Sample Request Letter For Change Of Shift Schedule

Shift change means changing working hours. As an employee, we need to work on different shift schedules as per the company requirements. But sometimes it will not be possible for us to attend a particular shift schedule. The reasons may vary from one employee to another employee. Every organization will tell the employee about their shift schedules during joining time of the employees, in some cases, it may not be possible for the employer to tell about the exact shift schedules.

So whenever an employee is not able to attend a particular shift schedule then he needs to write a request letter to the employer to change the shift schedule. Here is a sample request letter for change of shift schedule.

Shift change request letter must contain the valid reason for requesting the change in shift time because based on that point your employer will consider your request.

Sample Request Letter For Change Of Shift Schedule:

To                                                                                                   Place: Bangalore

The Manager,                                                                               Date:

XYZ Pharma Ltd,



A Ratna Kumari,

Senior Production Supervisor,

XYZ Pharma Ltd,


                                  Sub: Request Letter To Change The Shift Schedule

Dear Sir,

                   I Ratna Kumari, working as senior production superior at XYZ pharma ltd and present I am attending the night shift duties i.e shift C. Here  I am requesting you to please change my shift to either A or B because I am coming far away from our organization and there are no proper transportation facilities during night time.

                Even though I am planning to relocate to the nearest location of our organization I couldn’t able to do that because of my child’s education, he is in the middle of the educational year. Hence I request you to please consider my shift schedule change request.

Thanking you.


A Ratna Kumari.

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I hope the above sample request letter for change of shift schedule will be helpful to you and do share your thoughts on this.

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