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If you have completed your under graduation or going to complete your final year then you must be ready with a beautiful resume. As fresher you have to focus on highlighting your skills and knowledge in your resume.

As a fresher you can limit your resume to 1-2 pages, in most cases, a one-page resume will be enough. If you have any project work and experience of any part-time jobs then you can add an additional page.

Here are some sample fresher resume formats for undergraduate students, which you can download in Word format.

Freshers Resume Format 1 (B.Com Degree)

Degree fresher resume for B.Com students in Word

Download more sample B.Com fresher resume formats

Freshers Resume Format 2 (B.Sc Computer Science)

Degree fresher resume for computer science student download

Fresher Resume Format 3 (B.Sc BioTechnology)

Degree fresher B.Sc biotechnology student resume download

Fresher Resume Format 4 (BBA students)

Degree fresher resume for BBA students in Word download

Fresher Resume Format 5 (BA Students)

Degree fresher resume for BA students in Word

Tips: How to Write a Resume for First Job with  No Experience

1. Career objective / Profile summary: 

You can start your resume either with a career objective or profile summary.

A career objective means a simple statement that tells what you are looking for and a profile summary means a short introduction about your skills, experience, and knowledge.

As a fresher it is better to mention the career objective, once you start getting experience then you can replace it with a profile summary.

But in case you have any specialized skills or any part-time job experience then you can mention the profile summary as well. 

2. Educational Qualification

Mention your educational details immediately after the career objective or profile summary.

Mention your higher educational details first and then the rest of the educational details.

3. Project work 

If you have done any project work then mention those project details, such as topic name, company name, and a few important points about the project.

If you haven’t done any project or are not sure about your project work then you can ignore this part. Because the interviewers may ask questions related to your project if you mention them in your resume.

4. Key skills related to Job

This is the most important part that plays an important role in catching the attention of the employer. Most freshers will ignore this part by thinking that they don’t have any skills.

Before writing your key skills read the job description carefully and try to identify any few skills which you already possess. There are some skills you can learn in one or two days. So try to identify those types of skills and update them in your resume.

5. Technical Skills: 

Mention any of your computer skills such as MS office, coding, etc. If you are looking for a technical job then you will definitely learn some skills at the end of your education.

Even if you are looking for a non-technical job, still learning some basic computer skills like MS Word and Excel will become an added advantage to you.

6. Other Skills

Write any other skills which you have such as good communication skills, leadership skills, quick learning, adaptability, interpersonal skills, etc.

7. Hobbies & Interests

Mention whatever hobbies & interests you have, remember the interviewer may ask questions related to your hobbies, so be genuine about them

Some examples of hobbies to be mentioned in your resume are reading books, playing cricket, blogging, drawing, etc.

Best hobbies and interest for freshers in resume 

8. Format

Keep your resume simple and short. As a fresher 1-2 pages resume will be enough. Use simple fonts like Arial, Times New Roman, Segoe UI, Calibri, etc…

And it is always better to edit your resume, whenever you apply for a new job depending upon that particular job requirement.


1. Which type of resume is best for freshers?

Function type of resumes is best for freshers as it focuse mainly on the skills. Once you start getting experience then you can convert it to the chronological type of resume, which focuses more on experiences.

2. Is a one-page resume is enough for freshers?

Yes, it will be enough. Even experienced candidates also should keep their resume to 1-2 pages. It saves the time of interviewers.

3. Can degree students get jobs in MNC companies?

Yes, but you need to develop your skills which are required by the MNCs. You can find those details in their job notifications.

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