Employee Job Joining Letter Formats in Word

job joining letter formats

Whenever you receive a job offer letter, either you have to accept it or reject it. If you want to accept the job offer then you need to submit a joining letter to the employer, which should consist of your acceptance and date of joining … Read More

Resignation Withdrawal Letters in Word Format

Resignation withdrawal request letter formats in word

Some situations will make you give resignation without any further thought, but after some time you might realize that resignation is not the right thing to do. in that case, without any embarrassment, it is better to request for cancellation of your resignation. Most employers … Read More

Leave Application for Sister Marriage in office in English

Leave application for sister marriage in office in english

As a brother, it is your responsibility to make preparations and other arrangements for your sister’s marriage.  For that, you need to take leave from your work. Here you can find sample leave application letter formats for sister marriage in the office. You need to … Read More

1 Year Completion in Company Thank You Letters & Quotes

1 year completed in company thank you letters and quotes

Completing the first anniversary either in life (or) job is one of the happiest moments in life. Especially when you complete your first 1-year of service in your job, it gives so much satisfaction and happiness. Because in that one year you will learn so … Read More

Difference Between Retirement and Superannuation

Difference between superannuation and retirement

The term retirement is used when an employee leaves a job permanently and the term superannuation is used when the employee retires to a job with pension benefits. Superannuation benefits can also be called retirement benefits. Employees can retire at any time under voluntary retirement … Read More