Notice Period During Probation [Rules]

Generally, most companies follow a notice period of 1 week to 1 month during the probation of an employee. However, there are no specific rules for notice time during probation as per Indian labor laws.

Companies can mention a maximum of 1 month notice period in the appointment letters of probationary employees.

If the company doesn’t mention the probation notice period, it is the minimum courtesy of the employee to serve at least 1 week’s notice. It helps the employer to get a replacement (or) transfer of work responsibilities.

The notice period during probation will be less compared with the full-time employees, in the full-time role, it can be a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 3 months.

Why the probation period is important

Probation is a trial period where the employer checks employee performance and the employee understands work responsibilities, company policies, and rules. If one party doesn’t satisfy with the other party, can exit the contract i.e job.

So having a minimum notice period of 1 week to 1 month depending upon the type of the job will help smooth the exit of the contract so the employee can get his salary and service certificate.

However, when an employee is in a full-time contract with the company, in that case, a minimum 1-month notice period is mandatory. Companies can increase the notice period to a maximum of 90 days, but it should be mentioned in the appointment letter.

Types of Notice

  1. Contractual Notice Period: If the notice period is stated in your appointment letter, it will come under the contractual notice period. It can be 1 month to 3 months.
  2. Statutory Notice Period: If the notice period is not stated in the appointment letter, it can be 1 week to 1 month.


1. Is it necessary to give a notice period during probation?

If your company mentions it in your appointment letter, you must serve the notice period even though you are on probation period. Otherwise, a minimum of 1 week’s notice will be enough in more cases.

2. What is the maximum notice time during the probation period?

It should be one month (30 days).

3. Do I have to give 1 month’s notice while on probation?

If it is mentioned in your appointment letter, you must follow it. Otherwise, one month’s notice is not mandatory.

4. What happens if you quit your job on probation?

Your salary and experience certificate can be put on hold if you quit without information and a notice period.

5. Is it better to resign or fail probation?

It is always better to resign, It keeps a healthy relationship with the company.

6. Will I get my salary if I resign during the probation period?

If you resign, you will get your salary. If abscond, your salary may be kept on hold until you respond.

7. Will the company give me an experience certificate if I resign during probation?

Yes, companies give your experience certificates even if you resign during probation.

8. Can I resign immediately during probation?

If there is no rule stated in your appointment letter about probation notice, in that case, you can resign immediately. But serving a minimum 1 week notice period is the minimum responsibility of every employee.
If your company doesn’t need your services, then they will approve you to leave the job immediately.

9. Will resigning on probation affect my future job search or background verification?

If you leave the job with proper information to your employer then it will not affect your future job search and background verifications. If you abscond without any information it may affect you in the future


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