PF Joint Declaration Form PDF 2023: Correct PF Details in 30 Days

PF joint declaration form is used to correct wrong details of employees in PF like his name, date of birth, father name, date of joining and date of exit, etc… PF joint declaration form is also known as EPF name correction form or EPF date of birth correction form. EPF members can use this same form to correct each and every detail in their PF account.

Note: Do you know to correct your basic details like your name, date of birth, and gender you don’t need a PF joint declaration form, you can correct them online at the UAN member portal as per your Aadhar details.

Details You can Correct in Online at UAN member portal without joint declaration formDetails You can Correct by Using PF Joint Declaration Form
Name of the employeeName of the employee
Aadhar numberRelationship details like father name/husband name
Date of birthDate of birth
Date of joining in EPF
Date of exit in EPF

PF Joint Declaration Form Cover Letter Format

PF Joint Declaration Form Filled Sample

How To Fill PF Joint Declaration By The Member And The Employer

Date, write the date of submission of PF joint declaration form to the EPF office.

Address of the PF regional office, write the address of the regional EPF office to which you are submitting your joint declaration.

Write your correct name and name of your establishment.

Name correction, if you want to correct your name then write your correct name and also the wrong name in given fields.

Father/husband name, if you want to correct your father’s name or husband’s name then write their correct name and wrong name in given fields.

PF/EPS account number, you can also correct your wrong PF account number.

Date of birth correction, write your correct and wrong date of births.

Date of joining and date of exit correction, you can also correct your date of joining and date of exits.

Once the EPF member or employer submits this PF joint declaration form to the EPF regional office then their details will be corrected within 30 days.

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Along with PF joint declaration form employer need to submit a request letter on company letterhead for correction of details and their attestation is also required on PF joint declaration form. Once employee approaches the employer then it is the duty of the employer to fill EPF joint declaration form and submitting it to PF regional office.

PF Joint Declaration Form Supporting Letter Format


Provident Fund commissioner,

PF Sub-regional office,

Marripalem Vuda Lay-out,

NAD Post,


Sub: Name Correction

Respected Sir,

                              Mr. K Prasad worked in our company (XYZ Company Ltd) as an Accountant in the Finance department since 01-05-2017. In the PF portal his name is mentioned as Mr. K Prasad ( PF No: GR/VSP/6000X/123) . But his actual full name is Koduru V V Prasad Kumar. Request you to make correction of his name to Koduru V V Prasad Kumar.

Thanking you in advance.

    Yours Sincerely,

                                                                                                                          P Srinivasa Rao.


Download in Word Format

PF Joint Declaration Form FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can we submit joint declaration form online

No, there is no option to submit a Joint declaration form online, you need to submit the hard copy of the filled PF joint declaration form offline directly to your regional PF office. But as I said earlier you can correct some details online at the UAN portal like your name and date of birth by using your aadhar details.

How to Check PF Joint Declaration Form Status

EPF members who have applied for EPF corrections can check the status of their PF joint declaration form by observing their online PF passbook or UAN member portal profile.

How Much Time Will Take for Correction / Updation of Details in EPF

In most cases, it will take a maximum of 30 days for correction of your personal details like your name, DOB, DOE, father name or husband name in the PF portal.

What to Do If Details Not Update Even After Submitting PF Joint Declaration

If 30 days completed and still if your details don’t change, then raise a grievance at PF portal. So that you can know why your details are not corrected. Once you know the reason then you can solve your problem. In most cases, the reason for not correcting EPF details is not submitting valid supporting documents. So always submit a valid proof for the correction of your details in PF portal.

Can I use EPF Joint Declaration form for EPF PAN Error

If your name on PAN is correct and name in PF portal is wrong then you need to correct your name in PF portal either in online or by submitting PF joint declaration form. After name correction, you can link your PAN with your UAN number.

