Sample Letters of Recommendation for Student

Students need recommendation letters to apply for jobs, higher studies, and scholarships. Recommendation letters can be provided by teachers, professors, and employers.

Recommendation letters can be of two types, 1. Academic recommendation letters and 2. Professional recommendation letters. An academic recommendation letter will be issued to get admissions and scholarships, and professional reference letters will be issued to get the jobs.

This recommendation letter should be simple and effective. The reference letter must include positive words about the candidate, competencies, and qualifications and it should fulfill the student’s requirements.

How to Request a Recommendation Letter

  1. Select the right person from whom you want a letter of recommendation, this may be your teacher/professor.
  2. Ask in person: If possible, ask the individual directly before sending an official letter or mail.
  3. State the reason clearly, why you need a letter of reference, it can be anything professional or academic.
  4. Write an official email with your resume: Once you find a referee, send them an official email with your resume attached.
  5. Specify the due date by which you need the recommendation letter
  6. Follow-up: You may need to follow up on a regular basis to remind the referee about your reference letter.
  7. Say Thank you: Once you receive your reference letter thank the referee.

How to Write a Recommendation Letter for Students

  1. Think before saying Yes: You should think before accepting the recommendation request. Only eligible applicants must be referred.
  2. Obtain full details on the student’s qualifications.
  3. Address the letter to the right addressee, such as an employer or educational institution.
  4. Describe your relationship with the student and the number of years you know him or her.
  5. Highlight the qualifications and competencies of the student.
  6. Emphasize one or two key student characteristics that make them the right choice for the opportunity.
  7. Provide your contact information such as your mobile number and email id for any further communication.

Below are a few examples of recommendation letters that you can use to provide to the students. (Preferable print these letters on the official letterheads of the referees)

Academic Recommendation Letters

1. Simple Recommendation Letter for Students

Institution/Company Name,

Sub: Recommendation letter for Mr./Ms. [Student name].

Dear Mr./Ms.[Recipient Name],

It is my pleasure to recommend Mr./Ms.[Student Name] for admission to [Institution Name]. I have known him/her for ……. years and had the pleasure to be his/her lecturer at [Institution name].

He/she has good academic strength with a positive attitude and strong personal qualities.

I recommend him/her not only for his/her academic ability but for his/her positive optimism, self-discipline, and commitment to learning.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you want details on his/her education and background.

I can be reached at 9456XXXX50 (or) by email at [Email id].

Your signature.
Your name.

Recommendation letter for student sample

2. Short Recommendation Letter for Students

Recipient name,

Sub: Recommendation letter for admission.

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Mr./Ms. [Student name] for admission to your institution. I was pleased to be his/her …………….. professor for 3 years.

I can confidently tell that he/she has been a constant academic performer, was always respectful of his/her teachers, and has maintained good relationships with his/her fellow students.

I am truly impressed with the merits and character of [student name], and I assure you that he/she is fully eligible for admission to your institution.

For any further information, do not hesitate to contact me at [Mobile no] (or) [Email ID].

Your signature,
Your name.

Recommendation letter to student from teacher

3. Student Recommendation Letter for Scholarship

Sub: Recommending [Student Name] for ……….. Scholarship.

Dear Mr./Ms. [Recipient Name],

It is with great pleasure and honour that I recommend Mr./Ms. [Student name] for ……………………. scholarship. For two years, he/she was a diligent student in my English classes at Andhra University.

His/her passion for education, excellent grades, hard work, and commitment to pursuing his/her interests make him/her a superior candidate. He/she always takes initiative to support other students who were unable to grasp the topic quickly.

It is a great honour to recommend him/her for your scholarship. His/her impressive academic record, self-discipline, and dedication to learning make him/her an ideal candidate.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding his/her scholarship.

Your name.

Student recommendation letter for scholarship

4. Recommendation Letter for Student from Professor for Scholarship

Sub: Recommendation for ……………. scholarship.

Dear Mr./Ms. [Recipient Name],

I am writing to recommend Mr. [Student Name] for the ………………. scholarship, as a [Subject] professor at [College/University Name]. I have had the opportunity to interact with Mr. [Student Name] and to observe and participate in his academic and extracurricular activities.

I can truly say that I have never known another candidate that I can recommend more for ……………. scholarship.

