Sample Emails for Reimbursement of Travel Expenses for Interview

Sometimes companies offer and pay travel expenses to the candidates who attend the interview. But the terms and conditions will be mentioned in the interview call letter. So before opting for going to the interview make sure to read all the terms related to travel expenses.

Whether you are selected or not selected for the job is not a matter, whenever the recruiters promise you that they will reimburse the travel expenses then they have to make the reimbursement for all the eligible travel expenses.

To claim the travel expenses you need to keep all the tickets, hotel bills, and lodging bills. Here you can find some sample email formats to request travel expenses for attending the job interview

How to Ask for Travel Reimbursement for an Interview

  1. Address the right person from whom you got the interview call letter. In most cases, company HRs will send those emails.
  2. Mention the subject line as “ Regarding reimbursement of travel expenses
  3. Write your name, date of interview, position for which you interviewed, and place of the interview.
  4. Attach all the required bill copies like travel bills, lodging bills, and hotel bills.
  5. And it is better to mention the details of travel expenses in the email.
  6. End the letter with thinking you note.

Sample Reimbursement Emails for Travel Expenses for Interview

Format 1

Sub: Request for travel expense reimbursement.

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is ____________(your name), attended interview on ___________(date of interview) for the position of ___________(job position) at _____________________(company name & location).

I was glad to attend the interview in an esteemed organization like yours.

As per the interview call letter you offered me to claim the travel expenses, the same you have already said after the interview.

Here I am claiming my travel expenses and attaching all the required copies of my travel and hotel bills. So please find them and kindly reimburse my travel expenses.

I hope you can make the payment soon.

Thanking you.


Your name.

Format 2

Sub: Regarding Travel expense reimbursement.

Dear Mr/Mrs.____________,

I am ____________(your name) has been interviewed for the post of ____________(job position) on __________(date of interview) at _______________________(company name & location), I am awaiting for the interview results.

Here I would like to request reimbursement of my travel expenses for an amount of 5800 Rs which I spent for attending the interview and please find all the bills attached with this email.

Here is the details of my travel expenses:

Ticket charges for both sides (Hyderabad to Bangalore to Hyderabad)4200 Rs
Night stay in hotel1000 Rs
Food bill600 Rs
Total5800 RS

I shall be thankful to you in this matter. 

Thanking you.


Your name.


1. Will companies really pay travel expenses for attending the interview

Yes, if the company is genuine then they will reimburse the travel expense, they will mention the information related to travel expense reimbursement in your interview call letter.

2. What if the recruiter is not paying the travel expenses.

If the recruiter is not reimbursing the travel expenses even though they offered in the interview call letter then you can contact the head of the organization.

Still, if you don’t get the reply then you can file a complaint on respect labour department or on the company’s social media platforms.

3. Are interview travel reimbursements taxable

Hence the reimbursed travel expenses are not an income to the person so they are not taxable. Companies will show it in their business expenses.

4. In how many days my travel expenses will be reimbursed

It depends on the company in which you attended the interview, in most cases, it will take 7- 30 days.

5. Can I get travel expenses before attending the interview?

No, companies generally don’t prefer to pay the travel expenses before the interview. In some rare cases, they will send you the tickets for attending the interview.

6. Why companies pay travel expenses of candidates

In general, companies spend a lot of amount on recruiting process. They will allocate a separate budget for reimbursement of travel expenses. Whenever they feel a particular candidate is worthy and suitable for the job position, then they are ready to pay the travel expenses, whether they hire him or not.

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