PF Joint Declaration Form PDF 2023: Correct PF Details in 30 Days

PF joint declaration form is used to correct wrong details of employees in PF like his name, date of birth, father name, date of joining and date of exit, etc… PF joint declaration form is also known as EPF name correction form or EPF date of birth correction form. EPF members can use this same form to correct each and every detail in their PF account.

Note: Do you know to correct your basic details like your name, date of birth, and gender you don’t need a PF joint declaration form, you can correct them online at the UAN member portal as per your Aadhar details.

Details You can Correct in Online at UAN member portal without joint declaration formDetails You can Correct by Using PF Joint Declaration Form
Name of the employeeName of the employee
Aadhar numberRelationship details like father name/husband name
Date of birthDate of birth
Date of joining in EPF
Date of exit in EPF

PF Joint Declaration Form Cover Letter Format

PF Joint Declaration Form Filled Sample

How To Fill PF Joint Declaration By The Member And The Employer

Date, write the date of submission of PF joint declaration form to the EPF office.

Address of the PF regional office, write the address of the regional EPF office to which you are submitting your joint declaration.

Write your correct name and name of your establishment.

Name correction, if you want to correct your name then write your correct name and also the wrong name in given fields.

Father/husband name, if you want to correct your father’s name or husband’s name then write their correct name and wrong name in given fields.

PF/EPS account number, you can also correct your wrong PF account number.

Date of birth correction, write your correct and wrong date of births.

Date of joining and date of exit correction, you can also correct your date of joining and date of exits.

Once the EPF member or employer submits this PF joint declaration form to the EPF regional office then their details will be corrected within 30 days.

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Along with PF joint declaration form employer need to submit a request letter on company letterhead for correction of details and their attestation is also required on PF joint declaration form. Once employee approaches the employer then it is the duty of the employer to fill EPF joint declaration form and submitting it to PF regional office.

PF Joint Declaration Form Supporting Letter Format


Provident Fund commissioner,

PF Sub-regional office,

Marripalem Vuda Lay-out,

NAD Post,


Sub: Name Correction

Respected Sir,

                              Mr. K Prasad worked in our company (XYZ Company Ltd) as an Accountant in the Finance department since 01-05-2017. In the PF portal his name is mentioned as Mr. K Prasad ( PF No: GR/VSP/6000X/123) . But his actual full name is Koduru V V Prasad Kumar. Request you to make correction of his name to Koduru V V Prasad Kumar.

Thanking you in advance.

    Yours Sincerely,

                                                                                                                          P Srinivasa Rao.


Download in Word Format

PF Joint Declaration Form FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can we submit joint declaration form online

No, there is no option to submit a Joint declaration form online, you need to submit the hard copy of the filled PF joint declaration form offline directly to your regional PF office. But as I said earlier you can correct some details online at the UAN portal like your name and date of birth by using your aadhar details.

How to Check PF Joint Declaration Form Status

EPF members who have applied for EPF corrections can check the status of their PF joint declaration form by observing their online PF passbook or UAN member portal profile.

How Much Time Will Take for Correction / Updation of Details in EPF

In most cases, it will take a maximum of 30 days for correction of your personal details like your name, DOB, DOE, father name or husband name in the PF portal.

What to Do If Details Not Update Even After Submitting PF Joint Declaration

If 30 days completed and still if your details don’t change, then raise a grievance at PF portal. So that you can know why your details are not corrected. Once you know the reason then you can solve your problem. In most cases, the reason for not correcting EPF details is not submitting valid supporting documents. So always submit a valid proof for the correction of your details in PF portal.

Can I use EPF Joint Declaration form for EPF PAN Error

If your name on PAN is correct and name in PF portal is wrong then you need to correct your name in PF portal either in online or by submitting PF joint declaration form. After name correction, you can link your PAN with your UAN number.

What to Do If the Employer is Not Signing PF Joint Declaration Form

You can correct your basic details like your name, dob, Aadhar number, father name online at UAN portal, but for this also you need your employer approval. So without an employer, it is not possible to correct your details. If your employer is not signing PF joint declaration form or not cooperating with you then you can give a complaint about your employer at the EPF grievance portal.

