Minimum Wages in Andhra Pradesh 2019 PDF W.E.F 1 Oct 18 to 31 Mar 19

Here are the latest minimum wages in Andhra Pradesh W.E.F 1 October 2018 to 31 March 2019 for Shops and commercial establishments.

Category Of EmployeesBasic WageVDATotal Wage
Zone IZone IIZone IZone IIZone IZone II
Manager/ Sales Manager/ Security Officer/ Computer Programmer55575357474947491030610106
Asst.Manager/ Accountant Supervisor/ Purchaser472243024749474994719051
Salesman/Sales Representative/ Bill Writer/ Cashier/ Tradesman452043024749474992699051
Clerk/ Godown Incharge/ Accounts Assistant/ Typist/ Receptionist/Lineman/ Stenographer/Clerk-cum-Typist/ Xerox Machine Operator/Clerks in STD, ISD, FAX/ Asst.Salesman410238864749474988518635
Kolagari/ Weighman/ Milk Vender in Milk Booths388637574749474986358506
Bicycle Fitter/ Attender/ Peon/ Water Boy/ Shop Boy/ Helper/Messenger/ Gas Cylinder Carrier370033704749474984498119
Computer Operator388637574749474986358506
Security Guard370033704749474984498119
Type Writing Instructor452043024749474992699051
Commercial Establishments
Manager/ Field Officer/ Development Officer/ Security Officer/Office Incharge/ Computer Programmer5557513847494749103069887
Accountant/ Asst.Manager/ Sales Executive/ Supervisor/ Purchaser/Store Keeper/ Agent/ Sales Promotion Employees472245204749474994719269
Salesman/ Stenographer/ Receptionist/ Auction Bider/ Tradesman/Type Writer Instructor452043024749474992699051
Clerk/ Typist/Clerk-cum-Typist/ Godown Incharge/Lineman/Assistant Salesman/ Asst.Accountant/ Xerox Machine Operator410238864749474988518635
Weighman/ Kolgari388637574749474986358506
Peon/Attender/ Watchman/ Water Boy/ Helper/ Messenger/ Security Guard370033704749474984499119
Computer Operator388637574749474986358506
Hair Cutting / Hair Dressing Saloon / Beauty Parlours
Manager/Shop Incharge472245204749474994719269
Hair Dresser/ Hair Cutter/ Beautician452043024749474992699051
Tailoring Establishments
Cutter Master472243024749474994719051
Asst.Cutter/ Tailor/ Sticher4520430247494749929699051
Helper/ Pressman375733704749474985068119
Laundries & Dry Cleaners
Manager/ Shop Incharge472245204749474994719269
Clerk/ Bill Writer410238864749474988518635
Washerman (Laundry)452043024749474992699051
Helper/ Pressman370033704749474984498119
Pharmacist/ Air Conditioner/ Plant Operator472245204749474994719269
Photo Frame Worker375733704749474985068119
A/c.Plant Operator410240624749474988518811

Andhra Pradesh Minimum Wages Notification 2018-2019 PDF Download

Contract Labour Minimum Wages in Andhra Pradesh 2019

Category of Employee (Technical)Basic WageVDATotal Wage
Highly Skilled: Supervisor/Foreman/Chargeman/Sh
ift Supervisor/Offset Printer / Senior
Chemist / Works Supervisor/
Technical Supervisor / Senior
Mechanic/ Senior Fitter /Senior
Welder / Section In charge
Programmer / Asst. Production
Manager / Asst. Engineer and other
similar categories.
Definition: The job involves high
degree of skill, judgment and
capacity to supervise.
Lab Technician / Ministry in any
trade / Quality Checker / Production
Assistant / Field Asst.
/Fitter/Carpenter/ Machinist/
Mason/ Lineman/ Pump Operator/
Painter/ Blacksmith/ Turner / Lathe
Operator/Grinder/ Driller/ Vulcaniser/ and other similar
Definition: The employee should have
skill and capacity to work
Asst. Welder/Asst. Carpenter/ Asst.
Mechanic/ Asst. Electrician/ Asst.
Turner/Asst. Lathe Operator/ Asst.
Grinder/Asst. Driller / Asst. Mastery
/Gardener and other similar
Definition: Semi-skilled employee is
one who had a minimum of one year
Experience in the trade and able to
do repetitive work and simple jobs
with the help of simple tools or
Helpers / Attender / Watchman/
Hamali / Ayah and such other
similar categories
Definition: An unskilled employee is
one who attends work that involves
the performance of the simple tasks
which require little or no experience.
No worker shall be classified as
unskilled if he is called upon to
operate any machine.
Office Staff
Steno / Accountant657932559834
Clerk / Typist /Cashier/ Data Entry
Helpers / Attender / Watchman/
Hamali / Ayah and such other
similar categories

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