PF Reauthorization Form for Incorrect Bank Account Details

EPF members who didn’t get their PF claim amount or advance due to incorrect bank account details need to submit a form called PF reauthorization form to their respective EPF office. If your PF claim settled but money not credited and the reason is the wrong bank a/c number of IFSC then you can use below PF reauthorization form to get the refund of your PF claim amount.

What is PF Reauthorization Form

PF reauthorization form is also known as A.S.R form used to get the refund of unsettled EPF claim amounts. EPF members can submit this form for both offline claims and also for online claims.

Where I Can Get the Reauthorization Form

You can download PF reauthorization form by using below link or you can also get a copy of PF reauthorization format your regional EPF office.

Download PF Reauthorization Form PDF

PF Reauthorization Form Sample
PF Reauthorization Form Sample

How To Fill PF Reauthorization Form

  • Write your regional EPF office address to which you have submitted your EPF withdrawal forms.
  • Under subject mention your EPF account number / UAN number.
  • Now enter your returned EPF amount and also enter the date of claim settlement, you can find these details in EPF claim status portal.
  • Enter the returned EPF amount on fields wherever required.
  • Now enter your correct bank account details such as bank a/c number, IFSC code, bank name ban address.
  • After writing your bank account details now write your personal home address.
  • Now sign the PF reauthorization letter and also take your employer attestation.

Required Supporting Documents

PF Cancelled Cheque for PF withdrawal


Bank passbook copy

How Much Time Will Take For PF Refund After Submitting PF Reauthorization Form

Once you submit PF reauthorization form to your regional EPF office then within 10-15 days you will get the refund of your PF claim amount into your bank account.

Can I Submit PF Reauthorization Form Through Post

Yes, you can submit PF reauthorization form through speed post and remember there is no tracking system to know the status of PF reauthorization form. you have to wait for 10-15 days, if you receive your PF claim amount then it is OK otherwise raise a grievance at PF portal.

Can I Submit Reauthorization Form for Online Claims

Yes, you can submit it. But if you don’t want to visit your PF office then correct your bank account details online at UAN member portal. Once your employer approves your new bank account details then you can again claim your PF amount.

296 thoughts on “PF Reauthorization Form for Incorrect Bank Account Details”

  1. Hi Sir,
    I filled my PF settlement form 19 and 10C on 02.08.2021 and it is settled on 12th and 13th Aug. 2021. I also received a message on my mobile number on 14th Aug ’21 that money will be credited within 3 working days in your bank account. But it is going to be 1 month & 4 days still i am unable to receive my money. Yesterday I called in my PF office they are telling me my pf is returned back but when i am checking online (on my PF account) it is showing settled only. kindly please help. i am unable to understand why my settled PF is returned because i checked all my KYC details they all are correct.

  2. Dear Sir ,

    My PF claim raised on 9th July got returned on 16th as Account number was wrong. But even after one month neither the amount is showing in the passbook , nor the online status is showing as returned only grievance reply is as returned. I fixed the account number online, got it approved from my employer and when i visited the KR puram PF office they asked me to claim again. This claim got rejected with the status that the claim is already settled. In this case what is the recourse i need to take. Online grievance is not replying with correct status , they just reply with raise the request when amount recredited . Or recredit in progress. Does it mean that their is something fishy ?

  3. Sir I got a msg to my mobile number from epfo telling my asr form got rejected on 23rd but after that again and again I’m receiving msg from epfo telling that claim is under process for the same claim id which got rejected wat does it mean?

    • To know the exact status, register a complaint on EPF grievance portal website.
      If your ASR is rejected then solve that problem, and resubmit the ASR or reapply for PF online.

  4. Hii Sir,
    Mistakenly I had given wrong account number in my PF account. Last time when I applied.. Claim was settled but amount went back to my PF account… I didn’t notice the account number I reclaimed the amount… It got rejected and the reason was claim already settled…. And the status is also same i.e already settled.

    Now I have informed my employer to correct the account details. After correction do I need to apply ASR or directly claim for withdrawal from my PF account.

