Salary Negotiation Letter Sample

Salary negotiation is one of the important aspect during job interview. Before expecting a particular amount of pay you have to know the worth of that job and how much salary that job is getting in market. Once you have a clear idea about that then you can negotiate your salary. There are so many cases where employees need to write a salary negotiation letter to their employer. Here you can find salary negotiation letter sample and you can use it for your salary negotiation purpose.

Salary negotiation is important when you have two or more job offers in your hand, when you think you have more experience in that field and in order to cover expenses of living cost.

salary negotiation letter sample

Salary Negotiation Letter Sample When There Are Other Job Offers

To,                                                                                           Date :

The Manager,                                                                       Bangalore

ABC Company Ltd.

Dear Sir,

Thank you for offering me marketing executive position at ABC Company Ltd. The position and areas of responsibilities are an excellent fit with my skill set and career goals.

Here I would like discuss about the compensation before I can accept the job offer. While ABC company ltd is my first preference, I have received other job offers which are offering me more compensation. The highest offer which I got was 25000 Rs from XYZ company ltd.

I’ m very interested in ABC company ltd and I Would happily accept if you could match the pay which I am getting from XYZ company ltd. Again thank you for your offer and I look forward to your response.


T Vinodh Kumar.

Salary Negotiation Letter Sample When To Match The Living Cost

To,                                                                                           Date :

The Manager,                                                                       Hyderabad

ABC Company Ltd.

Dear Sir,

I’m excited to relocate to Bangalore and ready to join with our new team.

Here I would like to bring your kind notice that Bangalore has higher cost of living when compared to Hyderabad and I have not seen any sign that my compensation will change for relocating. When compared to Hyderabad the cost of living in Bangalore is 15% high.

So I request you to please adjust my salary to cover the relocation expenses at Bangalore and if it is not possible please provide my an alternate solution so that we come to a mutual agreement.

Thanking You,

G Uday Bhaskar.

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Hope above two salary negotiation letter samples will be useful for you and you can use this templates as salary negotiation emails.

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