PF Withdrawal Form 19 Filled Sample 2019

EPF members need to submit EPF withdrawal form 19 to claim 12% of employer PF contribution and 3.67% of employer PF contribution. To withdraw pension amount employees need to submit PF form 10C. Employees are eligible to claim PF amount after 2 months from the date of exit. (But as per the recent amendment employees can claim 75% of PF amount even after 1 month also)

Download PF Form 19 PDF

Form 19 Filled Sample 2019

Sample Filled EPF Form 19 Page 1

Sample Filled PF Form 19 Page 1

Sample Filled EPF Form Page 2

Sample Filled PF Form 19 Page 2

How To Fill PF Form 19 For PF Final Settlement:

On right top corner write your mobile number, you will receive updates regarding your claim to this mobile number.

  • Field 1 name of the member, Write the name of the EPF member as it is present in the EPF portal.
  • Field 2 father’s name or husband’s name, Write father name or husband name of the EPF member.
  • Field 3 date of birth,  Write the date of birth of the EPF member as per the EPFO portal.
  • Field 4 name and address of the factory, Put address stamp of your employer.
  • Field5 PF number and UAN number, Write your PF account number and UAN number.
  • Field 6 date of joining in the establishment, Mention your date of joining in the establishment.
  • Field 7 date of leaving the service, Mention your date of leaving the service i.e date of exit.
  • Field 8 reason for leaving service, Write reason for leaving the service, whether it is retirement or resigned etc.
  • Field 9 PAN and form 15G details: If your service is less than 5 yrs and you are withdrawing more than 50000 Rs then mention your PAN number and submit Two copies of form 15G and One copy of PAN card. In other cases just leave this field blank.
  • Field 10 full postal address,  Here write full postal address of the EPF member. In case your claim forms are rejected then rejected PF withdrawal forms will be sent to this address.
  • Field 11 mode of payment, Write your bank name, bank a/c number, IFSC code and address of the bank. Be careful in writing this details, because if you write the wrong details then your PF claim will not settle.
  • Finally, sign the page 1 of PF form 19 and take your employer attestation also.

On page 2 of PF form 19 sign across the revenue stamp box, and there is no need to attest 1 Rupee revenue stamp on PF form 19.

Number of Signatures Required on EPF Form 19

  • PF form 19 needs two signatures of EPF member on page 1 and page 2. Employer needs to sign on the first page of PF form 19. So total 2 signatures of EPF member and 1 signature of employer are required on PF form 19.
  • There is no need to attest One Rupee revenue stamp on PF form 19.

Note: Recently Employee Provident Fund Organization has introduced PF composite claim forms aadhaar and non aadhaar, EPF members can use either those new forms or old PF claim forms like Form 19 and 10C to withdraw their PF and pension amounts.

How To Fill PF Form 19 In Online

  • Login to UAN member portal with UAN number and password.
  • Now go to online services in the primary menu and click on claim form 31, 19 & 10C.
  • Now in the new page, you will find your details like name, dob, father name or husband name and mobile number along with your KYC details like Aadhar, bank account details and also your service details.
  • If you find everything is correct then click on proceed for the online claim.
  • Now you have to choose the type of the claim i.e whether it is PF advance withdrawal (Form 31) or PF withdrawal(Form 19) or pension withdrawal(Form 10C).
  • After selecting the claim an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number, now enter that OTP and submit your claim.
  • After successful submission of the claim, you will receive an SMS confirmation to your mobile number.
  • Remember you need to submit both form 19 and form 10C separately in the online PF withdrawal process.

Still, if you have any question on filling PF form 19 then ask those questions in below comments section.

71 thoughts on “PF Withdrawal Form 19 Filled Sample 2019”

  1. Can we withdraw entire amount in one shot as i left organisation before month then 2 months.

    Also suggest that can we make a claim online or we need to submit the filled format to the regional offices.

    • Hi Shashi Ranjan,
      Yes, you can withdraw entire amount by claiming form 19 and 10 C either in online or offline. If you claim online then there is no need to submit filled PF claim forms.

