PF Joint Declaration Form: Correct Your PF Details in 30 Days

EPF members who want to change wrongly entered employee name, date of birth, relationship details in PF portal then employees need to submit PF joint declaration form to their regional EPF office. PF joint declaration form is also known as EPF name correction form or EPF date of birth correction form. EPF members can use this same form to correct each and every detail in their PF account.

Download PF Joint Declaration Form PDF

Download PF Joint Declaration Form Word Format

Details You can Correct in Online at UAN member portal

  • Name of the employee
  • Aadhar number
  • Gender
  • Date of birth of the employee

EPF members can’t able to correct relationship details like father name or husband name and date of leaving online at UAN member portal. For that, they need to submit the PF joint declaration form.

Details You can Correct by Using PF Joint Declaration Form

  • Name of the employee
  • Relationship details like father name or husband name
  • PF account number
  • Date of birth of the employee
  • Date of joining
  • Date of leaving

PF Joint Declaration Form SamplePF Joint Declaration Form Sample To Change Employee Date Of Birth

How To Fill PF Joint Declaration By The Member And The Employer

  • Date, write the date of submission of PF joint declaration form to the EPF office.
  • Address of the PF regional office, write address of regional EPF office to which you are submitting your joint declaration.
  • Write your correct name and name of your establishment.
  • Name correction, if you want to correct your name then write your correct name and also the wrong name in given fields.
  • Father/husband name, if you want to correct your father’s name or husband’s name then write their correct name and wrong name in given fields.
  • PF/EPS account number, you can also correct your wrong PF account number.
  • Date of birth correction, write your correct and wrong date of births.
  • Date of joining and date of exit correction, you can also correct your date of joining and date of exits.
  • Once the EPF member or employer submits this PF joint declaration form to the EPF regional office then their details will be corrected within 30 days.

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Along with PF joint declaration form employer need to submit a request letter on company letterhead for correction of details and their attestation is also required on PF joint declaration form. Once employee approaches the employer then it is the duty of the employer to fill EPF joint declaration form and submitting it to PF regional office.

PF Joint Declaration Form Supporting Letter Format

PF joint declaration form by member and employer

Download in Word Format

Required Supporting Documents for PF Joint Declaration Form

  • Aadhar card or Voter ID or  PAN card or Date Of Birth proof and address proof etc

PF Joint Declaration Form Related Questions

Can I Submit Joint Declaration Form Online

No, Joint declaration form is not available online, you need to submit the hard copy of PF joint declaration form offline at your PF office only. But as I said earlier you can correct some details online at UAN portal.

How to Check PF Joint Declaration Form Status

EPF members who have applied for EPF corrections can check the status of their PF joint declaration form by observing their online PF passbook or UAN member portal profile.

How Much Time Will Take for Correction / Updation of Details in EPF

In most cases, it will take maximum 30 days for correction of your personal details like your name, DOB, DOE, father name or husband name in PF portal.

What to Do If Details Not Update Even After Submitting PF Joint Declaration

If 30 days completed and still if your details don’t change, then raise a grievance at PF portal. So that you can know why your details are not corrected. Once you know the reason then you can solve your problem. In most cases, the reason for not correcting EPF details is not submitting valid supporting documents. So always submit a valid proof for the correction of your details in PF portal.

Can I use EPF Joint Declaration form for EPF PAN Error

If your name on PAN is correct and name in PF portal is wrong then you need to correct your name in PF portal either in online or by submitting PF joint declaration form. After name correction, you can link your PAN with your UAN number.

What to Do If the Employer is Not Signing PF Joint Declaration Form

You can correct your basic details like your name, dob, Aadhar number, father name online at UAN portal, but for this also you need your employer approval. So without employer, it is not possible to correct your details. If your employer is not signing PF joint declaration form or not cooperating with you then you can give a complaint about your employer at EPF grievance portal.

146 thoughts on “PF Joint Declaration Form: Correct Your PF Details in 30 Days”

  1. I have left my job and im not working anymore.
    Im not able to add my PAN card number and name on KYC to my EPF account. Can you please suggest me on this.


    • Hi Malleswari,
      Go for offline claim by submitting EPF composite claim form non aadhar but this form needs your employer signature.



    • Hi Subham Bharadwaj,
      A request letter from your employer side on their company letterhead is required along with PF joint declaration form.

  3. HI

    Myself Nagendra, I had left my company, in the year Oct 31, 2017, but unfortunately I kept the date as August 31 , 2017, Now who will change the dates to correct date, as of now the status in UAN no shows the transfer pf is pending with field officer .

  4. I have left my previous organisation I joined with new company .I would like to change my name in my PF in my previous company UAN to update KYC .I requested my previous company he approved my request but the field office rejected asking me JD form .

    I does not know the procedure
    I have downloaded the JD form
    Fill the required the column
    filled all the necessary input
    Name of of the authorised signatory (how to get it who can sign here I have alaredy resigned from the company )
    Signature with establishment seal how to get get I have laredy left this organisation.
    Please assist how to submit it to pf office.


    • Hi Nalini,
      Your employer signature is mandatory on the PF joint declaration, so ask your previous employer to sign the Joint Declaration form and also ask them to provide a request letter on their letterhead to correct your name. It is their responsibility to assist the employees in the PF withdrawal process.


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