Present Employer Has Not Made Payment in Your PF Account [Solution]

If you have recently got a fresh PF account (or) if your present employer intentionally did not make any payment in your PF account then your PF withdrawal claims and transfer claims will get rejected for the reason of “the present employer had not made payment in your PF account”.

This problem has two solutions depending upon the reasons for the claim rejection.

Solution 1: If Your PF Account is Fresh 

If you recently changed your job and got a new PF account then you have to wait until your first PF contribution credits into your PF account before applying for PF withdrawal (or) transfer.  (Companies will pay PF contributions on or  before the 15th of every month for the previous month’s salaries)

Once your first PF contributions of employee and employer credits into your present PF account then that specific account will become active, and then you can transfer your previous company’s PF to your present PF account without any problem.

Once the PF amount is credited to your PF account, then you can download your PF passbook, otherwise, you will receive a “passbook unavailable” error. 

To withdraw the PF you need to wait at last months from the date of leaving your job. In the meantime, you can withdraw PF advance if needed.

You can check whether the PF contributions are credited by your employer or not by downloading your EPF passbook on the PF passbook portal.

Solution 2: If Employer Didn’t Pay PF Contributions

If your employer intentionally is not paying PF contribution or due to any financial problems then also you will get the above error in both PF withdrawals and transfer claims.

In that case, first, you need to get a confirmation from your employer, and if you are not satisfied with their answer then contact your EPF branch office (or) labour department office.

For every month of your work, the PF has to be credited into your PF accounts within 15 days after that month. (For example, April 2022 PF contributions have to be credited into the PF accounts on or before 15 May 2022 by the employer)

If your employer is not paying PF contributions then you cannot download your PF passbook it shows “ Passbook Unavailable”. And when you apply for the PF transfer or withdrawal claim then your claim gets rejected for the reason of “employer not made the payment”.

Therefore, the overall solution to this problem is to check your PF passbooks regularly, and if your employer fails to pay PF contributions in any month then ask the reason for the delay,  especially before applying for PF withdrawals and transfers.

EPFO rejects the PF claims for the reason that the present employer has not made any payment because they don’t want to lose your hard-earned money.


Who is the present employer?

Present employer means your current working company. If you haven’t joined any new job then your last working company will be considered as a present employer.

What if my employer willfully doesn’t pay the PF contributions?

It leads to penalties, and EPF will take action against them as per the complaints of the EPF members or during their inspections.

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