10+ Medical Fitness Certificates Download [Word & PDF]

A medical fitness certificate is a document issued by the registered medical practitioner certifying the fitness of a person. For some private and government jobs it is mandatory to have both physical and mental fitness to perform the duties. For such jobs, the candidates need to submit their medical fitness certificate.

To get the medical fitness certificate you need to visit any MBBS doctor and get a basic checkup. After checkups, the doctor will issue the medical fitness certificate which is also known as a physical fitness certificate

Sometimes medical fitness certificate is also required to rejoin the job after a long medical leave.

Here are some medical fitness certificate formats, which can be downloaded in Word and PDF formats.

Medical Fitness Certificate 1

Medical fitness certificate download word and pdf

Medical Fitness Certificate 2

Medical fitness certificate format 2 download word and pdf

Medical Fitness Certificate 3

Medical fitness certificate format 3

Medical Fitness Certificate 4

Medical fitness certificate format 4 download

Medical Fitness Certificate 5

Certificate of medical fitness

Medical Fitness Certificate 6

Medical fitness certificate download word and pdf

Medical Fitness Certificate 7

Physical fitness certificate format download word and PDF

Medical Fitness Certificate 8

Medical fitness certificate download free

Medical Fitness Certificate 9

Medical fitness certificate download

Medical Fitness Certificate 10

Medical fitness certificate download word and pdf


1. From whom I can get a medical fitness certificate?

You can get a medical fitness certificate from an MBBS doctor who was registered with the Medical Council of India (MCI)

2. What is the validity of medical fitness certificate?

It will be valid up to 12 months from the date of issuance.

3. Do employers call the doctors who issue a medical certificate?

Generally, employers don’t call doctors about medical certificates unless there is any major issue.

4. Can I submit a fake medical fitness certificate?

No, it is not at all recommended.

5. Do I need to pay a fee for a medical certificate?

Yes, you need to pay the doctor’s fee and test charges.


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