How to Update / Correct Date of Exit in EPF Account

EPF members whose date of exit is not available are not able to withdraw their PF amount online at UAN member portal. Date of joining and date of exit are two important things that every PF officer will check when the employee went to withdraw PF amount. So marking employee exit date is very important for an employer to make a smooth transaction between employee and EPFO.

How to update date of exit in EPF account

Step 1:- There are two ways to enter exit dates of the employee in employee provident fund organization. The first one is by bulk exit method and the other one is by doing individual exit in unified EPF employer portal. For this employer needs to login to employer PF portal.

Step 2:- After successful login, click on a member in the primary menu and select profile. Then employer redirected to another page, which asks for UAN number or PF account number of the employee. Here we need to enter the UAN number or member id of the employee to whom we want to mark exit.

Individual Employee Exit Unified EPF Portal

Step 4:- Once we enter the details the detail of that particular employee will appear on the screen, there we will find three options, they are profile, kyc and mark exit. Now our aim is to mark EXIT. So click on exit and enter  the reason for exit and exit date of the eployee and click on save.

Individual Employee Exit Unified EPF Portal

The reasons are mainly Retirement, Death in service, Super Annuation, Permant Disablement, Cessation, and Death away from service, if you don’t know the reason then mark it as UNKNOWN

Step 4:- After selecting reason and entering the date we will get the following message

Member Exit Saved Successfully for Approval.

Individual Employee Exit Unified EPF Portal

Step 5:- After this go to approvals under MEMBER option in the primary menu and approve the exit of the employee and complete the process of individual employee exit unified EPF portal.

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How to correct / change date of exit in PF

Sometimes employers may mark the wrong date of exit for EPF members. In this case, both employee and employer are not able to correct the date of exit online.

In order to correct or change the incorrect date of exit, EPF member needs to submit PF joint declaration form to their regional EPF office.

PF joint declaration form

Along with PF joint declaration form employer need to write a request letter to the regional PF office to correct the date of exit of the employee. Once employee or employer submit these Two then within 30 days the DOE of the employee in PF will be corrected.

If you don’t want to wait until the correction of DOE and are you in hurry to claim PF amount then submit above Two letters along with your PF claim forms.

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  1. Hi Sir I have the issue of overlapping dates of DOE AND DOJ. My employer(Tech Mahindra ) has denied to correct it from their end. EPFO Office is also not providing any solution to this problem , Kindly help me to solve this issue ASAP.

    • You have to visit your EPF Office along with the joint declaration form and a clarification letter stating the reason for service overlap.
      Now based upon your reason either they solve the issue or contact your employer for any further clarification.

  2. Dear Sir, My previous company closed their operations which I had worked before 5 years, and they haven’t updated my exit date in PF. I was working in Chennai and the PF office was in Aurangabad. Now I am not able to update my exit date in EPFO portal also and no one is available in the company to update my exit date. How I can update exit date from Chennai with PF office in Aurangabad in offline. Please advice.

  3. i am trying to update date of exit, but its showing no records found in Date of Exit seeding history.
    How can i update date of exit.

  4. I worked as Asst. Professor-Senior in the department of ICT, Manipal Institution of Technology (MIT), Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), Manipal, Udupi, Karnataka from 12 July 2012 to 9 October 2021 (9 yrs, almost 3 months). I took loss of pay along with No Objection Certificate from MIT, MAHE to work with ABC, as a FIXED-TERM contractual employee. Around two months later, i.e., on 27 December 2021, I resigned my position from MIT and now continuing as permanent employee at ABC . I have not received any PF money when I was in loss of pay at MIT, rather I was getting PF money from ABC.
    During my online PF transfer, I am facing a problem related to reliving date from MAHE. So, as recommended by PF office I submitted Form10 and Joint Declaration to MAHE but MAHE is refusing to sign this. Kindly help me in resolving this issue.