  5. Sir my name in UAN portal is John samuvel but in bank account it is John S so will my claim be rejected if I proceed with the following

  6. Sir I submitted Asr form and it got rejected due to the following reasons
    Wat does this mean and now wat should I do

    • Maybe your ASR form is not signed by your employer, so better reapply for the PF online after correcting your bank details on the UAN portal.

      • The asr form which I submitted had the attestation from my employer with the company seal but still I got it rejected and rejecting reason was as I mentioned above why did this happen sir

        • Is your bank passbook signed by the bank officer, or in case if you have submitted a cheque then make sure your name is printed on it?
          If everything is fine then register a complaint on the EPF grievance portal website to know the exact reason for rejection.

  7. Hi sir,
    My pf full and final settlement and pension claim got settled and returned from the bank.I raised a grievance and they told me to submit re issue proforma application in the office.I submitted the form and corrected the KYC as well.How many days it will take to get the money? Or Should I have to re apply online for the same? And my epf passbook balance is still showing as zero.What to do?

    • If you have submitted the PF reauthorization form to the PF office then the PF amount will credit into your bank account in 7-10 days.
      You don’t need to reapply & no need to worry about the PF passbook.

  8. sir my pf balance shows 0 balance but the amount is settled and returned it’s been more than a week still it’s not updated in my pf passbook but I submitted reauthorization form will I get the amount or will it be rejected since pf passbook is not updated?
    After how many days it takes for settled and returned amount to reflect in passbook

  9. hi i am applied my pf advance i got a msg your pf amount settled , i check my bank balance after 4 to 5 days but i didnt get my money so after that i filled the re authorization letter and went near epf office they told me again you have to apply can you please help me out the same

      • dear sir

        sir i withdrawed my pf amount and after 2 days i got a massage like this please read it, your pf amount is settled within 3 working days your amount well credit to ur account this the massage i got form epfo) and after 3 days the amount didnot credited to my amount and now it has been 1 and half month nearly still my amount didnot credited to my account,.
        sir please tell me the solution please sir what i want to do.


        • It happens if your bank details are not correct, so pls check them on the UAN portal and correct them if they are wrong.
          After approval of your new bank details by your employer, reapply for PF.

          • Sir my amount cutted in pf account(UNA) but didnot credited to my bank account and it didnot retuned to my pf account sir where money had sucked.

  10. Dear Sir,

    Due to wrong account number, amount didn’t credited in my account.
    But it’s not crediting back to PF pass book also .How many days usually it will take to credit back to PF account ?
    Even i updated new account number in UAN portal
    Should I re apply again ?
    MY UIN NO 100056800283

      • Sir I got the msg as settled but returned but the amount is not reflecting back to my passbook. The amount is shown in withdrawal section still it’s not updated it’s been more than a week I got the settled but returned status but it’s not updated in passbook. How long will it take for the amount to reflect back in passbook

        • It will reflect but takes some time. But you don’t need to wait for it, correct your bank details on the UAN portal and reapply for the PF.

  11. hi
    sir i have applied my full and final settlement in online after i have get massage that it will credited in bank account and again it shows return in pf account but amount not shown in deposite now i have again put my full bank account number and ifsc code in kyc portal i have to ask that i ll get my all amount from pf portal or not i am little bit confuse about this can u suggest what i ll do that i can get the amount from pf portal.

    thank you
    Ayushi Kundu

    • You can reapply for PF withdrawal, it takes some time to update your PF passbook, in the meantime, you can reclaim your PF amount.

  12. Hi sir,
    As per your update I have updated my updated my KYC and it’s approved by employer and now I have applied for the claim but now it’s settled and says it will be credited to your account with in 3days but what I applied older is not recredited again it’s been deducted from the pf account so what should I do now. Could you please assist.

  13. Hi sir ,

    As per your instructions , i have update my bank account details in portal . after approval you say i need again to claim , but tell me as i with draw amount which claim setteled but returned credited to my pf account. because i have not balance to withdraw.


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