  2. Hi Team,

    I got the below remark in my PF Status.
    Claim-Form-19 (EPF Final Settlement)(Resign) Claim id-AP25698523355865 Member id-AP25698523355865 has been rejected due to :- OK/OK.
    Can you please help me out with this Issue.

    • Hi Omii,
      Every PF account number will have UAN (Universal Account Number), You can know your UAN details and KYC details at UAN member portal
      If you are withdrawing more than 50000 Rs in less than 5 yrs of service then you should mention your PAN number in the field no 9 otherwise, just leave it blank.

  3. Hi.
    Good eve!..
    i have got releived from my previous company on febrauary 2016 ( previous company PF maintained under trust) and joined my new company during March2016. Due to some maintenance of the PF sites during that time i could not transfer the PF to my new company. in between my current company created one new UAN for my profile with wrong date of birth details. already i have old UAN at place. really im not sure what to do now 🙁 please help.

    currently i have 2 UAN. not sure which one to follow. i could not transfer the amount from previous company to current company due to mismatch in date of birth details. please advice

    • Hi Santhosh,
      Bank passbook xerox copy or cancelled cheque (on which your name is printed) will be enough, no need to submit bank statement.

  4. Sir, my pf form no 19 has been returned to me only affixed company stamp and sign but form and kyc not filled/completed. So how can withdraw my final pf. Please advice about my future steps……


  5. Hi sir, i m going to withdrawal my pf amt but my Name mentioned in uan portal BalaKrishnan Subramanian. Instead of BalaKrishnan. S
    But my father Name Subramanian.

  6. Sir
    Can i submit my withdrawal form to any pf office . My employer didn’t correctly upload kyc my initial name in aadhaar as per document.if it is any problem.

    • Hi Jishnu,
      You have to submit your PF claim forms to your regional PF office only. You can add your new Aadhar details your self in your UAN member portal and there is no need to delete old Aadhar details. If you can’t able to link your new aadhar details then visit your regional PF office with Aadhar card copy along with PF forms. There they will add your new aadhar details to your UAN number.

  7. Hi. I’ve my UAN number with me. I’m not employed presently. Can I withdraw my total PF amount?
    Should I send form 19 and 10c to my last employer or just fill up the composite form and send them to EPFO?
    (P.S.- while activating my UAN, I gave my KYC details in epfo member portal, and it says that my KYCs are approved, and AADHAR verified)

    • Hi Pantha Roy,
      If your KYC were approved by your employer then you can submit EPF composite claim form Aadhar directly to PF office. If KYC were not approved then you have to go through your employer.

    • Thank You Man. I gotta make this sure before submitting the files- so bothering you again. Please check the screenshot- that’s a snap of my epfo portal. See the KYC segment- and kindly confirm me what should I do now.
      People around me are telling me to approve my KYC thru my previous employer- which seems like a hassle right now. Can I apply for the full amount thru online claim? please enlighten me.

  8. Dear Sir,

    I couldn’t to download UAN member master in member master download portal. Whether its working. kindly confirm.

  9. Hi sir

    my Company got closed and i knw my UAN No number . hw can i withdrw my pf. plz help me out.

    kadar basha

    • Hi Kadar Basha,
      Link your KYC details with your UAN number in uan member portal and after that fill EPF composite claim form non aadhaar & write a letter to EPFO office about your issue.


    Now I am working .. But i have some personal issue to change the job without proper relieving….. And office approval..

    In future is there any possible to withdraw my pf amount without permission of office????

    • Hi Gopi,
      But before leaving your job please ask your HR department to add & approve your KYC details to your UAN number, then there is no need of your employer attestation for PF withdrawal.

    • Hi Rajesh,
      We have to submit form 15 G when service is less than 5 years and claim amount is more than 50000 Rs. If your service is more than 5 years you don’t need to submit Form15 G. Form 15 H is for senior citizens.

  11. Thanks for the details…my last month of employment was October 2016. Will I be able to withdraw full amount from my PF.

    • Hi Priyanka Rankawat,

      it was already two months completed, so now you can claim your PF amount. With in 15days you will get your PF amount in your bank account.

    • @ Dharmaraj
      You can ask your employer to check all your detail are added correctly or not, if is there any details missed then your UAN number doesn’t work in UAN portal.


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