How to Update KYC Details for PF Withdrawal in 2019

Linking KYC details like Aadhar number, bank account number with UAN number is mandatory to claim PF amount online, there are some cases where PF claim amount is more than 50000 Rs then you need to link your PAN number also. EPF KYC linking involves two steps they are 1. Updating EPF KYC online and 2. Approving EPF KYC details by the employer.

How to Update KYC Details Online by Employee

Step 1: To update KYC details with UAN number login to UAN member portal with UAN number and password. After login go to Manage option in the menu and select KYC option from the submenu.

How to Update KYC Eetails for PF Withdrawal


Step 2: Now enter Bank account details like A/C number and IFSC code, Aadhar details like Aadhar number and name, and PAN number(Not mandatory for claims below 50000 Rs in less than 5 yrs of service). After adding all the details click on save.

How to Update KYC Eetails for PF Withdrawal

Step 3: After saving KYC details they will appear under KYC approval pending section. Once KYC details appear under approval pending section then the work of the employee is completed. Now it is the duty of the employer to approve KYC details of employee. Let’s see how they approve employee KYC details.

EPF KYC Update Online

How Employer Approves EPF KYC Details of Employees

Step 1: To approve EPF KYC details employer should login to employer PF portal with establishment user id and password. In home page go to Member option in the menu and select Approve KYC pending for DS. (Employer need digital signature or E sign to approve KYC details)

EPF KYC Approval

Step 2: Now the employer can view the list of KYC requests which are pending for approval. Employer can check those details by clicking on view option. Now click on DS KYC or esign KYC option under approve section.

EPF KYC Approval

Step 3: Now insert digital signature pen drive in the computer and approve KYC details of employees. Remember Digital signature will work only in Mozilla FireFox version below 48 and Google Chrome version 48. To know more details click on this link system requirements for digital signature.

EPF KYC Approval

Ask your question about linking KYC details with PF UAN number in below comments section.

377 thoughts on “How to Update KYC Details for PF Withdrawal in 2019”

  1. Team,

    One spelling is added in the aadhar card compare to pan card , but I am trying to update the kyc m but not able to save,, request you to guide on this to update the kyc

    as per the aadhar card
    Raju K Arahunasi
    AS per the pan card
    RAju Arahunasi

    Pls guide me the further process.

    • Your name in PF should match with your names on Aadhar and PAN card if they don’t match then you have to correct the wrong ones.

    • Hi Ramachandra,
      It takes minutes. If your employer has a valid digital signature then they can approve your KYC details in less than 2 minutes.

  2. hi, my all details pan card, adhaar card are approved but bank details not approved . in bank deatail option N/A has written so without bank details approve can I apply pf claim online or not

    • Hi Neena Kumari,
      You cannot withdraw PF without bank details. So update your bank account details and ask your employer to approve them. After approval, you can claim your PF.

  3. my uan no is 100880535820 hai but my contractor Rahul construction 32 b hai mera kyc ok avi tak nahi kya hai hai.
    pl sir urgentlly

  4. Hi,
    I have left my previous organization last year and i they have approved my bank account details as well. But i have the closed the bank account which i have updated in the portal. I have updated with another bank account which is active now. Can you please help me how to get that bank account details approved.

    • Hi Thamizhkodi,
      Only your employer can approve them, so pls ask them to approve, after approval you can find new bank account details in the verfified section then you can claim your PF amount by giving last 4 digits of that bank account number.

  5. Hi I have left my job last year in september and i am trying to widraw my PF amount i need to update my pan card but it says the following “Pan verfication failed. (Name against UAN does not match with the NAME in Income Tax Department)”. Please let me know what can i do my bank details are already approved by my employer and this portol doesnt let me add my copy of pan card too so what can i do.

  6. Hi Sir,
    While claiming pf online below message is shown:-
    “please update your latest bank account number and valid ifsc details through employer/unified portal”
    Please help, what to do now.

    • Hi Sunil,
      You need to update your bank account details by using manage KYC option in UAN member portal, after adding bank account details ask your employer to approve them. After approval, you can claim your PF amount.


    • Hi Prakash Prajapathi,
      You can go for offline claim or if you claim online then within 1 or 2 days visit your PF office and submit your PAN and form 15G copies.

  8. Hello,
    I am unable to complete my KYC as it is failing with message “Pan verfication failed. (Name against UAN does not match with the NAME in Income Tax Department)” . while cheking i noticed both UAN and IT Dept have the names like below.

    UAN -Surnamename(Surnamefirst and name)
    IncomeTax DB: name surname(name first and than surname)
    I already linked Aadhar card to Pancard and it is succesful.

    I have all my documents AAdhar,PAN are having name similer name like UAN (surname,name).

    Please help me on how to correct this.

  9. when i update kyc for our employee then save and when i verified his kyc through digital Signature then Java update error again then again even i install and run the required java. pls suggest how should i do.

