Independence Day Celebration Ideas In Office For 15 August 2019

Independence day is a national festival that will be celebrated in every part of India. Like every year this year also we are celebrating independence day on 15 August 2019 which is on coming Thursday. Independence day is not a religious festival, so every Indian can have the right and duty to be a part of Independence Day celebrations.

Whenever we are in schools and colleges where we play an active role in independence day celebrations. But after entering into the professional career we are treating independence day as just a holiday.

It is the responsibility of every employer and employee to respect independence day of India and become a part of 15th August celebrations. Here we have some Independence day celebration ideas in office for this 15th August 2018.

15th August Celebration Ideas In Office

Here we have listed some best and possible Indian independence day activities for employees. Irrespective of the size of the company every small and big company can perform these activities.

Traditional Dress Code Competition

Ask all your employees to come to the office on traditional Indian wear on 15th August and give prizes to the top 3 best traditional dress wearers. India has so many cultures and traditions, every day we can’t wear those traditional dresses so at least by doing this kind of activities our culture will remain forever.

Decorate The Office With Tri Colours

Divide employees into some groups and ask them to decorate the office which resembles the soul of August 15. Try to use colours appear in Indian flag such as Saffron, white and green. If you use above colours which will easily bring independence day feeling in your office.

Involving employees in office decoration and wearing traditional dresses will act as best employee engagement activities for independence day.

Arrange A Guest Speech

Invite a guest speaker who is related to the police department or navy or army or air force or cyber security. When you have a guest from those departments on 15th August which will make independence day celebrations more effective.

Watch A Patriotic Movie

Watching a movie with all the colleagues in the office is another best way to celebrate independence day. There were so many patriotic movies in India such as Border, Rang De Basanthi, Chak De India, Lagaan, Dangal, The Legend Of Bhagat Singh etc. Choose any one of your favourite movies and watch it with all your colleagues.

Conduct Singing & Dancing Competitions

Conduct some dance and singing competitions which are related to patriotism and Indian culture. Rangoli competitions and Dumb charades are also be considered under game ideas for independence day celebration in office.

Finally, hoist the national flag and conclude the independence day celebrations by singing our national anthem Janagana mana…

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