How to Update Date of Exit in EPF Without Employer in UAN by Employee

If your employer is not updating your date of exit in EPF then you don’t need to worry now. Because now EPF members can update their own date of exit in the UAN portal without the help of employer. EPF members can update their date of exit only after 2 months of their last EPF contribution i.e you are eligible to update your PF DOE only after 2 months after leaving your job.

Here is a step by step process on updating the date of exit in UAN without employer:

how to update date of exit in epf without employer

Step 1: Login in your UAN member portal, and go manage option in menu bar and select mark exit option.

Step 2: Now a new page will open there select your PF member ID.

Step 3: and now enter your date of exit Twice. and select the reason for the date of exit. and click on request OTP option.

Step 4: Now enter the OTP received in your mobile and finally click on update date of exit.

EPF Date of Exit Reasons: Know which reason you have to mention while updating your date of exit in UAN.

RetirementWhen the employee takes voluntary retirement
SuperannuationAfter completing 58 years of age
Permanent DisablementWhen permanent disablement happens to EPF member
Cessation (Short Service)When you resign your job.

What is Processing your request. Please Wait Error While Updating DOE

EPFO recently introduced this option to update the date of exit by employee in the UAN member portal. Processing your request please wait is a technical error in the UAN portal. So if you are getting this error then try after some time, then you can able to update your DOE.

Date of Exit Can Only be Updated After 2 Months of the Last Contribution Made by The Employer: What is This?

Whenever an EPF member wants to update the date of exit (DOE) in the UAN portal before Two months of leaving the job then they will get this error. As per EPFO rules employees are able to withdraw their PF amount only after Two months from their last working date.

If you haven’t completed Two months then you will get the error “Date of Exit Can Only be Updated After 2 Months of the Last Contribution Made by The Employer”

36 thoughts on “How to Update Date of Exit in EPF Without Employer in UAN by Employee”

  1. Dear Sir,
    How to update DOE in EPF portal as below msg is showing on PF portal during updation and also note that previous company has been closed. Plz help.

    ” No contribution was received. Date of exit updation is not possible, please contact your employer.


  2. helo sir ,
    i am having a pf member account holder and i my self updated date of exit on october 2021 but the employer had depoist money in my pf for the money november and december , due to this i am not able to withdraw all money. so what are the steps should i take now? or can I again updated my date of exit? plis advice

  3. Sir, I left my company on 29th Oct 2021,so accordingly I have updated date of exit on epfo portal the same date I left the company.

    I apply to claim my pf but it is rejected asking to update date of exit. So when I check on my passbook I found out that Nov 2021 contribution was there.

    Would I be able to apply again after 2 months from last contribution online even though i dont update the date of exit?

  4. I relieved on Nov5th 2021.
    My/ Emp last PF contribution on Dec 12th 2021.

    Its already 60 days over from my resignation date. But to withdraw PF/EPS date of exit (DOE) should be updated. When would I be able to update it?

    1.) 60 days from Dec 12th (last contribution), i.e. Feb10th 2022?
    2.) or 2 months from Dec(last contribution), that is March 2022
    3.) or should I mark it as Nov 5th(Last working date) (Read on few sites mentioning it can be relieving date if the last working date is before 15th). But if I mark it as Nov 5th(Last working date) then would the pf claim be rejected because of difference in DOE and last contribution date/month?
    4.) If only 1 or 2 is possible, so its not practically we can withdraw after 60 days of last working day?

    • Hi, from my experience I have mentioned the date of exit as my last working day with the company so my claim for pf has been rejected asking to update date of exit.

      So I would not recommend mentioning the last working day with the company as DOE on pf portal.

      I myself don’t have much knowledge but just sharing my experience.

      • Thank you.
        When did you get the option to mark exit/DOE in the portal? After 2 months of exit or exactly 60 days of exit it gave you the option to fill the DOE?

        In your case I guess you need to fill a joint declaration form and give it to the pF office to change the DOE in the portal. Also, if urgently needed money you can try the Form 31 advance option to withdraw 75% of your PF(which doesnt look for DOE and I guess its only PF portion and not EPS) and then withdraw the remaining 25% after correcting the DOE.