  10. Hi sir,
    I upadate my kyc form it showing this reason Pan verfication failed. (Name against UAN does not match with the NAME in Income Tax Department) Invalid Gender details for AADHAAR authentication. what is the problem I cant understand plz help me plz reply asap

    • Hi Yashodha,
      It happens when your gender details were not updated in your UAN portal, it has to be done by your employer. So please ask your employer to update gender details then you will able to update your PAN.
      But remember even though the names present on PAN and UAN portal matches still in some cases they are not able to link their UAN with PAN, it is a problem with EPF website, in that case, it is better to claim your PF amount offline.

  11. Hi,
    I have left the Organization on 2012 after that I moved to abroad hence no PF contribution from my side.
    Unfortunately I haven’t closed my PF.
    Now I would like to close the PF, hence contacted my Previous Employer, they have asked me to create the UAN.
    Then I did create my own.
    But, my previous employer updated me that my case is typical that i have left the orgnisation before 2014 .
    So i need to submit below documents to the employer
    Form 10C, Form 19, Form 15G, along with PAN copy, Adhar Copy and Original cancelled cheque leaf.
    After receiving these documents, still they are telling me that closure should be by online.
    When I try to do so in the unified portal, i’m getting this error message
    “”this functionality will be available once your uan is linked to any establishment”
    Could you please help me how to proceed furhter closing my PF?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Anand,
      It is not correct that claims are not getting settle in offline. In your case online claim won’t work, so you have to ask your employer to submit those documents to PF office.

      • Thanks Rajesh,

        But still my employer saying that I have to link my PF with UAN by myself.
        Is it possible an employee can link his PF account to his UAN by his own?
        I have no clue, how to proceed further with my case. Your input would be of great help to proceed further.
        Thanks in advance.

        • Hi Anand,
          It is not possible to link your present UAN with your previous PF account number. In order to withdraw your PF amount, you need to fill PF form 19 and 10 c and write your PF account number on that form and submit it to PF office. But here your employer needs to submit a request letter on their company letterhead to your regional EPF office to settle your claim by drafting the above issue.

  12. My employer is not able to update my KYC. I have requested to upadte my KYC using my UAN and my request of approval KYC is showing in my UAN profile but this request is not showing to my employer UAN profile. What to do?

    • Hi Surendra Kumar,
      Then ask your employer to update your KYC details by clicking on member profile in their employer PF portal, so that they can directly link your KYC with UAN.

  13. i tried adding the bank details in my login. it says “This functionality will be available, once your UAN is linked to any establishment.”.
    wht is the reason for this and Can u help me out in adding the bank details

  14. Hi Rajesh – My employer had approved my bak account number twice, but still getting this error when I try to claim – “Please update your latest Bank account no. and valid IFSC details through your employer/Unified Portal”.
    Kindly advise.

  15. Hello Rajesh,

    I tried setting KYC for my UAN but unable to and recieveing an error “This functionality will be available, once your UAN is linked to any establishment “even tough my adhar is linked. I absconded 1year back and into business now can u let me know whether i will be able to submit pf online or do i need to visit epfo office

    • Hi Shailendra,
      Maybe your previous employer has updated your exit date in PF portal, so you can’t able to update KYC now. In order to claim your PF amount, you have to submit PF composite claim form non aadhar to your previous employer.

  16. Hi Sir,
    Now I’m submitted PF online Withdrawal (From 19).
    how many working days taken for approval my PF and i have get money

  17. All the three mandatory KYC docs approved by my employer and showing under “Digitally Approved KYC”

    My last working day was 2nd Jana 2018. But still my employer didn’t update my last working in UAN portal.

    Since I’m setting in abroad and need of immediate withdrawal of PF money.

    Please suggest should I contact my employer to update my last working day ???

    • Hi DJ,
      Yes, you can contact your employer, it will take less than 2 minutes to update your exit date in PF portal. But you can able to withdraw your PF amount only after 2 months form your last working date i.e after 2 March 2018.

  18. My PAN and BAnk account details are approved by the employer. They are shown as approved in Manage KYC tab. My aadhar is also verified and seeded. However, when I click on Claim PF, it says the following: “Please update your latest Bank account no. and valid IFSC details through your employer/Unified Portal”. Can you tell me why this is happening?

    • Hi Anuj,
      Sometimes it happens due to the technical problems with PF websites, you can raise a grievance at PF portal or you can also claim your PF amount offline by submitting EPF composite claim form Aadhar, this form doesn’t require your employer attestation.

  19. Hi Sir,

    I’m Jomson K G my PF Account name and Pan card name is same. but i can’t update Pan in KYC document showing name not matching error. Please help

    • Hi Jomson KG,
      It is a technical issue with PF website, still there are so many employees are facing the same problem. Once we get the solution then we will update the details.


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