What to Do If the Employer is Not Signing PF Joint Declaration Form

You can correct your basic details like your name, dob, Aadhar number, father name online at UAN portal, but for this also you need your employer approval. So without an employer, it is not possible to correct your details. If your employer is not signing PF joint declaration form or not cooperating with you then you can give a complaint about your employer at the EPF grievance portal.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    I resigned from my last company, last year and within 6 months the company winded up its business.
    I want to withdraw my provident fund. However since my earlier employer did not correctly enter my full name i.e they left out the middle name, my aadhar no. & pan no. could not be verified. I don’t have a clue as to my previous employer’s whereabouts. Please guide me as to the procedure to be followed in this case, as I urgently require to withdraw my PF.


    • Hi Santosh Tupera,
      You can withdraw your PF amount by submitting EPF composite claim form but instead of your employer attestation, it has to be attested by any public sector bank manager or postmaster or gazetted officer. If your name is wrong then write a request letter to EPFO and submit it along with EPF composite claim form non aadhaar and the letter should be attested any of the above-mentioned people.

  2. Hi,
    My UAN number was created by my previous Employer and my Fathers name is wrong in Chennai.
    Recently I joined a new company in Bangalore.
    For correction should I have to submit Joint declaration through previous Employer or Can I apply with Current Employer also?
    and also to which PF office should I have to submit Joint declaration?

    • Hi Harish,
      First, transfer your PF amount from your previous PF account to new PF account and later you can correct your name either online or offline through your Present Employer. You have to submit your PF joint declaration form to present EPF office.

  3. Dear sir,

    Recently i went to EPF office to submit ‘Joint declaration form for name correction’, but they were asking me to submit employer forwarding letter. When i asked employer to give me ’employer forwarding letter’, they were telling that they dont know about employer forwarding letter. could you please share me ‘Employer Forwarding letter’ format so that i will give to them and get it signed.

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Mukesh,
      Talk with your employer directly, because it is the responsibility of your employer to correct your name in PF portal. If they don’t approve it then raise a grievance at PF portal.

  4. Hello sir
    I submit my joint declaration form on august 22/2017.(father name different) with all other necessary documents.but till date there aren’t any changes in my status,and when I visited the epfo Office they said submit your joint declaration form online .Can you please suggest, thank you.

  5. Dear sir,

    I have applied pf claimed through online and now I could see the status as claim settled,
    But my bank account no which I was given is incorrect it’s only 15 digit instead of 16..

    Pls advise me that what can be done in this case , because I can’t go to my Previous employer they won’t help me..

  6. Hello sir, I want to withdraw my pf through online process and don’t want to include my employer since they are taking too much of time to complete the process. I have linked my PAN, bank details and driving license in pf portal. My aadhaar is also linked to my bank. But for some reason I can’t link my aadhaar to my pf portal as my name is different. What can I do sir? Should I change my aadhar name through UIDAI?
    I want to complete my withdrawal process online without employers attestation. Andalso in how many days the whole procedure will get complete? Kindly help. Thank you.

    • Hi Devang,
      If your aadhar details are not updated with uan number then it is not possible to withdraw your PF amount online. Even if you link your aadhar number with your UAN still it has to be approved by your employer with their digital signature in their employer PF portal. So in your case employer intervention is required.

        • @ Devang
          Aadhar approval will take less than 1 minute but your employer has to do that. So pls ask you employer to approve your kyc in employer pf portal.

  7. Hi Sir,
    I left the company on 28sep2017 and joined the new company on 04OCT2017. So I want to withdraw my PF amount. After left the company how many days after shall I submit to PF claim form ?

    • Hi Sateesh,
      You can apply for PF withdrawal after Two months from your last working date. In your case, apply after 30 November 2017.

  8. My previous employer has feeded the incorrect DOB and I am unable to transfer the PF online. How do I correct this ? I read that I have to submit the “Joint declaration by member and employer” form. Do I have to submit the form to previous employer to correct the details or Do I only need their attestation and submit the form at PF office? Please clarify

    • Hi Sathvinder Singh Sardar,
      You can transfer PF offline through your present employer by filling EPF transfer form 13. When comes PF joint declaration form you have to take your previous employer attestation and submit it to your regional PF office.

  9. Dear SIr/Madam
    If my job joining date was 1 june 2010 and leaving date 30 may 2015 as per working days its 60 month(5 year)
    But my PF started from sep 2010 till leaving date 30 may 2015 now if i claim for withdrawal PF 10% detected or not.

