ESIC Payment Due Date 2019-20 is 15th of Following Month

The ESIC payment due date is 15th of every following month, every employer has to make ESIC contributions payments on or before 15th of every following month. If any employer fails to file ESIC returns payment on right time then they have to pay the interest. Here you can find the ESIC due date circular and also know the details of ESIC late payment interest and ESI due date grace period.

ESIC due date change notification/circular

ESIC Payment Due Date

Interest on the delay of ESI returns payment

If the employer doesn’t make the ESIC remittance on or before the due date then they have to pay the penalty. In general, the penalty on late payment of ESI will be 12% of simple interest per annum. But you don’t need to calculate the penalty on late payment of ESI contributions. You can easily find it online and you can also pay it online.

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ESIC due date grace period

At present there is no grace period, every employer has to make the ESIC remittance payments on stipulated time, i.e on or before 15th of every next month.

How to pay interest for delay payment of ESI

Step 1:- Login to employer ESIC portal with establishment user ID and password.

How to pay interest on late payment of ESIC online

Step 2:- Under the monthly contribution section, there is an option called interest for delay payment, now click on that. Now you can find total interest amount pending due to late ESIC payments.

How to pay interest for delay payment of ESI

Step 3:- Now click on submit and choose the bank for the transaction and make the payment. Note: You can make online payment either with State Bank of India or Bank of Baroda.

Are ESIC and PF due dates are same

Yes, the due date for payments of ESIC and PF are same, every employer has to make the PF and ESIC payments within 15 days after completion of every month, otherwise, they will be charged with penalties.

ESI, PF & TDS due dates

Due Date
ESI 15th of every following month
PF 15th of every following month
TDS last date of the following month of every quarter

How can an employee check whether the employer has paid ESIC contribution or not

ESIC Contribution

Every employee can check how much contribution their employer has made toward ESIC in IP portal.

Step 1:- To find the contribution amount go to ESIC IP Portal ( works only in Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer).

Step 2:- Now enter your ESIC IP number and captcha appearing on the screen and click on login.

Step 3:- Now in home page click on the contribution details, which will appear under the employee section. Once you click on contribution details then you will find your ESIC contributions for the periods April to September and October to March.

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