5 MBA HR Fresher Resume Formats (Free Download)

As a fresher MBA postgraduate you need to put some important skills in your resume so that you can impress the employers to hire you. You need to highlight skills like communication skills, people management skills, theoretical knowledge, and technical skills like MS Word, Excel & PowerPoint Etc.

Before putting any skills in your resume make sure that that particular skill is useful in the HR field. Here are some sample resume formats for MBA HR freshers which you can download in Word (Doc) format for free.

MBA HR Fresher Resume Format 1

MBA HR fresher resume

MBA HR Fresher Resume Format 2

MBA HR Fresher Resume 3

MBA HR Fresher Resume Format 4

MBA HR Fresher Resume Format 5

Career Objectives for MBA HR Freshers

  1. An MBA Human Resource Fresher willing to make a career in the field of human resources in a reputed organization.
  2. MBA HR fresher with excellent communication skills seeking an opportunity in the field of HR to enhance my skills and knowledge.
  3. Postgraduate in MBA HR with basic knowledge in recruitment, payroll, attendance, statutory compliances, PF, ESI and leave management.
  4. A Self-motivated and result-oriented MBA HR fresher looking for an opportunity in the field of HR to grow my skills and knowledge, which can further lead to the growth of the organization.
  5. Seeking a challenging career in the field of Human resources, where I can utilize my knowledge and skills, and become a part of the company’s growth.
  6. MBA HR fresher with excellent verbal and written communication skills, seeking an opportunity in a reputable organization to prove my ability.
  7. A talented MBA post graduate with an ability to coordinate & motivate the employees to achieve the organizational goals.
  8. Looking for an opportunity in the field of human resource management, where I can implement my knowledge and skills for the development of the organization.
  9. A dedicated and motivated MBA graduate with excellent leadership and problem-solving skills, seeking a challenging role in the field of human resources.
  10.  Looking for an entry-level position in the field of HR, where I can gain experience and further improve my skills and knowledge for the benefit of the organization.

Areas of Interest in Resume for MBA HR Freshers

If you want to include areas of interest in your resume, then you need to put your 1 or 2 major interests in the resume, here are some areas of interest for MBA HR freshers:

  • Recruitment
  • Payroll management
  • Employee Engagement
  • Statutory compliances
  • Attendance management
  • Industrial relations
  • Training and development
  • Job analysis and job design
  • Performance management.
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How many pages should an HR fresher resume consist of?

For freshers, one page will be enough, if you are not able to adjust your information in one page then you can add another page to your resume.

What is the average salary of an MBA HR fresher?

The salaries of MBA HR freshers will be around 1,80,000 Rs to 3,00,000 Rs per annum.

Can an MBA fresher become HR?

Yes, but to increase your chances to get an HR job as a fresher you need to know about some basic concepts of HR like payroll management, labour law compliance, and recruitment.

What does an HR fresher do?

Working as an HR fresher is like getting trained in the field of HR. Where your works include assisting the HR managers in time office functions, salary sheets preparation, scheduling and conducting interviews, answering queries of employees and other labour law related works such as PF, ESI, gratuity, etc.

What are the skills required for HR freshers?

  • Communication skills both verbal and written
  • People management skills.
  • Understanding of latest trends in the HR field.
  • Computer skills like MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.
  • Quick learning skills and patience etc.

Difference between HR generalist and HR recruiter?

HR recruiter job focuses only on recruiting process, whereas HR generalist job includes all the HR activities like attendance management, payroll, labour law compliances, and recruitment as well.

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