How to Become HR without MBA in India

How to get HR job without MBA

You don’t need an MBA to become HR, with any degree you can get a job in the HR field, whether it is B.Tech, B.Sc or B.Com, or any other degree. If you want, you can do your MBA through distance mode while working as … Read More

What is Privilege Leave | Meaning, Rules & Calculation

Privilege Leave Meaning, Rules, Encashment

Privilege leave means the leave given to the employees for their service to the company. Privilege leave is also called “Earned leave”. Employees can use these leave whenever they want to take a planned leave (or) these can be converted into cash (or) can be … Read More

5 Examples of Acknowledgement for Individual Assignment

Examples of Acknowledgement for Individual Assignment

After completing your assigned work whether it is in your school (or) college (or) office, it is better to write an acknowledgment letter to appreciate and recognize the support of the people who have assisted you to accomplish your assignment.  How to Write a Good … Read More

Salary Slip Request Mail to HR

Salary Slip Request Mail to HR

Whenever you need a salary slip then you can send a mail to your HR (or) accounts department, then they will issue your salary slip either directly (or) through the email. You can get your salary slip even for the previous months also, For example, … Read More