Salary Slip For 25000 Per Month In India

The salary slip formats may vary from one company to other companies. But every salary slip consists details like employee gross salary, basic salary, house rent allowances, medical allowances, conveyance allowances, special allowances, loss of pays and deductions like PF, ESI, professional tax, medical insurance etc. If you are looking for salary slip for 25000 per month then here you can find a sample pay with salary breakup for 25000 Rs per month.

Salary Slip For 25000 Per Month:

Any employee who is working in India will have some standard deductions and allowances. For example, for employees whose monthly basic is less than 15000 then 12% of their basic salary will be contributed towards employee provident fund. 

Similarly, if the monthly gross salary is less than 21000 then 0.75% of the total salary will be contributed to ESI.

But here we have a salary slip for 25000 per month there is no need to deduct ESI from employee salary.

Salary Breakup For 25000 Rs Per Month:

Gross Salary 25000 Rs Per Month
Earnings Deductions
Basic 60% 15000 PF 12% Of Basic 1800
HRA 20% Of Basic 3000 Professional Tax 200 (Varies In Each State)
Conveyance Allowances (Fixed) 1600 Loss of pay If any.
Medical Allowances 1250 Loan Recovery If any
Special Allowances
(Remaining Balance)
Total Earnings 25000 Total Deductions 2000
Net Salary Gross – Total Deductions 25000-2000 = 23000 Rs

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