PF Reauthorization Form for Incorrect Bank Account Details

EPF members who didn’t get their PF claim amount or advance due to incorrect bank account details need to submit a form called PF reauthorization form to their respective EPF office. If your PF claim settled but money not credited and the reason is the wrong bank a/c number of IFSC then you can use below PF reauthorization form to get the refund of your PF claim amount.

What is PF Reauthorization Form

PF reauthorization form is also known as A.S.R form used to get the refund of unsettled EPF claim amounts. EPF members can submit this form for both offline claims and also for online claims.

Where I Can Get the Reauthorization Form

You can download PF reauthorization form by using below link or you can also get a copy of PF reauthorization format your regional EPF office.

Download PF Reauthorization Form PDF

PF Reauthorization Form Sample
PF Reauthorization Form Sample

How To Fill PF Reauthorization Form

  • Write your regional EPF office address to which you have submitted your EPF withdrawal forms.
  • Under subject mention your EPF account number / UAN number.
  • Now enter your returned EPF amount and also enter the date of claim settlement, you can find these details in EPF claim status portal.
  • Enter the returned EPF amount on fields wherever required.
  • Now enter your correct bank account details such as bank a/c number, IFSC code, bank name ban address.
  • After writing your bank account details now write your personal home address.
  • Now sign the PF reauthorization letter and also take your employer attestation.

Required Supporting Documents

PF Cancelled Cheque for PF withdrawal


Bank passbook copy

How Much Time Will Take For PF Refund After Submitting PF Reauthorization Form

Once you submit PF reauthorization form to your regional EPF office then within 10-15 days you will get the refund of your PF claim amount into your bank account.

Can I Submit PF Reauthorization Form Through Post

Yes, you can submit PF reauthorization form through speed post and remember there is no tracking system to know the status of PF reauthorization form. you have to wait for 10-15 days, if you receive your PF claim amount then it is OK otherwise raise a grievance at PF portal.

Can I Submit Reauthorization Form for Online Claims

Yes, you can submit it. But if you don’t want to visit your PF office then correct your bank account details online at UAN member portal. Once your employer approves your new bank account details then you can again claim your PF amount.

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  1. Hello I have done PF transfer by online and below is claim status. ( PF trust account to non trust account by cheque) I have received Annex K also , but till amount not reflected in Current Passbook ( almost 6 month completed )

    Claim Status Details
    CLAIM ID xxxxx
    CLAIM FORM TYPE Form-13 (Transfer Out)
    PARA DETAILS Transfer (Unexempted to Unexempted in same region (office)
    CLAIM STATUS Settled
    REMARKS Your Claim [ Claim Id – Mxxx ] has been Settled on – 04-JUL-2019. Amount and Service tranferred to : MHBAxxxx

    Disclaimer – Information shown above is based on available data on central server.This information ma

  2. Hii my name is printed on cheque with matching the pf Account they rejected with reason member name not printed on cheque so what will be the issue

  3. Hello sir
    I had submitted claim form online and it was settled but it was returned so I have submitted reauthorization form to the regional EPFO office due to wrong account details, is it necessary to reclaim the pf amount online again?

  4. Dear Sir

    Due to wrong bank and IFSC code details in PF portal the money not credited in my account ,But now current all details update in PF portal so i can submit ASR form by online .Please update .

    • Hi Vivek Anand,
      You need to submit PF reauthorization form to your PF office directly or you can also reclaim your PF amount online.

  5. Dear Sir,

    I claimed my PF advance payment it has been withdrawn,by mistake i entered wrong bank account number but i uploaded correct passbook. and amount as been credited to that account (wroung account)

  6. Hello Rajesh, epfo has settled my claim amount and for some resons it shows settled but returned.. And wen i reapplied it said the calim was rejected..

    I have my uan all updated and approved by the employer.. When i try to claim it online it says the pi attribute error and aadhar demographic error something like dat.. Expecting the mobile number is mismatching with epfo and aadhaar i have hpdated the mibile number as well and still it shkws the same error..

    Can you kindly guide me to claim the amoumt?

  7. Hi Team,
    Actually i need to submit ASR form offline for pf withdrawal from my current employer.but in the ASR form it’s mentioned as previous employer signature.Can i take current employer signature in the same place.

