In How Many Days PF Amount Get Credited After Claim Settled

If your claim status is showing settled (or) if you have received a text message that your claim has been settled then within 1-3 banking working days your PF amount will be credited into your bank account.

If your PF amount isn’t credited to your bank account even after 3 days then there may be a problem with your bank details like your bank account number or IFSC code. So you have to check whether you have updated the correct bank details in the UAN member portal or not.

In How Many Days PF Amount Get Credited for Different EPF Claims

Claim TypeClaim Settlement DaysDays to Credit Money After Claim Settlement
For full PF & pension withdrawal (Form 19&10C)5-20 Days1-3 Days
PF Advance with COVID 19 reason (Form 31)3-20 Days1-3 Days
PF advance with illness5-10 Days1-3 Days
For other PF advance reasonsMaximum 20 Days`1-3 Days
PF Details Correction Online7-10 Days
PF correction by submitting Joint declaration form30 Days

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Whom should I contact if my PF amount is not credited in my bank account?

You don’t need to contact any one, just check your bank details like a/c number and IFSC code in the UAN member portal. If they are wrong the PF amount will return to your PF account within 7-10 days.

What is the best way to get back my uncredited PF amount?

You can submit a PF reauthorization form to your PF office (or) correct your bank details on the UAN member portal and ask your employer to approve them. After their approval, reclaim your PF amount.

What is the PF reauthorization form?

PF reauthorization form is used to reapply for PF amount with correct bank details. On PF reauthorization form you need to write correct bank details and attach bank passbook copy or cancelled cheque. This form should be submitted to your regional PF office.

What to do If my uncredited PF amount doesn’t return to my PF account even after 10 days?

Register a complaint on EPF grievance portal website, they will update the exact status of your PF amount

Can I withdraw my PF amount immediately after resignation?

No, You are able to withdraw your full PF and pension amounts only after 2 months from your last working date. But you can withdraw PF advance amount at any time.

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  1. I have submitted my form 10D for monthly pension on line, and on the epf portal it is showing that claim is settled. But the pension is not credited in the bank account. Kindly look in the matter. Neither i got any mail or message from the EPF Office.


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