Required Notice Period For Resignation

Did you get a better job opportunity than the present job (or) are you not happy with your present employment and finally you decided to give resignation to your job. But if you are in a dilemma to know how much notice period is required to leave your present organization. Then you can read this complete story on how much notice period for resignation is required to leave you present organization respectfully.

Required Notice Period For Resignation

Notice Period For Resignation

Generally, employees will find terms and conditions about their notice period in their appointment letter. Whenever an employee signs an appointment letter then he or she agrees to company’s terms and conditions.

So before signing the appointment letter, it is important to read all the clauses in the appoinment letter. In general, there is 1 month to 3 months notice period is required to leave a job. But in some cases, it may extend to 6 months to 1 year depending on the job position and responsibilities.

If any employee wants to leave the organization before serving notice period then they need to request their employer, if their employer accepts then they can leave. But when an employer doesn’t agree then the employee must serve the notice period and they have to mention the notice period in their resignation letter.

Faqs On Notice Period For Resignation:

Is it mandatory to serve the notice period?

When it is clearly mentioned in your appointment letter that a 3 months written notice required during resignation then employee must serve that notice period. If an employee can’t able to serve the notice period then they need to submit a letter to employer for not serving notice period. But the employer has complete right to accept it or not. If employee fails to serve the notice period then the employer can take legal action against employee for not serving notice period.

Why Notice Period For Resignation Required?

Generally, it will take some time to fill the gap when an experienced employee leaves. So minimum some time is required to train the new employees and to transfer the job responsibilities. All these things will be done in the notice period.

Consequences Of Not Serving Notice Period?

If an employee couldn’t able to serve notice period then he can’t able to get his or her experience letter and relieving letter. And they also can’t able to encash their leaves and other statutory benefits, they met get but it takes some extra time and efforts. For smooth resignation, it is always important to serve the notice period.

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