12 HR Generalist Interview Questions You will Face Sure

HR generalist job profiles require skills to deal with employees. Every HR generalist job profile involves duties like recruitment, payroll, labor laws, time office functions, performance appraisal, grievance redressal etc. So whenever a candidate appears for HR generalist job interview then he or she will face some common questions. Here we have listed some top 12 HR generalist interview questions that you will face in your next interview.

1. What does an HR generalist do

Ans: An HR generalist day starts with attendance management i.e collecting daily biometric attendance data and marking leaves of employees, and further identifying the recruitment needs, conducting interviews, payroll management, statutory compliance management like PF, ESI, professional tax, bonus, and gratuity, clarifying the doubts of employees related to payroll, grievance redressal, assisting the top management during the annual performance appraisal process etc.

2. What is joining checklist

Ans: Joining checklist means a list of documents that we need to collect during the joining time of the new employee. In general, those documents are resume of the employee, passport size photographs, academic certificates, experience and relieving certificates, address proof, KYC like Aadhar, PAN, bank account number, PF declaration form 11, form 16 or 12B (for employees who have TDS deduction) etc.

3. Which attendance software you are familiar

Ans: In my previous organization we have used _______ attendance software. It collects the attendance data by using facial impression of the employees or thumb impression of the employees.


In my previous organization we haven’t used any attendance software, we used to collect attendance data by attendance register, but I am sure if I get a chance to use the software I will learn it so quickly.

4. What are the components of salary

Ans: Salary includes basic wage, house rent allowances, conveyance Allowances, medical allowances, special allowances and deductions like PF, ESI, professional tax.

5. What are EPF contributions of employee and employer

Ans: Every employee whose monthly basic salary is less than or equal to 15000 Rs should need to pay 12% of basic towards EPF and employer will also pay 12% to the employee PF account. But employer 12% PF contribution is divided into 2 parts, 3.67% of PF and 8.33% of the pension contribution.

6. What are PF challan account numbers

Ans: Account no. 1: 12% of employee PF contribution +  3.67% of employer PF contribution

Account no.2: 0.50% admin charges of employer

Account no 3: 8.33% pension contribution of the employer

Account no4: 0.5% of Employee Deposit Linked Insurance (EDLI) charges.

7. What are the forms required to claim PF

Ans: PF form 19 for PF withdrawal and PF form 10C for pension withdrawal, EPF members can submit these forms either in online or offline. Even they can claim their PF amount by submitting PF composite claim forms like Aadhar or Non aadhar in offline.

8. How to claim PF death benefits

Ans: Earlier the nominees need to submit forms like 20, form 10D and form 5 IF. Now we can submit a single form called EPF composite death claim form along with supporting documents like the death certificate, joint photograph of claimants, date of the birth certificate of children claiming person and scheme certificate ( if available)

9. What is ESIC contribution percentages of employee and employer

Ans: ESI  is calculated on the gross salary of employees and it is applicable to employees whose monthly gross salary is equal to or less than 21000 Rs.

Employee contribution: 1.75%

Employer contribution: 4.75%

10. What are the due dates of PF and ESI

Ans: The due dates for payment of PF and ESI is 15th of every next month.

11. How to Calculate Gratuity

Ans: The formula to calculate gratuity is (basic salary/26) *15 * no of years of service

12. How much bonus employer should pay to the employees

Ans: Employers should pay a minimum of 8.33% of the annual gross salary of the employee as a bonus and the maximum percentage is 20%.

Do let me know if you have faced any additional questions in your HR generalist job interview.

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  1. In point no. 5

    Every employee whose monthly basic salary is less than 15000 (should be less than or equal to 15000) . PF ceiling is @15K.


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