Telangana Minimum Wages Notification 2019-20 W.E.F 1 Oct 2019

Here are the latest minimum wages in Telangana w.e.f 1 October 2019 to 31 March 2020 as per the revised Telangana minimum wages notification 2019-20 for shops and establishments.

The CPI points notified as on 1 October 2019 for industrial workers are 1414 points and for agricultural workers is 1043 points, which are applicable from 1 October 2019 to 31 March 2020. You can use these points for calculation of VDA (Variable Dearness Allowance)

Till now only CPI points were released by Telangana Govt. Keep visiting this page for the latest minimum wage notification of shops and commercial establishment for 2019-20.

The below are minimum wages from 1 April 2019 to 30 September 2019.

Name of the categoryBasic WageVDATotal˙˙Wage Per Month
Zone 1Zone 2Zone 1Zone 2Zone 1Zone 2
Manager/ Sales Manager/ Security officer/ Computer Programmer555753575414.405414.4010971.4010227.40
Asst Manager/ Accounts Supervisor / Purchaser472243025414.405414.4010136.409716.40
Salesman / Sales representative/ Bill writer/ Cashier/ Tradesman452043025414.405414.409934.409716.40
Clerk/ Godown in charge/ Accounts Assistant/ Typist/ Receptionist/ Lineman/ Stenographer/ Clerk cum typist/ Xerox machine operator/ Clerks in˙˙STD, ISD and FAX/ Asst salesman410238865414.405414.409516.409300.40
Kolagari/ Weighman/ Milk Vendor in Milk Booths388637575414.405414.409300.409171.40
Bicycle fitter/ Attender / Peon/ Water boy/ Shop boy/ Helper/ Messenger/ Gas cylinder carrier370033705414.405414.409114.408784.40
Computer operator388637575414.405414.409300.409171.40
Security guard370033705414.405414.409114.408784.40
Typewriting instructor452043025414.405414.409934.409716.40
Commercial Establishments
Manager/ Field officer/ Development officer/ Security officer/ Office in charge/ Computer programmer555751385414.405414.4010971.4010552.40
Accountant/ Asst Manager/ Sales Executive/ Supervisor/ Purchaser/ Store keeper/ Agent / Sales promotion employees472245205414.405414.4010136.409934.40
Salesman/ Stenographer/ Receptionist/ Auction bidder/ Tradesman/ Typer writer instructor452043025414.405414.409934.409716.40
Clerk/ Typist/ Clerk cum typist/ Godown in charge/ Lineman/ Asst salesman/ Asst accountant/ Xerox machine operator410238865414.405414.409516.409300.40
Weighman/ Kolgari388637575414.405414.409300.409171.40
Peon/ Attender/ Watchman/ Water boy/ Helper/ Messenger/ Security guard370033705414.405414.409114.408784.40
Computer operator388637575414.405414.409934.409171.40
Hair Cutting / Hair Dressing Saloon/ Beauty Parlour
Manager/ Shop in charge472245205414.405414.4010136.409934.40
Haircutter / Hairdresser / Beautician452043025414.405414.409934.409716.40
Tailoring Establishments
Cutter master472243025414.405414.4010136.409716.40
Asst cutter/ Tailor/ Stitcher452043025414.405414.409934.409716.40
Helper/ Pressman375733705414.405414.409171.408784.40
Laundries / Dry Cleaners
Manager/ Shop in charge472245205414.405414.4010136.409934.40
Clerk/ Bill writer410238865414.405414.409516.409300.40
Washerman / Laundry452043025414.405414.409934.409716.40
Helper/ Pressman370033705414.405414.409114.408784.40
Pharmacist/ Air conditioner/ Plant operator452045205414.405414.4010136.409934.40
Photo frame worker337033705414.405414.409171.408784.40
A/C Plant Operator410240625414.405414.409516.409476.40

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