How to Write a Mail to HR Asking for Offer Letter

Job seekers who receive a congratulation call from the employer regarding successful selection for the job position will wait for the offer letter. But some times due to busy schedules of HRs they may forget or delay the issue of offer letter, in that case, you can use the below sample email formats for asking your offer letter.

Things to Remember Before Writing a Offer Leter

When to write Job offer requesting email

Whenever there is no response after a verbal job offer then you can write an email as a reminder to the employer.

To whom you need to write email

In every organization HR department is responsible for issuing offer letters so you have to address the email to the HR department.

What to write in email

Mention the date on which you were interviewed and the date on which you got a call from the company regarding your selection, and write that you are waiting for the offer letter.

Sample Email Format 1 for Aksing Offer Letter

Sub : Request for Offer Letter for the position of ______

Dear Sir\ Madam,

I have recently got a call from you that I have been successfully selected for the job position of __________ at _________( company name), as Per the conversation done with you I have to receive an offer letter, but I haven’t received it till now. 

I have been waiting for the offer letter and I am looking forward to work with your company, so please assist me in receiving my offer letter.

Thanking you,


Sample Email Format 2 for Asking Offer Letter

Sub : REquest for Offer Letter AFter Verbal Job Offer

Dear Sir \ Madam,

This is a kind reminder regarding my offer letter for the job position of ____________at __________ (company name). I have got a call from you on _________ regarding my selection in the interview and I have to receive an offer letter. 

And please let me know if you need any further information from my side and please let me know the status of my offer letter, so that I can plan proper exit from my previous company.

Thanking you,



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