How to Update / Correct Date of Exit in EPF Account

EPF members whose date of exit is not available are not able to withdraw their PF amount online at UAN member portal. Date of joining and date of exit are two important things that every PF officer will check when the employee went to withdraw PF amount. So marking employee exit date is very important for an employer to make a smooth transaction between employee and EPFO.

How to update date of exit in EPF account

Step 1:- There are two ways to enter exit dates of the employee in employee provident fund organization. The first one is by bulk exit method and the other one is by doing individual exit in unified EPF employer portal. For this employer needs to login to employer PF portal.

Step 2:- After successful login, click on a member in the primary menu and select profile. Then employer redirected to another page, which asks for UAN number or PF account number of the employee. Here we need to enter the UAN number or member id of the employee to whom we want to mark exit.

Individual Employee Exit Unified EPF Portal

Step 4:- Once we enter the details the detail of that particular employee will appear on the screen, there we will find three options, they are profile, kyc and mark exit. Now our aim is to mark EXIT. So click on exit and enter  the reason for exit and exit date of the eployee and click on save.

Individual Employee Exit Unified EPF Portal

The reasons are mainly Retirement, Death in service, Super Annuation, Permant Disablement, Cessation, and Death away from service, if you don’t know the reason then mark it as UNKNOWN

Step 4:- After selecting reason and entering the date we will get the following message

Member Exit Saved Successfully for Approval.

Individual Employee Exit Unified EPF Portal

Step 5:- After this go to approvals under MEMBER option in the primary menu and approve the exit of the employee and complete the process of individual employee exit unified EPF portal.

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How to correct / change date of exit in PF

Sometimes employers may mark the wrong date of exit for EPF members. In this case, both employee and employer are not able to correct the date of exit online.

In order to correct or change the incorrect date of exit, EPF member needs to submit PF joint declaration form to their regional EPF office.

PF joint declaration form

Along with PF joint declaration form employer need to write a request letter to the regional PF office to correct the date of exit of the employee. Once employee or employer submit these Two then within 30 days the DOE of the employee in PF will be corrected.

If you don’t want to wait until the correction of DOE and are you in hurry to claim PF amount then submit above Two letters along with your PF claim forms.

200 thoughts on “How to Update / Correct Date of Exit in EPF Account”

  1. Sir
    In my uan account Previous Employeer did not add my date of exit. So now i want to claim my pf but not done without date of exit.
    Pls. Suggest me how is it posible.

  2. If I don’t have releasing letter by company can I withdraw pf final with wrong date of one month diffrence
    Also my employer relation is also not good also pf grievance website is also not working
    Reply fast

  3. Hi,
    My Date of exit mentioned by employer is one month earlier (June 2016) by employer but pf deducted by default till July 2016 . Shall I get my PF Final withdrawal full and final amount without going to Employer For joint declaration which is really hectic process which I wouldn’t want to move through offline or requesting employer

    Please advice or any other option going through offline

    • Hi Ranjit,
      Without joint declaration form, it is not possible to correct your date of exit. So you need to take the help of your employer for DOE correction.

  4. If employer had mark the wrong date of exit one month earlier but pf contribution was done more for one month shall I get PF withdrawal without going to employer I don’t want to visit my previous employer.
    Please suggest
    Shall I get my pf release in such case.

    • Hi Micheal,
      In your case without taking the help of your employer it is not possible to correct your date, so please take the help of your employer.

    • Hi Gargi,
      When employee not in the service and not withdrawn his PF amount but dies then mention the reason as death away from service.

  5. I left from Previous company at 2015 and My old company has been closed on 2016, there is no person available to take HR activities. My Exit date not updated by HR, it is kept blank. Currently i am working with other company in other state, I provided evidence on my Date of relieving letter along with Adhar card + form 13 signed by current company + request letter and hand over to PF office. After 20 days when i check in epf portal, claim status noted as Rejected, i am not able to view the reason why the claim has been Rejected.

    I don’t know how to proceed. Can any one help on this issue.

  6. of of our employees PF form has been rejected by PF department due to wrong date of Exit
    and other employees PF form has been rejected by PF department due to wrong date of joining

    how to correct this i am not able to see this process in pf portal

  7. We wrongly entered mark exit reason,

    We wrongly entered the Reason of DEATH AWAY FROM SERVICE instead of CESSATION (SHORT SERVICE). how to change the reason


    • Hi Surendra, You need to submit PF joint declaration form to your PF office along with a request letter attested by your employer.

  9. The mail is regarding withdrawal of CESSATION (SHORT SERVICE) PF account. I have submitted a request for the withdrawal of pf amount through online(both Form10C or Form19 ). But the request has been rejected from field office end. Could you please help me or advice me which form i need to submit through online, Form10C or Form19 ?
    How can I get the employee contribution? Please help ASAP.

    • Hi Vibindas,
      You can check the reason for rejection at PF claim status portal, after solving the problem again claim your PF amount and submit both PF form 19 & 10C in online.

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