PF Account Number Format Details | Establishment ID & Extension

PF account number is a 22 digit unique number, the first 2 letters are “region code”, the next 3 letters are “office code”, & next 7 digits are “establishment registration code”, & the next 3 Zeroes are “establishment extension” & last 7 digits are PF member id of the employee.

PF account number format details

PF Account Number Format Example

The format of PF numbers are same but the alphabets and numbers will change.

For example MH/BAN/0000064/000/0000123 is PF number of an employee who is working in Maharashtra and belongs to Bandra PF office

PF Account Number Format

MH: The first Two characters are region code. Here MH means Maharashtra

BAN: The Three characters followed by region code is office code. Here BAN means Bandra PF office.

00000064: These Seven digits followed by office code are the establishment/employer PF code

000: These Three Zeroes are establishment extension. For most of the organizations, PF extension number is Three Zeroes, for some organizations the last Zero will be replaced by alphabets like A, B, C, D…

0000123: These last 7 numbers are the actual PF number of the employee which is different for every employee working in the same organization.

Old PF Number Format Vs New PF Number Format

The main difference between the old PF number format and the new PF number format is the EPF extension number. There is no PF extension number in old PF number formats.

If you want to easily identify the old PF number format and new PF number format by just observing the Zeroes. Old PF number formats don’t consist of Zeroes in front of the establishment code number. Here is an example of Old PF number format and the new PF number format.

Old PF Number FormatNew PF Number Format
KN/BN/34572/6524BGBNG003455720000006524 (Bangalore PF Number Format)
AP/HYD/60821/265APHYD00060820000000265 ( Hyderabad PF Number Format)

FAQs Related to PF Account Number

How to know your PF number

You can know your PF number by login into your UAN member portal, and go to view and click on service history. There you can find your PF member ids associated with each establishment where you have worked.

Login in UAN portal → Go to View → Service history → Find PF member ID.

Is PF number and member id same

Actually, the last 7 digits of the PF number are known as PF member id. But we don’t use it separately. So whenever somebody asks you about your PF member id and then you need to give your full PF account number.

(The last 7 digits of the PF number vary from one employee to another employee working in the same organization but the remaining part of the PF account number will remain the same.)

How to get UAN number from PF number

To get UAN from PF number go to the Know your UAN option in the UAN member portal and enter your mobile number, and then you will receive an OTP.

After validating the OTP now enter your PF account number and click on show my UAN.

How to know my PF balance using PF number

At present it is not possible to know your PF balance by using your PF account number, you need your UAN to check your PF balance online. Download your PF passbook

What is UAN number for PF

UAN(Universal Account Number) is a 12 digits unique number. Every EPF member will have a UAN number.

EPF members will have the same UAN for all their PF account numbers. Whenever the employee changes his / her job then they will get a new PF account number, but their UAN will remain the same.

All the PF account numbers of the EPF members are linked to their UAN number so that they can easily track their PF accounts in one place such as the UAN member portal and PF passbook site.

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51 thoughts on “PF Account Number Format Details | Establishment ID & Extension”

  1. Hi My old pf account is DL/19581/2771 how can convert in new pf account. I left job in 2011 and my mobile number pan card aadhar card is not registered and also not given UAN from company.pls suggest n help me.

    • I am not sure, but if your company is Klaus IT Solutions Private Ltd, Bangalore
      then your new PF code format might be BGBNG00440390000014680

  2. Hi
    I have two pf account no.
    DL/934821/888 and
    both are in old format I left work as on 2011 and never did I ever login to any of my pf account nor did I withdraw any amount.
    I don’t know my UAN no. because these no. are in old format and no matter what I type it does not take neither the establishment code nor my pf account no.
    I have joined a company and they want my UAN no. please help me how do I extract it as it has been a long time and in between lot of things have changed. Earlier during those times there was no Aadhaar card .All I have is my pay slips, PAN card that’s it

  3. I have joined for PF contribution from my first organisation from July 1988. i have 2 queries a) As system was not online during that time, I could not able to see my record in EPFO portal
    b) PF was transfered to my next organisation but for Employee pension how to add my service history to calculate correct length of service .


  4. Hello,

    As per this article, I converted my old PF account number to new format as shown below:

    Old Format as per pay slips: KN/BN/19214/147016
    New Format: BG/BNG/0019214/000/0147016

    But still the Unified Portal gives error as “NO DATA FOUND AGAINST THIS MEMBER ID : “, any idea why this is happening? I was having this account when I was working with IBM from March-2011 till April-2013.


    • May your details linked to your previous PF account and present PF account are not matching, even slight differences like spellings and dates will also cause this problem. So pls check it.
      If you find anything wrong then you have to correct the wrong detail.s

  5. Hi, I left my company back in 2011 and the PF no format is MH/xxxxx/xxxx how do I change it to a new format as I need to see my balance online and also raise a greivance. Its not accepting the greivance as is.

  6. PF No. KN/PY/BOM/46294/109708

    The above is my p.f number from my old company, I wanted to connect it to my UAN but the format is not supported.Please help

  7. My PF with previous employer has 00B as an extension but for transfer claims it is not accepting it on EPFO portal.

    Please suggest.

  8. Sir,

    Can one UAN number be active for different pf account nos, as I have left my previous job and the UAN no was generated then. Now is it necessary to generate a new UAN no.
    And how much time will it take to update my new employment status if no new UAN generation is required. I have already submitted my UAN details to my new employer but still I cannot find any updates on the UAN member portal.
    And how will I come to know whether my employer is submitting the PF amount monthly or not?

    • Hi Rishi Nair,
      Only One UAN number must be linked with all PF numbers. So it is the responsibility of the employee and employer to link previous UAN number with current PF number. After linking your UAN number you have to transfer your PF amount from previous PF account number to new PF number or you can with draw that amount. You can download your PF passbook form UAN member portal.


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