    • If they are not supporting, better register a complaint on EPF grievance portal.
      They will contact your employer on behalf of you.

  5. hi sir,
    i left old organisation on 24/2/2023, and joined new organisation on 27/02/2023.
    while marking the exit in pf account. Feb month was not shown. hence i selected exit date as march 1st., but date of joining was showing as 27 feb..
    i tried to tranfer pf from old organisation to new organisation… now present employer was rejecting.. can you please help me regarding.

    • Due to overlapping of your DOJ and DOE you cannot transfer your PF online.
      You have to apply for offline PF transfer by submitting form 13 (or) you can also correct the wrong date of exit by submitting PF joint declaration form to the PF office.

  6. Hi,

    Last year, I resigned from a company on 31st Aug’22 and joined the second company on 1st Sep’22. but the experience/relieving letter of the first company shows DOE as 1st Sep’22, creating a dual employment case in background verification for the new company For the past 15 days, I’ve been in continuous touch with HR to get my DOE updated on the EPFO portal and provide me the updated relieving letter as my last working date was 31st Aug’22 but now, they’ve refused to cooperate as it’s been 10 months and the account has been settled with all statutory departments. Without the updated DOE on the EPFO portal and relieving/experience letter, the new company is not proceeding with my application. But it is a matter of 1 day only. Are there any other alternatives so that background verification can happen smoothly

    Please suggest.

  7. Hi Sir,

    Please be informed when i try to check my last working day in PF portal it was showing wrong. so i connect to my previous company HR manger, and he said yes we modified this request but it will be take 30 to 60 days, am getting confused my question is” is it possible company modified the wrong joining date, if it so how much time it will be take, either they will provide any document for this request” kindly help me.

    Thank and Regards,

  8. Hi All,

    In EPF portal service history is not showing correctly for current organization
    DOJ :- 19/10/2018
    DOE :- 20/05/2019
    Still i am working in same company but DOE is updated as 2019 may.
    Current company PF and EPF work with trust
    As i am changing the company , my last working day in July 31st and next organization they are asking me to share EPF Service history.
    Can any one help how to correct this also , as DOE showing wrong what other document can be given as supporting to next comapny.

  9. Hi,
    In the Manage –> mark Exit. I have wrongly updated the “REASON of EXIT”.
    I have chosen Reason of Exit as ” Retirement” instead of “CESSATION(SHORT SERVICE) – Any other reason”. How can I correct/ re-update the Reason of Exit information.
    Please let me know.

  10. Sir
    I need a support to change my exit date in pf account of my previous organization. My resignation has accepted on 4 th April 2022 and i give 30 days to previous organisation. Unfortunatly they releve me on 6th May but same day i joined in my new organization. I requested to manager update last date is 5 th May but that information has not passed to HR. Finally they released and FF settled last day as 6th May. Now they refused to amend the exit date and entire. Pf amount has on hold. Either I can’t trasfer or withdrown of amount.
    Pls advise how I can resolve this issue

  11. Dear Rajesh Sir

    actually my previous company has mentioned wrong Date of Exit, Now i am correct it from our old company employer, when i am applied for transfer pf amount old to new company its still showing wrong date.
    and when i am applied for transfer i have received acknowledgement letter showing correct date to me.
    now application in pending at field office. and not showing my pf passbook also, please suggest me to how to clear this problem.

    thank you

  12. Hi sir, kindly help me. My father died in the COVID 19 on 10 sep 2020 in duty time he got sick and admitted in th esi in the of aug 2020 but the employer as marked the exit date as 30 aug 2020 and the reason as death away from the service is it possible to change the reason of exit

  13. Sir,
    I left my last job on 4 may2022 and last PF contribution was on 11 may 2022 of april month
    and now I want to update the date of exit aslo I joined new job on same month but my current employer doesn’t provide the PF.
    Now I want to update the date of exit but confused about what should I enter my date of exit.
    Please Suggest.


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