List of Labour Law Amendments Made in 2018 (Year End Review)

Keeping in a view of job security, social security, and transparent implementation of labour laws the ministry of labour and employment has taken several initiatives and made some changes to the existing labour laws in the year 2018, here is the year-end review of labour laws in 2018

Achievements Made in Labour Welfare in 2018

Labour Codes Proposal was Made

Based on the recommendation of the second national labour commission the ministry of labour and employment has taken steps to form 4 labour codes by simplifying existing labour laws, here are the codes 1. Wages 2. Industrial relations 3. Social security and welfare and 4. Occupational safety, health and working conditions.

Labour Code Labour Laws Going to be Combined
1. Code on Wages(This bill is under examination under the parliamentary standing committee of labour)
  1. The minimum wages act 1948
  2. The payment of wages act 1936
  3. The payment of bonus act 1965
  4. Equal remuneration act 1976
2. Code on Industrial relations(This bill is under consideration of cabinet secretariat)
  1. The trade unions act 1926
  2. Industrial disputes act 1947
  3. Industrial employment (standing & orders) act 1946
  4. The labour code on industrial relations bill 2015
3. Code on Social Security and Welfare(Recently this bill is circulated to inter-ministerial consultation)
  1. Employee state insurance act 1948
  2. Employee provident fund and miscellaneous provisions act 1952
  3. Employees compensation act 1923
  4. Beedi workers welfare cess act 1976
  5. Beedi workers welfare fund act 1976
  6. Maternity benefits act 1961
  7. Payment of gratuity act 1972
  8. Unorganized workers and social security act 2008
  9. Building and other construction workers welfare cess act 1996
  10. Iron ore mines, Manganese ore mines and Chrome ore mines welfare fund act 1976
  11. iron ore mines manganese ore mines and chrome ore mines labour welfare cess act 1976
  12. Mica mines labour welfare fund act 1946
  13. Limestone and Dolomite mines labour welfare fund act 1972
  14. Cine workers welfare cess act 1981
  15. Cine workers welfare fund act 1981
4. Code on occupational safety, health and working conditions(Recently this bill is also circulated to inter-ministerial consultation)
  1. The factories act 1948
  2. The mines act 1952
  3. The dock workers (safety, health and welfare) act 1986
  4. The building and other construction workers act 1996
  5. The plantations labour act 1951
  6. The contract labour (regulation & abolition) act 1970
  7. The interstate migrate workmen (regulation of employment and conditions of services) act 1979
  8. The working journalist and other newspaper employees (conditions of services and other misc) act 1955
  9. The working journalist (fixation of rates of wages) act 1958.
  10. The motor transport workers act 1961
  11. Sales promotion employees act (conditions of services) 1976
  12. The beedi and cigars workers act (conditions of employment) 1966
  13. The cine workers and cinema theatre workers act 1981.

Shram Suvidha Portal Became Effective

A unified web portal Shram Suvidha Portal became effective to bring transparency in labour laws. Features of Shram Suvidha portal

  • Labour inspection reports are uploaded into the portal within 48 hrs of inspection so that employers can verify those records.
  • Common registration and ECR for ESIC and EPFO

Maternity Leaves Increased to 26 Weeks

The paid maternity leaves for women employees were increased to 26 weeks from 12 weeks and recently the government has made a proposal to pay 7 weeks maternity leave wages to employers, the aim is to motivate the employers to employ more women employees. Once the budget is allocated then employers will get 7 weeks maternity wages.

The Tax-Free Gratuity Limit was Increased to 20 Lakhs

The payment of gratuity amendment bill 2018 was passed in Loksabha on 15th March 2018 and in Rajyasabha on 22nd March 2018. As per this amendment the upper ceiling limit of gratuity is increased to 20 Lakhs from 10 lakhs.

Major Achievements in EPFO & ESIC

  • EPFO pensioner’s portal was launched on March 2018 through which pensioners can check their pension payment order number, PPO details, pensioner’s passbook information, pension credit date and details of pensioner’s life certificate and Jeevan Praman digital life certification information.
  • An online system has been introduced to verify the PAN details of employer directly from income tax department during registration of establishment. So now there is no need to upload scanned copy of signed PAN card during establishment registration in EPFO scheme 1952.
  • From April 2018 PMRPY scheme is paying full employer PF contribution, which includes both 3.67% of PF and 8.33% of pension contribution of the employer.
  • EPF administration charges were reduced from 0.65% to 0.50%.
  • Now EPF members can withdraw 75% of their PF claim amount after 1 month from the date of leaving the job. Remaining 25% they will get it after 2 months from the date of leaving the job.
  • Atal Bimit Vyakti Kalyan Yojana scheme was introduced by ESIC, by this scheme when an employee loses job then ESIC will pay 25% of average earnings for the last 90 days.
  • ESIC Chinta Se Mukti mobile application was launched by ESIC, by using this app insured persons can check their IP details, dispensary details, family members details and contribution details.

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