How many Days It will Take to Transfer PF Online

In general, the PF transfer process takes 20 days. But some times PF transfer claims will settle even before 20 days also.  EPFO is constantly increasing the experience of EPF online services, now without visiting your PF office you can transfer your PF amount from your previous company to the present company and the speed of claim settlements is also increasing day by day.

Stages in PF Transfer

There are two stages involved in the PF transfer process, the first one is acceptance of transfer claim either by a previous employer or present employer depending on the employee interest, and the second stage is acceptance of PF claim by regional PF office.

In the first stage, the employer can accept the PF transfer claim request of the employee immediately. Because when an employee applies for PF transfer, then that request immediately appears in the employer’s PF portal, there the employer has to approve it.

If your employer is not approving your request, then it is better to intimate them regarding your PF transfer request, because some employers are lazy enough to approve those requests.

In second stage, after approval of the PF transfer claim request by your present or previous employer then that request will be forwarded to your regional EPF office. Now it is the turn of your PF office to approve it.

Here the maximum time will take, and it is 20 days. If your transfer claim remains pending at PF office for more than 20 days then you need to raise a grievance at the PF portal, to speed up your PF claim request.

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