How to Solve PAN Verification Failed Error in UAN Portal (99% Works)

Getting the following errors that PAN verification failed. (name against UAN does not match with the name in income tax department) & error while PAN authentication. could not send message have become very common for EPF members when they are trying to link their PAN number with their UAN number. Here we have a solution for EPF PAN verification failed error.

But before knowing about the solution we should know why we need to link our PAN with UAN. Because when we are claiming a PF amount of more than 50000 Rs in below 5 yrs of service then 34.6% tax will deduct from our claim amount, In order to avoid this tax deduction we need to link our PAN with UAN number.

Reasons for EPF PAN Verification Failed Error

There are Two main reasons because of them we are not able to link our PAN with UAN, they are

i) The mismatch of names present in PAN card and PF portal. If your name printed on PAN card (i.e income tax department) is not matching with the name in PF portal then you are not able to link your PAN with UAN. To solve this issue you need to correct the incorrect name either in PF portal or PAN card.

You can correct your name in PF portal either by submitting PF joint declaration form to PF office or you can also correct your name online at UAN portal. To correct your name on PAN card read this article on guidelines to correct name on PAN card.

ii) The second and mostly faced reason for not linking PAN with UAN is the problem with EPFO website. There is no proper integration between income tax website and PF portal. So even though the names present on income tax database and PF portal match but still we are not able to link our PAN with UAN number. Here we have a solution for this problem.

PAN Verification Failed Error In UAN (PAN verfication against uan does not match with the name in income tax department)

When your name present on PAN card and UAN portal matches then you can solve your problem by raising a grievance at PF portal. When you raise a grievance at PF portal, the EPF officials will personally check your case and 99% they will try to resolve your problem.

Process to Raise a Grievance to Solve PF PAN Verification Error

Step 1:-  Go to EPF grievance portal and click on Register Grievance option. Now enter your UAN, now an OTP will be sent to your PF registered mobile number, Now enter that OTP. (If you don’t know how to raise a grievance in PF portal then read this step by step process of EPF grievance registration )

PAN verification failed error in UAN

Step 2:- Now select your gender and enter your address details and click on your PF member ID.

How to solve pan verification failed error in uan

Step 3:- Now select grievance related to as PF office, grievance category as KYC related issues of subscriber pertaining PF office and enter the grievance description. After entering the description click on Add.

How to solven EPF PAN verification failed error in UAN

Here is the template  of grievance description which you can use by replacing your details.

Dear Sir / Madam,

Sub: Problem in Linking PAN with UAN

I Padala Siva Kumar with PF number ______________, trying to link my PAN with UAN but I am always getting the following error that PAN verification failed. (name against UAN does not match with the name in income tax department). But all my details like name, DOB and gender in PF portal are matching with the details on PAN card.

So I request you to please solve my problem. Here is my details: PAN No___________ & UAN ______________.

Thanking you in advance.


Siva Kumar.

Step 4:- Now you can find your grievance request in grievance details, here you can edit or remove it. If you find everything is fine then click on submit.



Once you raise a successful grievance then within 24-48 hours you will get a reply from your regional EPF branch office and 99% they will resolve your issue. If you don’t get a reply then you can also send a reminder for your grievance by using send reminder option.

For example

How to solve EPF PAN verification failed error in uan
EPF Grievance Status

If you have any doubts on how to solve EPF PAN verification failed then ask your questions in below comments section.

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  1. HI ,
    I am trying to withdraw my PF service is below 5 years and amount is less than Rs 50000/-. So if I withdraw without PAN will TDS be deducted?

  2. Hi

    I am not able to submit the grievance as it doesn’t give me an option, i get only my UAN, Email ID, mobile number and name but no option to add a grievance. please help ASAP

  3. Hi,

    Please help me .. im trying to submit my request, but after enter all details if im clicking submit button just its coming Error has found … tried last one week..

    can anyone help on this..

  4. Hi,
    My name in aadhar and UAN is same, my name in PAN is different. My aadhar is verified in UAN portal. I’m unable to add PAN number in UAN portal. So what should I do?

  5. Hi Sir,
    My husband’s name in Pan card and UAN portal is different.. Pan has been linked but verification failed. Already made some partial PF withdrawals.. no issues on that.. Now he has left job and it’s been 6 months now.. The PF balance is greater than 500000.. If we opt for final PF withdrawal, do they deduct the TDS amount? Because you mentioned like TDS will be deducted if the withdrawal amount is more than 50000 and service is less than 5 yrs… But in our case it’s more than 5 lakhs and service crossed 10 yrs. My question is whether Tds will be deducted because of pan verification failure?
    Thanks in advance..

    • Hello mam.. happy to help you
      First off all If you withdrawal pf without pan its charged TDS 34.5%.
      May i requst you to please choos best option is that please update PAN at NSDL online, its take 7-8 working day..
      Thanks & regards
      Urvish Patel

  6. Hi Sir
    PAN name as per Tax department and UAN name both same but when i m linking PAN number with UAN it is showing error and I am always getting the following error that PAN verification failed. (name against UAN does not match with the name in income tax department). please give me solution.

  7. Hi Sir,

    My name is A Rajesh (A stands for my fathers name Anand). All my records PF & Aadhar has my name as A RAJESH, I got my Aadhar linked with my UAN but could not link by Pan. On Checking in PAN profile my name is mentioned as Anand Rajesh. How can I resolve this issue ?

    Thank You,
    A Rajesh

  8. Hi Rajesh,

    Thanks for the explanation,I have the same issue “name against UAN does not match with the name in income tax department”,The name in Income tax department is having a spelling mistake(My profile in INCOME TAX web page has expansion of my name and that spelled wrongly. ,So do I need to correct the name in PAN card and then raise a grievance?Please advice.

  9. mere pan card date of birth name uan no ko match nahee horaha hai aurtification failed karke aaraha hai kaise uan no pan card kaise submit kare please bathavo sir

    • Hi Mohammad Dawood D.
      You have to correct the wrong Date of Birth. If it is wrong in UAN then you can correct it at UAN portal or if it is wrong on PAN card then you need to correct it on PAN, but this process will take maximum 30 days.

      • Hi,
        My name is a single name, like Rajendran. Then how to give my name as 3 Name format,(First Name, Middle Name and Last Name).

        In PAN update form, last name is given as mandatory. What is my last name?

        Please give some info/idea about this..

  10. Good morning,
    I have Date Of Berth Issue In Our Staffs. They Are Un Educated And Senior Person. So They Have Aadhar card,Pancard,Ration Card, Only. But in EPFO Office DOB Correction Documents are Birth Certificate,School Certificate,Passport Only.They dont have These Three Documents. Now How Can Help Our Staffs PF Withdrawal. Please Help Me

    PENSION 5000


  12. Hey Thanks for the detail information.

    I had a similar issue and just raised a Grievance as per your suggestion.

    Hoping this will resolve the issue.

    Thanks in advance!

  13. This is the response i received after raising a grievance.
    As the authentication of PAN details are done online as per available database, the linking is not possible of there being any error or mismatch. In wake of the same the member is advised to get the name corrected (in PAN/EPFO database) and thereafter try the linking process,whereas the pan and epfo database already matched.
    I cant understand what to do next.
    Please help

  14. I got the following response – “Please check/verify the particulars with income tax database”. What should I do now?

  15. jithin..redo it again and it will hppens if u take a long time to fill in the details and submit


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