Cancelled Cheque Leaf For PF Withdrawal

Cancelled cheque or bank passbook copy is required to claim PF amount offline, and these are valid proofs of bank account details. EPF members can submit either bank passbook first-page copy or a cancelled cheque along with PF claim forms. A cancelled cheque is valid if the name of the member is printed on it otherwise EPFO doesn’t accept the cancelled cheque. In that case, EPF members need to submit bank passbook copy. Here you can find an image of cancelled cheque leaf for PF withdrawal.

Cancelled Cheque Leaf For PF Withdrawal

PF Cancelled Cheque for PF withdrawal

There is a confusion amount the EPF members that what is the cancelled cheque leaf means and what details they have to mention on the cancelled cheque and does cancelled cheque requires the signature. There is no need to mention any details on the cancelled cheque, only they have to write cancelled on the cheque. The cancelled cheque is not used to make transactions it acts a proof of bank account details such as bank account number, name and IFSC code.

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The main aim of taking the cancelled cheque from the EPF members while PF withdrawal is to deposit the PF claim amount to correct bank account number of the employee. The EPF members should check whether they have written correct bank account details on the cancelled cheque or not. If you still have any queries on cancelled cheque leaf for PF withdrawal then ask them in below comments section.

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