PF Transfer Amount Not Reflecting/ Showing in Passbook

If your PF transfer claim status is shown as accepted by the field office then your passbook will be updated with the transferred PF amount from your previous company.  You can know whether the amount was transferred or not in the EPF passbook portal by viewing your latest PF passbook. 

Once the PF amount transfers then your previous company PF passbook shows Zero balance and new company PF passbook will show the transferred PF amount.

What to Do If PF Transfer Amount is Not Showing in Passbook

If your transferred PF amount is not showing in the latest PF passbook then wait for 1 or 2 working days and still the new PF passbook doesn’t show the transferred amount then raise a grievance on EPF grievance portal.

Go to EPF grievance portal → Select PF member Enter your UAN → Enter your basic details → Click on your present PF member ID → Select category as Non transfer of PF → Type your message → → Submit the request.

While raising grievance on PF grievance portal select problem related to Not transfer of PF and type a message that the amount was not transferred even after acceptance of field office.

Then within 24-48 hours your problem will be solved or you will get a message from EPFO about why the amount is not reflecting in your PF passbook.

PF Money Transferred but Pension Money Not Transferred

When you transfer PF then both PF and pension amounts will transfer but transferred pension amount will not be seen in the new PF passbook. But you can withdraw that amount whenever you leave your job if your total service is less than 10 years.

If your total service greater than 10 yrs then you will become eligible for monthly PF pension which you will get it after completing 58 years of your age.

Read more details here: PF transferred but pension not transferred why ?


How long will it take to transfer PF amount 

It will take a maximum 20 days from the date of applying for the PF transfer claim online. If your PF amount doesn’t transfer even after 20 days and still claim status showing under process then it is better to raise a complaint on EPF grievance portal.

How do you check if balance is transferred

After successful PF transfer you will get a message from EPFO to yoru PF registered mobile number.

And any time you can check your transferred PF balance on the PF passbook website. To download your PF passbook login in PF passbook website with your UAN and password.

Now select your latest PF member ID and click on view passbook. 

Login in PF passbook portal → Select PF member id → view passbook (choose old format)

What happens if PF passbook not available

It is not available only when you are working in an exempted establishment i.e companies which run their own EPF trust. 

In that case you can download your latest PF passbook on your company website, for details you have to contact your HR or finance department.

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29 thoughts on “PF Transfer Amount Not Reflecting/ Showing in Passbook”

  1. Hello,

    My transfer amount not showing in current pf passbook,I raised the grievance but answer is contact regional office I get the answer from current pf office in just case what to do.

    • Your current PF passbook will show only the transferred PF amount, not the pension amount.
      If it is not showing PF amount also then you have to visit your PF office as said in the grievance portal.

  2. Hi sir,
    I have a doubt can u help me giving a clear view abt it
    I joined x company that company created a pf but I left the company immediately within a month without working there and joined y company
    Now the x company updtaed my doe as Oct 5 as per their record whereas I joined y company on sep 9 itself
    Which means as per the record it is considered as dual employment but the fact is I left the x company unofficially
    Now will this create any problem? Pls give me a view on wat will be the consequences since I’m a fresher Im not aware of all this
    Thanks in advance

  3. Transferred PF amount is not showing in the latest PF passbook. And I have already
    raised a grievance on EPF grievance portal on 1 Sep, 2021. Still grievance status showing CASE UNDER PROCESS.

    Pls guide me
    What to do?

      • I have already tried to reply but I am not able to send the reminder. Getting message send reminder after 1 month completion of Gravience.

        Pls guide me

      • Same is the case with me too.
        Amount settled and transferred on 2 sept and 22 sept for two previous PF accounts but amount is not reflecting in the latest PF passbook.
        I have already raised a grievance on EPF grievance portal on 23 Sep, 2021 and a reminder was sent a week back but still grievance status showing CASE UNDER PROCESS . Can you please help with the resolution of this problem ?

  4. my company dedicated my PF amnt every month but they didn’t generate my UAN no. After 20months company generated my UAN no. and approve my KYC on date26/07/2021 but in my e Passbook there is no balance available. Plz guide me

    • Go to service history on the UAN member portal website, and check your service period, so that you will know whether they are paying your PF or not. If not ask them to pay the amount or tell them that you will register a complaint in your regional EPF office.

    • Check your present PF passbook, whether it showing the transferred amount or not.
      If it is not showing then there is a problem with your PF transfer.

  5. sir my pf amount transferred settele on date 09/04/2021 from gurugram office to delhi office but amou‌nt still 13/07/2021 not credited in current pf account. in my graviance gurugram office say your pf amount transferred and DELHI office say that transferred amount not received this office. what i do .

      • same case here

        amount transferred from one pf account to another pf account in mar’21 as per claim status.
        However the same is not credited in another pf account.

        filed grievance twice in june and july’21, they disposed the case by sending annexure-k.
        But neither the amount transferred in pf account nor bank account.

        What to do?


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