  5. Dear Sir, I left a company in September, 2015 and DOE is showing not available. As suggested in this blog, i have tried to manually enter the date of exit but its showing March 2019 calendar and i didnt have an option to select my actual last working date in the past organization. Please advise on how to proceed on this.
    Thank you

    • Please check your PF passbook whether your previous has paid PF contributions or not.
      If they paid until your last working month, but still you cannot able to see an option to update that DOE, the register a complain on the EPF grievance portal, they will help you.

  6. I have left Job about 15 months ago and employer dont update date of exit till now. I am unable to update date of exit. please suggest….

  7. Hi I left the company in the year 2013 and withdrawn employee share in few months. But I was unable to withdraw the employee share till date bec the employer did not update the exit date. So if I want to withdraw the employer share what is the solution

  8. Hello Sir,
    I retired last year. I marked exit 2 weeks ago and its visible in service history also. I have submitted form 19 but while submitting form 10d I am getting error 03 “Date of exit not avaibale against current employer”. I even raised grievance, got reply to contact employer and when I spoke to employer they also said DOE is visible in system. I contacted my PF office, they are saying DOE is not in their system.

    Please guide what to do sir.

  9. sir I am 6 years from leaving work. My employers have not updated the date of exit. Now tell the whole pf amout claim what to do.
    Work left – 01 | 10 | 2016
    Age – 46

  10. sir ನಾನು ಕೆಲಸ ಬಿಟ್ಟು 6 ವರ್ಷ ಆಗಿದೆ. ನನ್ನ ಉದ್ಯೊಗದಾತರು date of exit update ಮಾಡಿಲ್ಲ . ಇವಾಗ ಪೂರ್ತಿ pf amout claim ಮಾಡೋಕ್ ಆಗ್ತಿಲ ಏನ್ ಮಾಡಬೇಕು ತಿಳಿಸಿ.
    Work left – 01|10|2016
    Age – 46

  11. Hi I resigned from last organisarion on 31st Aug’21 and Joined another organization on 27th Sep’21, however I did not like the policy and environment of company so I left job within 3 days ie on 1st Oct’21.
    Please let me know how can I mention DOE in EPF and when can I mention it because employer did not contribute any EPF amount

  12. Hi

    I relieved on 18.08.2021. But my last PF amount settled on 29.09.2021 (which was contributed for August month).

    Is that possible to update my exit date after 18.10.2021??? (i.e. 2 months after my exit date). Or,

    Do i need to update after 29.11.2021 (i.e. 2 months after my last PF contribution)

  13. am leaving my previous company on 15/08/2019 and am join my present company on 14/02/2021 then how I can update my date of exit of previous company for transfer EPF Account

    • You can update your last working date as your date of exit, after updating the date of exit, go to online services on the UAN portal and click on the one member one EPF account option to transfer your PF amount to the current PF account.

      • Sir i was left my job on 30/05/2021 and i am trying to submit the date of exit but the portal shows me “Date of Exit Can Only be Updated After 2 Months of the Last Contribution Made by The Employer”
        please tell me what can i do?

  14. 1.self date of exit done its showing in service history but there is no employer contribution for last 9 months so can i transfer to this funds to present pf(both UAN are same)

    2. What if present employer DOJ is less than previous employer DOE in some cases still can we transfer previous pf amount to present pf amount in both UAN are same

    • For 1st question, the answer is yes, you can transfer your PF amount.
      For 2nd question, I haven’t tried it till now, so try to transfer it, if the transfer claim submits successfully then it is ok, otherwise you need to transfer your PF amount offline by submitting PF transfer form 13 to your regional EPF office.

  15. I try to Update the date of Exit but . Not able to do

    My Last working day in previous organisation 15.06.2017

    My employer Paid September -2017 contribution wrongly

    My New organization DOJ 01.07.2017

    How i will resolve the issue

    Plz advice…..

    • You have to correct your previous company’s date of exit by submitting PF joint declaration form to your PF office, but this form needs your previous employer signature.


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