  10. Dear Sir/Madam
    I fill and submit joint declaration on 25 NOV 2016 for changing birth year also i got stamp from EPF office on submitted declaration photocopy as acknowledgement. When i called they said updated is not done yet because server problem and when i visit EPF office they said again submit joint declaration.

  11. Hi I want to withdraw my pf amount from another UAN account of mine which belong to my previous employer. Since my bank account and aadhar details are not updated in the UAN portal I have been advised from my ex employer to fill up Composite claim form(non-aadhar) and furnish Photocopies of PAN and AADHAR. I got the signature from previous employer on the claim forms and when I went to submit the docs in PF office they are telling my name, father name are mismatched compared to PF records. And asked me to fill up joint declaration by member and employer form and submit and it Wil take 2 months to rectify this issue he said. Is all this really necessary when I am submitting composite claim form(non-aadhar)..?? please somebody help me out in this regard.

    • Hi Prashant,
      When there is data mismatch then EPFO don’t accept claim forms. But in some cases when your employer submits a request letter to PF office then they will accept your application because it is a mistake of your employer. In request letter, your employer has to mention your correct details and wrongly entered details.

  12. Dear Sir,

    I have my DOB wrong in UAN so i am not able to update KYC, is this possible to get PF with Draw without Updating KYC ,Please update.

  13. Hi Sir last week I submitted my PF form for withdrawal, I think that I forgot to attach revenue stamp on the application so far I didn’t get any update to the application, is they a possibility of application rejected, If it was rejected what to do next in this case.

      • Hi Sir,

        Thank you for the reply, Still I didn’t get any update on the application I will wait another week and check with the PF office On this.

          • Hi Sir,

            I could like to inform you that I got my pf amount, I have some doubt on my father pension I didn’t saw the letter when he was retried in 2012, when I am talking about my pf amount dad showed me his pension letter and I was not able to understand that pension amount increase on yearly and get less after 2019 which I couldn’t understand the point of increase and decrease.

          • Hi Kiran Kumar,
            Your father can use that pension certificate if his age is 58 years and pension amount once calculated will not decrease.

  14. Dear Sir,

    EPFO SIlvassa where my PF jurisdiction is they are saying since i have left the organisation where i had worked i.e. Company has shown my name in “Exited from company” category, Joint declaration will not do in my case as i am no longer employee of that company so declaration from Company is not valid.

    I mean their argument is that company can not declare now on their stamp and signature as in their database as submitted to PF department they have shown me as “Exited from Employment”

    My problem is that there is a spelling mistake in my surname. due to this i am not able to link Aadhaar to my PF account online. Now i have moved to Delhi its not feasible to appear me personally there since its too far from here. Company is saying PF officers want me to appear me personally to update my surname.

    Kindly Advise.

    • Hi Dayanand,
      In this case, you need to write a request letter to PF office to accept your claim and at the same time, your employer also needs to write a request letter to PF office to release your PF amount. This letter has to be attested by your employer. You have to send your request letter to your employer by signing on it. Your employer will submit both letters to PF office but in some rare cases, PF officials will ask your physical presence.
      Note: Don’t forget to mention your incorrect details and correct details on the request letter.

  15. What should i write in the employee column if i am not a company employee and work under contract under a contractor named Antony.

    Should i write my contracor’s name in authorized signatory?

    • Hi Hashim,
      You can ask your contractor on which name they have registered their agency in PF portal & write that name. And take the signature of the person who is authorized for PF.

  16. Our Employees Name of Father, date of Birth and the name of employee itself is wrong, to submit the joint declaration , their Adhar , PAN Card and Election id card show different date of birth and spelling of the father name. What should we do in this case. To withdraw PF amount, these documents are only available, kindly give us a solution for this problem

    • @ Ramamani GV
      There are two ways to solve your problem. First one is they have to correct their details in Aadhar card and after that they can change their data in PF records.Second one is if the errors are small and there is no time then change their data in PF records as per present details in KYC.

  17. how to transfer pf amount from old account to new UAN account of the same company
    for ex: Mr. X having two accounts and amount deposited other UAN instead of Existing UAN


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