Private School Teacher Biodata Formats in Word & PDF (Free Download)

Looking for a teaching job? Here you can find the most effective biodatas created specifically for teaching positions.

The teacher biodata format should include the qualification, teaching experience, subjects taught, and other personal and contact information. Including any relevant certificate details will separate you from other teachers applying for the job.

Below are sample biodata formats for teacher jobs, which you can download in Word format.

Simple & Best Biodata Format for Teacher Job

Simple & Best Biodata Format for Teacher Job in Word Free Download

Teacher Biodata Format with No Experience

Teacher Biodata Format with No Experience Word Format

Primary School Teacher Biodata Format

Primary School Teacher Biodata Format Word Format

Secondary School Teacher Biodata Format

Secondary School Teacher Biodata Format Word File

Indian School Teacher Simple Biodata Format

Indian School Teacher Simple Biodata Format Word Format Download

Tips to Write a Good Teacher Biodata Format

1. Education

  • Clearly mention your highest degrees and any relevant qualifications such as B.Ed, M.Ed, D.El.Ed, B.Sc, etc. Include the names of the institutions, graduation completion years, and scores achieved.
  • Highlight if you have done any teaching workshops or courses such as the Teacher for India fellowship, British Council Teacher Training program, Khan Academy Teacher Training Program, and NCERT (Nation Council Of Educational Research and Training)
  • Similarly, every state will also conduct some workshops and teacher training programs.
    For example in my state Andhra Pradesh, the are programs like ASSCERT (AP State Council of Educational Research and Training) and APTET (Andrheadh Pradesh Tacher Eligibility Test).  Doing such a course will help in your teaching career.

2. Experience

List your teaching experiences in reverse chronological order, i.e. from recent experience to previous experiences.  Include the name of the school, your job title, and the work duration.

Also, describe your primary job responsibilities. In biodata, you don’t have space to mention all these things, but if you use a resume you can include job responsibilities as well.

3. Relevant Certificates: for Credibility

List if you have any additional certifications related to the teaching job like classroom management, workshops, special education training, subject-specific specifications, etc. which highlight your credibility. 

4. Quantifying the Results: Student grades, results

Achievements play an important role in the teacher’s biodata especially if they are quantified. Provide examples such as improvement in grades, test scores, or overall academic performance.

Ex: Achieved a 95% pass rate in my Maths Class.


1. Do I need to submit a cover letter with the teacher’s biodata?

A cover letter is not mandatory, as biodata itself consists of all the information such as qualifications and experience required for the position you are looking for. 

2. What is the difference between a teacher’s resume and a biodata?

A resume is more detailed compared to a biodata. You should choose to use biodata 
(or) resume depending on the experience and education you have and also the school in which you are applying for the job.
If you do not have much experience and looking for a teaching job in a local school, you can use biodata. If you are experienced, have more skills, and have experience then you can use a resume.

3. Do teachers in India use biodata (or) resumes (or) CVs?

Most teachers in India use biodata or resumes while applying for the job. CV is not required for a teaching position.

4. What is a good summary of teacher jobs for freshers?

A passionate and dedicated teacher with a strong background in [subject name]. Recently graduated with a degree in [Degree name], I am eager to apply my knowledge and skills to help students achieve their academic goals. I am committed to creating a positive and engaging learning environment.

5. What skills should I mention in the teacher job biodata?

Subject expertise, classroom management, communication skills, adaptability, Empathy, patience, and technological proficiency.

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