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  1. sir, my claim is rejected for not contribution period of 6 months(for which i was on leave without payment . how can i submit joint declaration form in this regard.

    • Submit PF joint declaration form and written request letter, and both have to be signed by your and employer with their stamp.

  2. Hello,

    An Incorrect prefix has been added before my First name. Instead of Ms., They put Mr. I have submitted Joint declaration form as well. I have raised grievance still there is no response. My current employer is not accepting my PF request due to incorrect prefix. I am taking follow up from last 5-6 months.

    If anyone can suggest me what needs to be done further please let me know. I will be very thankful !!

    • If you have submitted PF joint declaration form, then visit your PF office again and tell them your problem, they will solve it.

      • Hello Sir,

        Rather than visiting PF office directly in this covid situation, Do we have another solution to resolve this issue. As my PF office is in other state, it’s very far from my hometown.

        • EPF grievance portal is the best option to solve this kind of problems,
          if they are not responding send a reminder (or) call their office number
          or you can also contact your PF office via Twitter (or) Whatsapp.

    • You have to correct the wrong date of birth.
      If it is wrong in Aadhar then visit your nearest Aadhar enrollment center to correct DOB.
      If it is wrong in PF, then you can correct DOB on UAN member portal by using your Aadhar number.

  3. Hi Sir,

    My previous employer has not updated the date of exit in epf portal and i tried contacting them many times but they’re not responding at all and not taking any action. I need to withdraw my funds. I thought of updating myself in epf portal but the problem is i relieved from my duty last year june 2020 and July 2020 there was no contribution made and there was a contribution deposited on August 2020 so the date of exit should be the last month contribution received right. But the portal is showing up july 2020 if i select that will there be any rejection while withdrawal?? Please suggest me.

  4. Hello sir,
    In my previous company my name in pf account is as per my old adhar card recently I updated my name in adhar so my present company is asking for joining declaration form which need to be signed by my previous employer, as I obsconded from that company they are not going to sign on that form is there any other way to correct my name on PF account. I am unable to do it from epfo Portol as it is saying ur details are not as per adhar.
    Please tell me the solution for this.

  5. Hi
    My self Hemanth I applied for pf advance 3-4 times that will be rejected the reason is father name difference , but in epf account that will correct and in my bank passbook also father name is correct , I don’t no why rejected and what is the perfect reason.

    What should I do in this case ?

  6. Hai,
    I have contributed 7years and 3months in EPFO under a single employer, I resigned the in 2019 and withdrawn EPF balance in Dec 2020, now I want to withdraw my EPS . When I tried by online the employer has not marked as exit from EPS. I contacted the employer and they also can’t do anything. What I have to do in this situation. Please give me a reply.

    • You can mark your date of exit your self on UAN member portal, if you are facing any problem in it then register a complaint on EPF grievance portal website.

  7. Hi Team,

    I got to know that my Employer has put wrong prefix before my First Name. Instead of Ms. , They have used Mr.
    I have initiated online name change request but it is allowing me to edit my only First & Last name but not prefix.

    Could you please suggest me what needs to be done further.

          • Hi,

            I am getting this error :
            Change request cannot be processed due to no change observed in name, date of birth, or gender.
            Because there is no change in my First & Last name, I want to update the Prefix they have used before my first name. Gender is correct there, It’s Female then how they can use the Mr. prefix before my name. My aadhar is already verified, still, they made this mistake.
            Your system should not be allowed to use Mr. prefix for a female employee. Let me know please what can I do?

  8. Hello Sir,

    My employer has sent email for their DSC registration but its showing pending at Field Office since last 2 months. Please guide whom to contact, I tried calling Helpline 1800118005 but unable to connect. I need to change my Name and DOB to withdraw PF amt.

    Please help.

    • Register a complaint on the EPF grievance portal website, they will solve that problem.
      But the digital signature is the problem of your employer, they also need to work on it either by registering the complaint or by visiting the PF office directly.

