Material Inward Outward Register Format in Excel (Download)

Every business organization needs to maintain a material inward and outward register. These registers are mandatory to run a successful business. These registers will be kept with security guards, and they record the data whenever the inward and outward transaction happens in the company premises.

These registers should be thoroughly checked each day by the respective authorities.

Material inward register format download in Excel
Material Outward Register in Excel Format Download

Not only for materials but they should be maintained for couriers and documents inward and outward.

Courier Inward and Outward Register Excel Format Download

Download Courier Inward & Outward Register Format in Excel.

What is Material Inward Register?

Whenever a new material enters into the company’s premises then the data of that material will be recorded in the material inward register.

What is Material Outward Register?

Whenever the material/stock/products of the company leave the company’s premises then that data will be recorded in the material outward register.

Information to be Recorded in Material Inward & Outward Registers

Material Inward RegisterMaterial Outward Register
Inward No. (Serial No.)Outward No. (Serial No.)
IntimeOut Time
Bill (or) Challan No.Bill (or) Challan No.
Supplier NameName & Address of the Party
Material ParticularsMaterial Particulars
Vehicle NumberVehicle Number
Driver’s NameDriver’s Name
Security SignatureDriver’s Signature
RemarksSecurity Signature

Tips to Maintain Material Inward & Outward Registers

  1. Train the security guards on how to fill these registers.
  2. Hire the security guards, who have the enough qualification to maintain these registers. 
  3. Keep sufficient printouts of the sheets (or) registers.
  4. Check the data every day.
  5. Don’t change security guards regularly.
  6. Make it mandatory to record each entry of inward and outward materials, don’t tolerate any negligence.
  7. Signature of the security guard is must on inward and outward register, whereas driver’s signature is must on outward register.

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