Manpower Requisition Form Sample | Vacancy Requisition Form

What is manpower requisition form: Manpower requisition form is a physical letter format submitted to the higher authority of the organization regarding vacant positions in an organization. Simply manpower requisition form means a request form to hire a new employee for a vacant position.

This form is also known as vacancy requisition form, new hire requisition form and personnel requisition form.

Manpower Requisition Form Sample

Download Manpower requisition form template

Manpower Requisition Form Sample

The above is a sample manpower requisition form, this format varies from one organization to another organization. But the basic details mention in requisition form will be same.

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Details Required on Manpower requisition form

  • Name of the title of the role i.e the vacant position role.
  • Department name.
  • Work location i.e branch where there is a vacant position.
  • Reporting details i.e to whom the newly hired employee is going to report whether it is manager or CEO etc.
  • CTC details.
  • Job description and required qualification and experience etc.

In general HR department will prepare and send MRF form to the higher department to get approval to hire the new employee.

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