Reminder Letter For Full and Final Settlement to Employer

Every employee has a right to get all the dues after the date of resignation. As per the full and final settlement policy, every employer needs to pay all the dues to the employee when they resign to their job or when they have terminated by the employer. The time taken to complete full and final settlement lies in between 30-60 days.

How to Write a Reminder Letter for Full & Final Settlement

Some companies will process full and final settlements without any request, but for some companies, you need to send a letter or email to process your Full and Final settlement. If they don’t do then you have to send a reminder letter regarding your F&F request.

Incase your HR is not responding to your full and final settlement email or letter then you can send a reminder email to remind you about your F&F request. Here is the sample email format.

Full & Final Settlement Reminder


The HR,

XYX Company,

Sub: Reminder for full and final settlement

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is with reference to my resignation dated on _______ still my full and final settlement was not completed. I have already submitted no due certificate format and there were no dues from my side.

Here I request you to please send me the statement copy of the full and final settlement so that I can check it and hope for a quick response from your side.



Full and Final Settlement Reminder Email

Sub: Reminder for Full & Final Settlement

Dear Sir/Madam,

This with reference to the mail send on 12/05/2020, I ___________, have applied for my full and final settlement, but till now the amount was not credited to my account even though I have cleared all my pending dues and works.

So here I am requesting you to please process my full and final settlement request.



What Employees will Get After Full & Final Settlement

  • All the pending salaries or wages and allowances such as leave allowances ( CLs, ELs) and traveling allowances etc).
  • If employees complete 5 yrs of continuous service then they will get gratuity from their employer.
  • Unpaid bonus amount.
  • Assisting the employees in claiming provident fund and pension.

As I said earlier in order to get full and final settlement dues the first employee need to clear all the dues with the employer, for that employee needs to take clearance signature from each and every department of the organization on no due certificate. (Employee can get no due certificate from the employer).

Once employee handover no due certificate format to the employee then the employer will initiate the full and settlement process.

Laws Which are Related to Employee Full & Final Settlement

In case if any employer fails to provide full and settlement benefits to the employees then they are punishable under employment-related acts such as payment of wages act 1936, industrial employment standing orders act 1946.

Employees need to file a case on employer through a good lawyer when they didn’t get full and settlement from their employer.

In many companies, the employer will send a copy of full and settlement statement to the employee to check it. Once employee checks and approves then the employer will clear all the dues.

Sometimes employee need to remind the employer by sending a full and final settlement to HR. Here is a sample reminder letter for full and settlement to the employer, which will help you to remind your employer regarding your full and settlement procedure.

11 thoughts on “Reminder Letter For Full and Final Settlement to Employer”

  1. Hi,
    I was terminated by employer on 29th September 2022, but my FNF settlement still not yet cleared nor they are responding to my emails as I sent 9 email reminders.

    Actually they terminated me with the reason mentioned that ” your Services are no longer required” and after getting termination letter with above reason, employer called by to visit office when I ho there they got my sign on a statement where they mentioned that you are guilty and you have recorded our conversation and complaints to my ex employer, now they are not replying to my emails nor releasing my dues.

    In that case what should I do?.

    • Hi
      iam also facing same issue I mailed many times but they didn’t responding what should i do can you please help me

  2. That on 24 June 2021 i have submitted my resignation Letter which is duly approved by Mr Koteswara Reddy Sir ,Cluster Credit Manager and also served my notice period ,.

    I am writing this letter to state that on 15 Sep 2021 i got relieved from your company HDBFS Financial Services , But my full and final settlement has not been done , i request you to kindly do the full and final settlement and send me , i also request you to please share the my relieving Letter with me as soon as possible ,

    Company said your I’d was open 16th sep 2021 , login after the lwd , but we are not share the my I’d and password , due to your full and final settlement hold

  3. my company terminated me on 18 December 2020 but still they didn’t paid my salary. i send mail for my FNF but they are not responding. what should i do?

    • You can contact your nearest labour welfare department office or intimidate your employer that you are going to complain at the Labour department office.

  4. company not entertained my settlement till date (resignation date 6.3.19) full & final settlement papers already sent to them. any government body mail id i can cc- my all mails pl share.

    • I am ex worker of sek electricals pvt ltd he’d office in delhi
      Thay are terminate me 27 jan 2020
      And I submitted all documents and laptop with sample on 3 feb 2020 after that thay will deposit in my account only 5 k and my sallery stuck since 1st december 2019 to 27 jan 2020 the I so many mail to h.r .,hod and company ceo so many time but thay are not respond to me this time is very hard time for me my family can u success me what I do


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