PF Withdrawal Before 6 Months & PF Eligibility Period

Every day there are so many employees joining in new jobs and some leave their jobs within 6 months due to several reasons. But when they are employed on regular basis then will contribute to employee provident fund from their first day of joining onwards. Before knowing what happens when we do PF withdrawal before 6 months we should know how our PF money will be contributed to EPF account.  As we all know every employee whose monthly basic salary is less than 15000 will contribute to PF.

PF Withdrawal Before 6 Months & PF Eligibility Period

But EPF account consists 2 parts one is PF and another one is a pension. The entire contribution of the employee will be deposited into the PF account but the employer contribution will be deposited into the both PF and pension accounts of the employee.

  • 12% of employee basic salary will go to the PF account of the employee
  • 3.67% of employer contribution will also go to the PF account of the employee.
  • Remaining 8.33% will go to the pension account of the employee.

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What Happens If You Do PF Withdrawal Before 6 Months

The minimum PF eligibility period to withdraw both PF contribution and Pension contributions of an employee is 6 months. So when an employee resigns or leaves an organization before 6 months then he can’t able to withdraw pension amount i.e 8.33% of employer contribution. But he can withdraw his PF contribution and employer PF contribution even before 6 months.

The employee has complete right to withdraw PF amount even for the Single working day also, but in order to withdraw Pension amount, he must complete 6 months service.

So What To Do Instead Of Doing PF Withdrawal Before 6 Months?

Instead of withdrawing PF amount before Six months they can transfer their PF amount from old PF number to new PF number. At present the automatic PF transfer was enabled, so whenever an employee joins in the new organization and continues his old UAN number then his PF and pension amounts will transfer automatically to new PF account number.

12 thoughts on “PF Withdrawal Before 6 Months & PF Eligibility Period”

  1. Hi this is Omkar,

    I have left the company in April 2021 after leaving the job i have marked the exit from the company via online PF Website but while marking the exit i made a mistake that first i entered the exit date of current organization and later i entered the previous employer.
    So is there any difficulty while online withdrawal of PF amount.
    Can i withdrawal the money without any difficulty.

    Please let me know.

  2. I left company in 6 months , exact 6 months, it means September 2019 to February 2020 . Can I get employer percentage and pension?

    • Hi Imran,
      Any supervisor level employee can be added as the authorized signatory and request the EPFO by stating the above issue on a letterhead, if it is needed take the signatures of all employees.

  3. Dear Sir,

    One of the contract has been closed due to death of contractor. Now employees under him wants to withdraw pf.

    In above case how to withdraw their pf ??

    • in claim status enter the details of contract like reason of withdrawal – contract complete and like date also
      but my side view R U JOINED NEW JOB ..? if u joined new job don’t do this just add current PF no to add u r UAN no it will increase u r service and Money also
      if u want any urgent need money just take Advance okay


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