How to Update / Correct Date of Exit in EPF Account

EPF members whose date of exit is not available are not able to withdraw their PF amount online at UAN member portal. Date of joining and date of exit are two important things that every PF officer will check when the employee went to withdraw PF amount. So marking employee exit date is very important for an employer to make a smooth transaction between employee and EPFO.

How to update date of exit in EPF account

Step 1:- There are two ways to enter exit dates of the employee in employee provident fund organization. The first one is by bulk exit method and the other one is by doing individual exit in unified EPF employer portal. For this employer needs to login to employer PF portal.

Step 2:- After successful login, click on a member in the primary menu and select profile. Then employer redirected to another page, which asks for UAN number or PF account number of the employee. Here we need to enter the UAN number or member id of the employee to whom we want to mark exit.

Individual Employee Exit Unified EPF Portal

Step 4:- Once we enter the details the detail of that particular employee will appear on the screen, there we will find three options, they are profile, kyc and mark exit. Now our aim is to mark EXIT. So click on exit and enter  the reason for exit and exit date of the eployee and click on save.

Individual Employee Exit Unified EPF Portal

The reasons are mainly Retirement, Death in service, Super Annuation, Permant Disablement, Cessation, and Death away from service, if you don’t know the reason then mark it as UNKNOWN

Step 4:- After selecting reason and entering the date we will get the following message

Member Exit Saved Successfully for Approval.

Individual Employee Exit Unified EPF Portal

Step 5:- After this go to approvals under MEMBER option in the primary menu and approve the exit of the employee and complete the process of individual employee exit unified EPF portal.

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How to correct / change date of exit in PF

Sometimes employers may mark the wrong date of exit for EPF members. In this case, both employee and employer are not able to correct the date of exit online.

In order to correct or change the incorrect date of exit, EPF member needs to submit PF joint declaration form to their regional EPF office.

PF joint declaration form

Along with PF joint declaration form employer need to write a request letter to the regional PF office to correct the date of exit of the employee. Once employee or employer submit these Two then within 30 days the DOE of the employee in PF will be corrected.

If you don’t want to wait until the correction of DOE and are you in hurry to claim PF amount then submit above Two letters along with your PF claim forms.

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  1. Sir Humari Ek Karmchari Jiska Pf No RJ2234/1681 Hai And Uan No 101639346279 Hai To Sir Glti Sa Exit Reson wrong Upodated ho gya krna ka liya requst bhi bji and grived pa dali lakin sahi nhi kiya

    I gotta msg from pf office pls help me

  3. My Name is Gurdev Singh Bamra Worked with Inetenet Global Services Pvt Ltd In Gurgaon Branch 94-95 Udyog Vihar Phase-IV as customer care executive in Vodafone Prepaid Inbound Process. in year 2007. I don’t remember the DOL is th ere any procedure how could I find out my DOL because my old company said We are unable to find the details as the data is very old . Please suggest

    My Details

    PF no – MH/KND/94725/7080

    Name – Gurdev Singh Bamra

    Father name – Gurnam Singh

    DOB – 11/05/1987

    Doj – 03/05/2007

    DOL –

    • Check your PF passbook, there you can find the last month for which your employer has made PF contributions. You consider the last date of that month as your date of leaving.

  4. Dear Sir,

    My uncle was expired on 3rd December 2019. He was working in a Urmin Product Company. After him death a employer was update DOE 30th November 2019 in pf site.

    So kindly help to me for change a DOE in PF site.

    Thenaks & Regards,

  5. What should I do as when I am going to update my DOE on UAN portal after selecting my member ID there is not any records to view message is appear.
    how can I update my DOE

  6. Dear Sir,
    My previous company give DOE 16/10/2019
    In new company DOJ is 26/09/2019 then how can I solve this issue and how can I withdraw the older amount, please sir help me because I can’t find any option.

  7. Respected sir

    i had already submited my joint declaration form , company letter and my attendence sheet as per apprved by my previous employer but after 1 month no changing in my previous employer exit date. against date of exit correction want your suggestion.

  8. Email from employer:
    Dear Pashupathi,

    We are unable to update your date of leaving under EPFO portal, since you left in 2014.

    Please contact EPFO for date of leaving update, in 2016 they have introduced unified portal.

    Email from EPFO:
    Dear Member,

    This is to inform you that you may kindly contact to the employer to update your missing details (Gender/DOB/Father name/Marital status/Educational Qualification/DOE/DOJ of EPF/ EPS/reason of leaving service).

    NOTE:-The Facility to update missing details is available in the Employer Portal under the menu >member>member profile.


  9. Dear Sir,

    If we have mention the date of exit before remitting the consecutive pf, how can we rectify the date of exit, weather is it possible to to recover the exit date before authorisation approval. Plz confirm Sir

  10. My previous employer mentioned wrong DOE 09/10/2018
    In new company DOJ is 07/10/2018 then how can I solve this issue and how can I withdraw the older amount

  11. In case, the correction of date of exit.
    All necessary documents are also sumitted as properly to the regional PF office but not yet proced any response after 30 days over. For this problem resolve what kind of steps will be taken.

  12. मेरे पिछले नियोक्ता DOE EPF 10/05/2019 और मेरे वर्तमान DOJ EPF 16/04/2019 हैं, इसलिए मैं अपने pf खाते को अपने वर्तमान खाते में स्थानांतरित नहीं कर सकता हूँ।

  13. मेरे पिछले नियोक्ता DOE EPF 31/05/2019 और मेरे वर्तमान DOJ EPF 01/05/2019 हैं, इसलिए मैं अपने pf खाते को अपने वर्तमान खाते में स्थानांतरित नहीं कर सकता हूँ।

    • Hi अनिल जमईवार,
      Generally, EPFO will not allow contributing for Two PF accounts simultaneously, so better withdraw your previous company PF amount or still if you want to transfer then go for offline PF transfer by submitting PF transfer form 13 to your present regional EPF office.

      • सर मेरी पिछली कंपनी पीएफ राशि को वापस लेने के लिये क्या करना पडेगा form कौन सा भरना पड़ेगा

        • Hi Anil Jamaiwar,
          If your Aadhar and bank account number are linked with your UAN then you can withdraw your PF and pension amounts online at UAN portal otherwise submit PF composite claim form nonaadhar directly to your PF office to withdraw both PF and pension amounts.

          • Dear sir,
            My previous company entered 2 months later date of exit. I asked them for sign on self declaration form but they said we will not do it because you leave company before end of notice period. What shall I do in this case

            Thank you

  14. My previous employer DOE EPF 02/07/2018 and my present DOJ EPF 02/07/2018 both are same so i cant not transfer my pf account to my present account..kindly give me suggestion.


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