interview, but in the offer letter, it is showing as _________(amount in offer letter).

So kindly verify the offer letter.

Thanking you.


Your name.

Format 2 (to Change Job Position)

Sub: Request to verify job position in offer letter.

Dear Mr./Mrs._________,

Thanks for the offer letter, this is to inform you that I have been selected for the post of ___________(actual job position) at the ___________(company name) but in my offer letter it is mentioned as _________(job position in offer letter).

So kindly verify the offer letter and update my job position.

Thanking you,


Your name.

Format 3 (to Negotiate Salary)

Dear Sir / madam,

I would like to thank you for sending me the offer letter. In the offer letter my salary is mentioned as _______ (salary in offer letter) but I am expecting a salary of _________(your expected salary).

The same I have already discussed during the interview. As I am already getting the same salary in my current job, I am expecting a hike in my new job.

So Here I would like to request you that if possible kindly reconsider my salary.

Looking forward to your response.

Thanking you.


Your name.


Can offer letter be changed?

Yes, offer letter can be changed depending on the interest of the employer, or the mutual interest interest of both employer and candidate.

Can I negotiate an offer letter after accepting?

Yes, you can negotiate the offer letter even after accepting it. But be clear in what you want to negotiate about.

Can company cancel the offer letter?

Once the employee accepts the offer letter, then companies cannot cancel the offer letter without any issue, it cause legal problems to the companies.

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