His research on a wide range of research topics and the practicality of his ideas and analysis are insightful and thought-provoking.

Please feel free to reach out to me if I can help you evaluate this most impressive candidate.

Your name.

5. Student Character Reference Letter

Sub: Character of reference for [Student Name].

Dear [Recipient Name],

I am writing this letter to provide a character reference to my student Mr./Ms. [Student name]. I have had the pleasure of teaching [Computer Science] to him/her for the last … years at [college name].

He/she is a good student who is highly disciplined and gets along very well with the teachers and other students.

He/she has enormous respect for his/her professors and seniors. He/she is a hard-working person with a good academic background. I highly recommend him/her for any academic (or) professional pursuits.

Please feel free to contact me for any more information.

Your name.

Student character reference letter

6. Student Recommendation Letter From Teacher

Sub: Recommendation letter.

Dear Mr./Ms. [Recipient Name],

I am writing this reference at the request of my student Mr./Ms. [Student name], whom I have known for the last 3 years as one of my students of mathematics at ……….. school.

His/her keen interest in studies, discipline, and hard-working spirit has motivated me to write this reference letter.

He/she was very confident and focused on his/her studies (or) any work assigned to him/her. He/she used to submit work on time, was actively involved in classes, and scored good grades.

I highly recommend him/her for all professional and academic pursuits. He/she will definitely become a valuable asset wherever he/she is.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further information.

Your name.

Professional Recommendation Letters

1. Job Recommendation Letter to Student from Professor

Sub: Recommendation for the job.

Dear Mr./Ms. [Recipient name],

I have the pleasure of recommending my student Mr. /Ms. [Student name]. I knew him/her for the last 4 years as one of my computer science students at [College name].

Since he/she has completed his education and looking for a job, I hope this reference letter will be helpful to him/her.

During my observation, he/she was found to be very dedicated, trustworthy, and self-motivated. He/she is very ambitious and wants to give his best in tasks assigned to him/her.

He/she has proven academic records and actively participates in all events.

If you are looking for a reliable candidate who is very honest and professional, Mr/Ms. [student name] will be the right choice

If you need any further information please feel free to contact me on my mobile no. 9456XXXX50 (or) email id:

Thanking you.

Your name.

Recommendation letter for job from professor

2. Letter for Recommendation for Student from Employer

Format 1

Sub: Recommendation for [Applicant Name].

Dear Mr./Ms. [Recipient Name],

I am sending you this letter of recommendation at the request of Mr./Ms. [Student name]. He/she did a 3-month internship at the department of ………… at [company name].

I understand that Mr./Ms. ……….. is applying to the position of ………….. in your organization, I would like t recommend him/her for that position.

He was very dedicated to his job and carried out his duties in a very effective and timely manner.

Please feel free to reach out to me at (or) mobile no. 9582XXXX50.

Your name.

Format 2

Sub: Job reference for [Applicant Name],

Dear Mr./Ms. [Recipient Name],

I am pleased to recommend Mr.[ Candidate name], who has worked with us as a Marketing Manager since 01 January 2022.

During his time he delivers consistent results, His people management and customer satisfaction skills are really appreciable.

I have noticed that he has a great work ethic and performed his duties accurately and efficiently. He was one of the key components in the growth of our business over the past 3 years.

He has always demonstrated his ability to meet every challenge he faces.

To conclude, I would like to reiterate my strong recommendation for Mr. [candidate name].

If you have any questions about his ability or this recommendation please do not hesitate to contact me on my mobile no. …………………….. (or) email id ……………….

Your name.


1. What should a student’s letter of recommendation include?

The recommendation letter should include the student’s academic performance, character details, strengths, and any stories which demonstrate the student’s abilities.

2. What should be the length of a student referral letter?

About one page.

3. How to write a recommendation letter for a student you don’t know well?

Keep the reference letter short and only mention the details that you are really sure about. Verify their education certificates before confirming in the recommendation letter.

4. How to start a letter of recommendation?

Start with a professional salutation like Dear Mr./Ms. [Reciepient’s Name], if you don’t know the recipient’s name, use their designation, or you can also use “To Whomsoever It May Concern”.

5. How to create a reference list?

You can make a list of referees, who can be your teachers, professors, colleagues, mentors or employers, etc.


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