How To Deal With Mental Harassment At Workplace As Per Indian Law

As an employee of an organization, the most difficult task to face is mental harassment, it may from colleagues or from superior officers. There are several ways that an employee will get mental harassment from their superior officers. Here are some steps to overcome mental harassment at workplace as per Indian law. But before that, we have to know some possible ways of mental harassment at workplace.

Mental Harassment Definition: Any emotional abuse or physical behaviour which humiliates the other person will be considered as mental harassment

Possible ways of mental harassment at workplace:

  • Asking the employee to work on holidays.
  • Forcing the employee to work for overtime.
  • Not paying salaries and allowances at right time.
  • Abusing the employees with bad words.
  • Abusing the employees with physical behaviour etc.

How To Deal With Mental Harassment At Workplace As Per Indian Law:

  1. Whenever an employee is getting mental harassment from their superiors then they have to immediately complain the issue to the higher authorities. It is always better to give a written complaint rather than a verbal complaint and keep a copy of the complaint with you.
  2. If your organization has HR department then take this issue to the Human Resource department.
  3. If it is possible record the incidents for future reference.
  4. If your employer doesn’t take any action then you can take the help of labour unions. This is the best way to handle this issue when your employer doesn’t support you.

If above all doesn’t work then it is better to take the help of a credible lawyer.

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