PF Claim Rejected Due To Authorized Officers Signature Not Tallying

What to do when PF claim rejected due to authorized officers signature not tallying: Have you applied for PF withdrawal and still you haven’t received your PF claim amount and finally when you got a message from Employee Provident Fund Organization that your claim was rejected due to Authorized Officers Signature Not Tallying. Here you can find reasons and solution for EPF claim rejection because of not tallying of authorized officers signature.

EPF Claim Status When PF Claim Rejected Due To Authorized Officers Signature Not Tallying

PF Claim Rejected Due To Authorized Officers Signature Not TallyingPF Claim Rejected Due To Authorized Officers Signature Not Tallying

Reasons For PF Authorized Officers Signature Not Tallying:

There are mainly two reasons behind PF claim was rejected due employer signature not tallying, they are

  1. If the validity of the digital signature of employer expires.
  2. If PF authorized officer i.e employer changes.

In these, both cases PF  claims of EPF members will be rejected by Employee Provident Fund Organization.

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What To Do When PF Claim Rejected Due To Authorized Officers Signature Not Tallying

When a PF claim was rejected by EPFO then the member will get an SMS from EPFO that your claim was rejected due to PF authorized officers signature not tallying or you can check your EPF claim status at Know Your EPF Claim Status

Once your claim was rejected due to not tallying of employer signature then rejected PF withdrawal forms of the employee will be sent to the employer.

In this case, the employee can’t able to do any thing, they just need to intimate their employer about their claim rejection.  Here the claim rejection was happened because of your employer only, so they have to follow up remaining process.

If the claim was rejected due to the expiry of digital signature then they need to renew their digital signature and again they have to submit rejected claim forms of the employee. If the claim was rejected due to change of PF authorized officer then they have to submit the employer specimen signature form to the EPFO.

Do share your opinions and doubts if your PF claim rejected due to authorized officers signature not tallying


14 thoughts on “PF Claim Rejected Due To Authorized Officers Signature Not Tallying”

  1. My form-13 has also rejected due to above reason i.e authorised officer sign not tally, what can i do in this case

  2. Hi,

    My PF claim is rejected & getting below reason, please suggest what to do in this case.


  3. Dear sir/mam, iam past employed at this company after i resigh i want to my full and final pf ,i applied this by offline methoed by speed post two times i was atteched my all necessery document,but my application was always rejected ,the only reason was my company foult its not fulfill her docomation but by me i always fullfill all ,i req my company to pls fill my form properly,and req also becouse i need some urjent money for my home problem, but company takes not seriusly and do it not properly,i also fill detials of my kyc on uan portal about 2month ago but company not approved it UPDATION ON UAN PORTAL and i also ask company for it but he tell the server was only aprove per day per employee detials becouse the server of epfo was slower,i req to u dear sir/mam pls take this matter on urjent basis becouse i need my money for my home need,my father was at hospital so i need urjent
    Thanks and regards

  4. Hello Sir,
    We received the notice about 7A. So can you tell me what is section 7A and how we resolved the problem???? And what is the penalties under this act??

  5. Hi

    My claim rejected with below reason
    “”The claim form rejected with the remarks: Authorized officer’s signature differs. ”

    What does it indicates..? is it because of issue with digital signature or employer signature..?

    Now i am trying to use online claim portal and for that , i had linked aadhar with UAN , but it is still not refelcted in my UAN portal , any idea how many days more it will take ..?

    • Hi Deepak,
      In majority cases, it will be happened due to the expiry of digital signature validity. Maybe your employer has not renewed their digital signature. In order to apply online PF withdrawal your KYC have to be approved by digital signature of your employer. So please enquire your employer about the validity of their digital signature.

  6. I would like to know about father name difference, that will joint declaration forms duly attested along with supporting documents be considered by them??? as they are asking to update KYC As per desired name but we can’t update KYC until they rectify member name at their official record.


    • @ Imran
      Yes, they will consider, but along with joint declaration form, you have to submit a letter. Here there is no need to rectify the name in PF portal because he is not continuing his service and it may take maximum 7-10 days to approve your digital signature.

  7. dear sir,

    please help me in below matter connected with epf withdrawal

    as per rejection letter, remark is : father name differ , PL. UAN KYC UPDATE with desire name.

    NOW in that case, we have digital signature of employer , who is already expired. we have applied for renewal. and you know that after registration , letter sent to epfo will take much time to be approved. till then we can’t update/approve KYC.

    also father name differ means. say correct name is RAYSINH and in epfo name is HAYSINH . for that we have sent Joint declaration letter. though claim is rejected. please guide.

    so in that case what to do please guide us.

    • Hi Imran,
      KYC approval is not mandatory to apply for PF withdrawal, but you must have a valid digital signature so that EPFO officials will know about PF authority in your company. If your digital signature is already in renewal process then submit a letter on your company letter head about his father’s name difference and request EPF to release his PF claim amount.


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