      • Hello Sir, as per your advice my employer and me had raised grievance. Got a reply – CLOSURE PROPOSED AND DSC will be approved at the earliest, after few days we even escalated this issue to next level through comment , but again I got same reply. and its still pending. Our PF office is Thane- Maharashtra.

        Kindly help what to do.

      • Sir, my employer is also trying, they are very cooperative, they have personally visited the PF office too but were given same excuses its system based, server issue etc. Since my employer don’t know much english hence I am just communicating. I want to correct KYC details and add bank account to withdraw PF balance.

        Sorry for troubling you, but even my employer feels helpless, unable to find a solution. They have written emails to PF IT dept too.

        Please guide us what to do, I even tried to contact them via twitter but no use.

  9. Hi,

    Its been 2 years my mother got retired, so for correction in her father’s name do still she need to follow up with last employer and fill Joint Declaration form and will it be sent by former employer or is there any other way too. Please help.

    Thank you

  10. Does the EPF field officer verify father’s name during PF transfer approval?
    For pf transfer, does EPF field officer verify father’s name available in Pan card or in Aaadhar card?

  11. I am currently not working. I have two pf accounts. I have not done the pf transfer. I want to do pf transfer after correction of my father’s name. If I submit the joint declaration for father’s name correction through the last employer, will it change the father’s name in both pf accounts?

    • If you want to submit PF joint declaration form then it is better to transfer your PF first, after transfer you can submit a joint declaration form through your last employer.
      If you change your father’s name through your first employer then you may face problems in PF transfer, due to a mismatch of details in both PF accounts.

      • Meri pahli company ki date of exit abhi jis m kar rha hon uski date of joining ke bad galti se m khud Dall diya hon jiki wajah se overlap ho rha h , to sir joint declaration form bhar kar kis company se sign karana hoga

        • Maine sir w company m kaam kiya hai aur resign daal diya hon , w mahine full and final settlement kar rha hon to over lapping ki problem as rhi h , meri pahli wali company ki date of exit galti se galat m khud dal diya hon , join declaration form bhar kar kis company kis company ki sign and stamp karwana hai ,

  12. I am currently not working. I have two pf accounts under one UAN. I have to submit Joint declaration form for father’s name correction. Can I submit the joint declaration form through any one of the previous employers? Or, is it required to submit a joint declaration form for each of the previous employers?

      • I am staying in Bangalore. The last company pf office is in Mumbai.
        The first company pf office is in Bangalore. Will it create any problem, if I submit the joint declaration form through first company?

      • My first company pf office is Bangalore, where I am staying now. The last company pf office is in Mumbai. If I submit joint declaration through first company will it create any problem?

        • If you haven’t transferred your PF yet, then you can give it a try.
          But it is better to register a complaint on the EPF grievance portal and select your Bangalore company’s PF member ID, to know whether they accept it or not.
          (You will get a reply in 2-3 days.)

  13. After submitting joint declaration form in PF office , do they provide any receipt or reference number to track the status of the Name correction request?

    • They will give you the acknowledgment receipt, but it consists of your PF number and UAN only.
      For tracking, you need to check your UAN portal regularly and you will get a message also after the correction of details.

  14. It’s been a month since I have submitted my joint declaration form but still changes are not reflected on the EPF portal.

    I have also dropped an email on the EPF office email ID but haven’t received any response from them.

    What should I do in this case

  15. Hi Team,

    I have already submitted Joint declaration form to my Employer. But my employer( Capita India) is not responding me, I am taking follow up from last one month and still there is no reply from their side. I don’t know the status of my Joint declaration form whether it is with employer or they have submitted it at PF office ?

    Could you guide me what to do further in this critical case ?


  16. hi
    my self deepak kumar i have lots of issues again pf related
    my uan is 1008XXXXXX54
    my joining date and Exit Date is not update in my UAN number
    and father name is not update in my UAN
    date of joining is 13 Oct 2015 and date of Exit is 19 Fab 2017
    My father name is Shri Joginder
    please update my details
    Thanking You
    from Deepak Kumar


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