    Could some one please help me on this.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Vinod Kumar

  8. Dear Rajesh sir,
    Thanks for the response.
    But I do not have a separate bank account. In such a case how would the amount be reverted back to my PF account.
    Thank your in advance for your valuable advice

    • Hi Shailesh,
      The amount will credit back into your PF account within 15 days, you can check it in your PF passbook. In the meantime create a new bank account and update it in your UAN portal.

      • Dear Sir,
        Thanks for the help. I had raised a claim in July -19 but as the amount is not yet credited back in to my account. As per your information, the amount should be credited back within 15 days but till date there no such credit done. In this case what would be the go ahead or procedure.

        I am really thankful for your valuable online help..

  9. Dear Sir,
    I had submitted the Re-authorization form but the form was rejected for the following reasons
    1. The form was not signed by the employer
    2. The bank account is Joint account
    3. Wrong IFSC code provided

    Is it necessary to have single holder account. I had also submitted a cancelled cheque then how the IFSC code would be wrong.
    Can I receive a cheque for the claim using reauthorization form
    or in the worst case what is the procedure to revert the money back to my PF account

    Thank you in advance

    • Update your aadhar, bank account number and PAN at UAN portal and ask your employer to approve them, after approval reclaim your PF amount.

  10. Dear Sir,
    My reauthorization form was rejected stating the following reasons
    1. Claim not signed by employer
    2. The bank account is joint account
    3. IFSC code does not match

    IS it necessary to have a separate bank account? Is it possible to receive cheque of the claim amount using reauthorization form

    • Hi Shailesh,
      Yes, the separate bank account is required and if your KYC not linked with your UAN then your employer’s signature is mandatory.

  11. Sir I am update wrong home address only pin code number so what I can do sir. Any problem sir I am already pf withdrawal from 19 submitted.

  12. Hello,
    My Pf status shows settled but amount not credited to my bank account. When I again applied it shows Rejected and the reason was “THE MEMBER HAS REQUESTED TO SUBMIT REAUTHORISATION CLAIM THROUGH EMPLOYER”
    Can the difference between Name as per my PF account and Name in my Bank account be the reason for such reauthorisation?? Please guide what can be done..

  13. hello sir
    i got pf amount reject due to miss match of bank account number after that again i corrected account number and got approved by company and applied to claim again but when i visited to pf ofc they said to post asr form with details is that really necessary do submit asr form and today(29th aug) when i checked on my pass book claim status that shows claim settled neft sent 29th.
    it means what i will get money into my account or i have to submit asr form for sure.

  14. hello sir,
    My pf claim was settled and returned due to incorrect back account details, now i am going to fill re-authorization form but i am not in the same city where i have worked before so is there any alternate option available for Employer signature?

    • Hi Ishika,
      Correct your bank account details at UAN member portal and ask your employer to approve them, after approval again reclaim your PF amount online.

    • Sir mera claim seteld hai pr account no glt hone kya bjha se amont credit ni hua or mera regional office goa mai hai or baad mai maine accont no b thik krva liaa hai but or reautherstion form mai employers k sign ki jrrurt hai or mai out of state hu epfo office ko to mai form speed post kr skta hu prr usme compny ki seal or sign nhi honge to kya aprove ho jayga bank account maine kyc dobara amployer se thik krva lia hai

    • hello sir,
      My pf claim was settled and returned due to incorrect back account details, so please return my money in credit my account

  15. Due to wrong account number, amount didn’t credited in my account.
    Even i updated new account number in UAN portal then also its rejected by pf office.
    can you please help me for these?

    • Hi Divya,
      What is the reason they have told with you if they didn’t tell any reason then raise a grievance at PF portal.

  16. Dear Sir,
    I have requested partial withdrawal for house construction and status was sowing as settled but later i come to know my bank account number was missed one digit. In EPFO portal showing as settled but in claim status link showing as returned due to wrong account information. Pass book is updated as settled against Claim Against PARA 68B(1)(c). I have corrected bank account number through KYC and got employer approval also confirmed it is changed now. how i can get partial withdrawal amount online now and how many days required ? As employer approved Bank detail KYC, do i need to submit PF Reauthorization Form offline as well ?

  17. Dear Sir,

    Due to wrong account number, amount didn’t credited in my account.
    But it’s not crediting back to PF pass book also .How many days usually it will take to credit back to PF account ?
    Even i updated new account number in UAN portal
    Should I re apply again ?


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