Niche Skills Meaning in IT Industry

Niche skill means a specific area in which you have more knowledge (or) experience. In the IT industry candidates are recruited based on their niche skills such as machine learning, data engineering, data visualization, artificial intelligence, Java programming, and cloud computing, etc. 

Similarly when you are looking for an “IT recruiter” position, then you need to have knowledge or experience in hiring candidates based on their niche skills. 

For example, if you have experience in hiring Java developers, then companies will hire you to recruit Java developers so that you can analyze the candidates better when compared to a general IT recruiter.

Niche skills are not only applicable to the IT field, they are applicable to every field.

If you are looking for a job in the IT industry, then you need to focus on any one of the niche skills, instead of focussing on entire IT-related skills. The same applies to recruiters as well.

When you work on niche skills, you will master them, which will help you to grow in your professional career.

Different Niche Skills in IT Industry

  1. Artificial intelligence
  2. Data science
  3. Machine learning
  4. Big data analytics
  5. Cyber security
  6. Mobile technologies (Android or OS)
  7. Web development
  8. Jave script
  9. Python
  10. Data analytics
  11. Full stack development
  12. Cloud computing etc.

How to Hire Candidates for Niche Role

  1. Get basic knowledge about different niche skills in the IT industry.
  2. Read job descriptions thoroughly, so that you will know what to ask to the job seekers.
  3. Observe the resumes and previous job profiles of the candidates.
  4. Try to update with latest trends in the IT field by reading various blogs online.
  5. Interact with the project managers, to know which skills are they looking in new candidates.
  6. Finally, with experience you can become a good IT recruiter to hire for niche roles.

As an IT recruiter, you need to be updated with IT-related technologies. Patience and continuous learning will make you better as an IT recruiter.


Can I shift from the HR generalist role to the IT recruiter position?

Yes, you can. If you are more interested in recruiting then you can shift to an IT recruiter position.

Generalist vs IT recruiter which is more difficult?

IT recruiting is difficult when compared to generalist role, but the salaries for IT recruiters is comparatively high.

Is an IT recruiter is a good career?

Yes, it is a good career, if you have love and passion for your job.

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